Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Launches Gender Resource Guide for Parents

October 18

SANTA FE –Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, along with a unique and unlikely coalition that includes our national ally Family Policy Alliance, a self-described radical feminist group Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), D.C.-based The Heritage Foundation, our sister state organization Minnesota Family Council, and two parent groups who have children or loved ones struggling with gender confusion, have released the first-ever Gender Resource Guide for parents on how to navigate the transgender issue with their children.

The Guide is endorsed by medical professionals—including those who are experts in gender dysphoria, individuals who have lived as the opposite sex and “de-transitioned,” faith leaders, national policy experts, and more.

Statement from Vince Torres, President of Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico
supporting the Gender Resource Guide:

“At Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, we are working hard to preserve parental rights and protect children from the dangers of the transgender trend. As such, we are proud to partner with these liberal and conservative groups, and medical experts to make this complimentary resource available to New Mexico parents. The ‘Parent Resource Guide’ will help you understand the transgender trend and its consequences, and provide you with information on how you can communicate with school leaders, advocate for common sense policies, and act with compassion and understanding. I encourage every parent to download and share this valuable resource with others.”

With powerful lobbying groups, teachers’ unions, school boards and school administrators pushing policies that mandate the inclusion of transgender ideology in curriculum, athletics, grammar, and even basic bathroom and locker room privacy, parents need somewhere to turn.


The Gender Resource Guide is available for download at


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