Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Applauds Defeat of Recreational Marijuana

February 12

February 13, 2020

Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico ‬
Applauds Defeat of Recreational Marijuana

SANTA FE — On Wednesday, legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in New Mexico was defeated in a Senate committee with bipartisan opposition. Senate Bill 115 was one of Governor Michelle Lujan Graham’s top priorities during the current Legislative Session. However, following strong opposition from law enforcement, the business community, and the faith community, the bill was tabled in the Senate Judiciary Committee.‬‬

Vince Torres, Executive Director of Family Policy Alliance, released the following statement:

“We applaud the Democratic and Republican legislators in the Senate Judiciary Committee who voted to defeat this legislation. As we have said before, marijuana commercialization in New Mexico would be the worst possible option at the worst possible time. With today’s vote, our lawmakers sent the message that they are dedicated to creating a healthy and safe environment and standing against expanded drug use. Expanding the second coming of Big Tobacco into our communities would accomplish nothing its proponents claimed, while unleashing a multitude of harms. Today is a great day for New Mexico.”


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