Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Celebrates Passage of Georgia’s Heartbeat Legislation

March 29

March 29, 2019



Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Celebrates
Passage of  Georgia’s Heartbeat Legislation

Atlanta–Today’s 92 to 78 House of Representatives vote to establish the personhood and protection of the unborn across Georgia is a pivotal moment in our state’s history as we cherish and value innocent human life. As this legislation was being considered, many from the radical left used bully tactics in an attempt to impose their will on duly elected Georgia legislators. Yet, scientific truth won out and, the more this bill was studied, the more support it earned.

House Bill 481 saves lives. It holds government accountable to families by recognizing the value of each child. It holds fathers accountable to mothers and children by requiring child support. It affirms common sense and self-evident truths. It is the bill the growing pro-life community has been waiting for, and we have hope that the strength of this bill will echo far beyond the borders of our state.

Over the last few weeks, liberals have used this bill to threaten the upcoming elections of pro-life conservatives. Such assertions will be proven false. The pro-life, pro-family community will do what is always has done. Our voters will come out in droves to stand with the brave men and women who stood for the most vulnerable among us. As science and conscience continue to drive culture in our direction, this is increasingly a winning issue. More importantly, however, we will continue to find ourselves on the right side of history. The moment Governor Brian Kemp fulfills his campaign promise to sign the most pro-life legislation in the country will be one we point to as the one that turned the tide against one of the greatest human atrocity’s mankind has ever known.

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