Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Releases Target List of Legislators who Voted Against Life

April 8

April 8, 2019


Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Releases Target List of Legislators who Voted Against Life

Following two rounds of votes in the House on the scientifically and legally sound “Heartbeat Bill,” Family Policy Alliance of Georgia announced a list of legislative incumbents it hopes to replace with pro-life legislators in 2020. This bi-partisan list of office holders each took the radical position of refusing to protect unborn children with beating hearts:

Rep. Mary Williams (D-37)
Rep. Erick Allen (D-40)
Rep. Mary Robichaux (D-48)
Rep. Angelika Kausche (D-50)
Rep. Josh McLaurin (D-51)
Rep. Deborah Silcox (R-52)
Rep. Michael Wilensky (D-79)
Rep. Beth Moore (D-95)
Rep. Greg Kennard (D-102)
Rep. Butch Parish (R-158)
Rep. Jasmine Clark (D-108)
Rep. Bob Trammell (D-132)

“We strive for a Georgia where life is cherished, and the Heartbeat Bill (HB 481) takes a great step toward protecting the most vulnerable among us,” said Cole Muzio, President and Executive Director of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia. “These representatives in competitive districts took a position contrary to nearly 70% of Americans* – that unborn children with beating hearts have value and are worth protecting. We plan to take this message to their districts, identify candidates who will stand on the side of life, and support their candidacies.”

Muzio added that the list “will continue to be evaluated as the election draws closer and that the organization will take additional time to evaluate the Senate.”

“Liberals have clamored that they are coming for the seats of those who stood for the right to life. The reality is that, in our State House, the majority of tight races will feature incumbents who opposed this life-saving legislation. We embrace this fact and believe that Georgians will stand for life in November of 2020. To those legislators who voted against the unborn, we look forward to supporting candidates who stand for life.”

Unlike the list issued by Georgia Democrats after the Heartbeat Bill vote – a list that included 6 members who took their preferred position – the list offered by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is consistent, including only those who refused to stand for life.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia launched in 2017.

* -Barna Group study (

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