BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance of Kansas Calls on Legislature to Override Governor Kelly

April 22

April 22, 2019


Family Policy Alliance of Kansas Calls on Legislature
to Override Governor Kelly

Governor Kelly opposes giving women all options in their medical care

Topeka—Today, Governor Laura Kelly vetoed S.B. 67, a bill that would require abortionists to provide women with information that a chemical abortion may be reversible within a certain period of time if a woman changes her mind about the abortion.

With her veto, Governor Kelly stated that S.B. 67 will interfere with women’s reproductive health decisions. Ironically, Governor Kelly’s veto interferes with women’s reproductive decisions by limiting the amount of information available to them.

Laws similar to S.B. 67 have already passed in seven other states, including North Dakota just this year. Dr. George Delgado, M.D., F.A.A.F.P., pioneered the abortion pill reversal method using progesterone, a hormone commonly provided to women to prevent miscarriage during pregnancy. Dr. Delgado’s studies demonstrated a 50-70% success rate using the abortion pill reversal method.

The bill enjoyed strong support in the legislature. Bill supporters and Family Policy Alliance of Kansas are optimistic that the legislature will act to override Governor Kelly’s veto.

A Statement from Brittany Jones, Advocacy Director for Family Policy Alliance of Kansas:

“Governor Kelly’s veto demonstrates her belief that women should be free to choose an abortion, but not free to change their minds. This bill ensures that women have access to all vital information before making important healthcare decisions. We call on the Kansas Legislature to override Governor Kelly’s veto and ensure that women are not kept in the dark!”

Kansas legislators will consider the override when they return to session on May 1st.

Brittany Jones is available for comment by contacting Robert Noland: or 719.308.2822.