Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Brian Kemp for Governor

June 19

Atlanta–Family Policy Alliance of Georgia announced its endorsement of Secretary of State Brian Kemp in his campaign for Governor of Georgia. Acknowledging that “the next 4-8 years are crucial for pro-family policy here in the state” the organization cited a “stark contrast” between the remaining candidates.

“The Left desperately wants Georgia, and the stakes could not be higher for this election,” said Muzio. “Now more than ever, we need bold and faithful leaders who won’t place ‘politics’ at a place of pre-eminence. Instead, we need an executive of our state who will embrace our values, put families first, and do the right thing regardless of attacks from the radical Left and mainstream media. That is, without a doubt, Brian Kemp.”

Trust has become a central element of the runoff election between Brian Kemp and Casey Cagle. Muzio believes that Kemp has the “fortitude” needed to deliver results and also stands with the faith-based organization on their key issues.

“Brian Kemp is unashamedly pro-life, and he isn’t content to simply ‘throw a bone’ in our direction,” he continued. “He has, time and again, committed to making Georgia a national leader in cherishing human life.”

Muzio also cited Kemp’s support for religious freedom and school choice.

“As a strong believer, he will not back away from protecting religious freedom and our faith-based institutions. Under a Kemp Administration, Georgia will no longer lag behind the rest of the nation in upholding the First Amendment. Also, unlike his opponent, he believes that putting parents in control and focusing on the needs of the child is ‘good policy,’ and he will be a strong ally for us on educational freedom.”

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia won 13 of 16 races where it made endorsements ahead of the primary. The organization urges its constituents to unify behind Brian Kemp- pointing to him as the candidate who “can generate the enthusiasm needed” to beat Stacey Abrams in the fall.

The Georgia-based organization was founded by the national Family Policy Alliance- based in Colorado Springs, CO. It has also endorsed David Shafer for Lt. Governor. For press inquiries, contact Autumn Leva at