Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Senator Kelly Loeffler

March 5

March 5, 2020


Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Senator Kelly Loeffler

ATLANTA -Family Policy Alliance of Georgia announced its endorsement of Senator Kelly Loeffler in her campaign to fill the remainder of former Senator Johnny Isakson’s term. President and Executive Director Cole Muzio said:

“In two months on the job, Senator Loeffler has been everything we knew she would be – an ardent defender of freedom, a forceful advocate for life, a fierce supporter of President Trump, and a bold outsider in the mold of Governor Kemp. Since her selection, we’ve felt she was the right selection to advance the movement here in Georgia, fight for our values in Washington, and partner with our president to return sanity and constitutionality to our out-of-control judicial system. Despite her short time in the Senate, she’s already delivered, and it’s imperative that pro-family voters turn out in droves and in lock-step to send her back to DC to continue this unprecedented momentum we’ve seen in our state and in our nation.”

Pointing to the success of Governor Brian Kemp and the similarities between the governor and his appointee, Muzio heralded the outsider status of Senator Loeffler.

“Kelly Loeffler has spent her life defying the status quo and living the American Dream. She’s bold, unflinching, and committed to the right thing – never bound by politics. It’s easy to understand why Governor Kemp appointed her because she operates in the same way he’s led our state – unashamedly conservative, compassionately committed to people, and relentless in pursuing the best outcomes for those she serves. Quite simply, like President Trump and David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler isn’t bound by the ‘this is how we do things around here’ mentality of many career politicians in Washington. She’s a successful businessperson who, like our governor, sees this role as a calling to put Georgians first and secure freedom and opportunity for all.”

In the endorsement, Muzio also expressed a warning to pro-family voters who would consider an alternative candidate.

“Before his recent rebrand as a Trump supporter, Doug Collins has a long history as a champion of ‘status quo politics.’ More concerning however, he and his surrogates have chosen to run a campaign bereft of truth and decency, one built on sexism, innuendo, and a hostility toward success. Beyond the fact that his career points to a man who would not be an agent of change, the opening of his campaign – with flailing attacks on Governor Kemp and reckless attacks on Senator Loeffler – raises serious character concerns and bring his fitness for office very much in doubt.”

Muzio also told supporters of the organization that he believes Loeffler is best suited to help lead a ticket to expand the pro-family majority in Georgia – a key objective as the organization fights for a bold legislative agenda in the state.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia was launched in 2017 and has become a force in Georgia politics in short order – winning dozens of elections and working as early supporters of Brian Kemp. In partnership with Governor Kemp and Representative Ed Setzler, the organization spearheaded the fight for the Heartbeat Bill in 2019.

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