Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Statement on Hate Crimes Legislation

June 5


June 5, 2020



Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Statement on Hate Crimes Legislation

It’s Time to Reject HB 426 and Start Getting Serious About Saving Lives

ATLANTA, GA – In response to recent tragedies and the growing calls for “hate crimes” legislation – a concept that would do nothing to prevent such horrifying incidents in the future – Cole Muzio, President of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, released the following statement:

“We join those from across our state and nation who mourn the senseless and tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and so many other black Americans whose race undeniably played a role in their death. We must confront the racist segments of our society head on, and we must seek to identify solutions that will prevent the next life from being snuffed out.

All crimes are hateful and are rooted in the valuing of oneself more highly than the one upon whom crime is inflicted. Yet, ‘hate crimes’ legislation as currently constituted is a farce. It does nothing to save lives. It does nothing to solve the problem. It only does more to further divide and surrenders to the government the power and authority to judge the thoughts of others – with countless ramifications on all Georgians, predicted and unforeseen, that will no doubt make us both less free and less equal.

The push to pass such legislation is rooted in a radical liberal ideology – a desire to segment society as opposed to promoting unity. This is political posturing of the worst sort, exploiting a time of national tumult while failing to truly promote justice and equality for all.

Rather than bowing to the radical left, we encourage Georgia leaders to pass legislation aimed at the laws that provide safe harbor for those motivated by hate. Let’s look at how unnecessary force is applied, laws surrounding citizens arrests, and legal loopholes that could one day allow the next perpetrator of violence to go free. Let’s buckle down and have serious conversations – discussions that could lead to lives saved – rather than simply promoting platitudes that fail to do anything outside of eliciting applause from big corporate and liberal elites.

With momentum behind an honest dialogue and real change, it’s time to let the ill-conceived ‘hate crimes’ bill die. It’s time to take action to truly protect the value and lives of those who all-too-often are denied the justice they deserve.”

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is committed to opposing any legislation resembling HB 426, but it is our hope that the General Assembly will take action that reflects our shared value of cherishing all human life.

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