Georgia House Passes Heartbeat Bill, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Responds

March 8

ATLANTA –Late tonight the Georgia House passed HB 481, the “Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act,” known as a “heartbeat bill,” with a 93-73 vote. The legislation bans abortions after the point at which the most common sign of life, a heartbeat, can be detected. Representative Ed Setlzer (R, District 35) sponsored the legislation and gave a moving speech on the House floor.

A statement from Family Policy Alliance of Georgia President Cole Muzio:

“Governor Kemp delivered on his promise to provide strong leadership in protecting the unborn. Today, Georgia lawmakers stood for the innocent, for science, and for life. Our hope is that this movement continues to build toward ultimate passage here in Georgia and that it will echo around the nation toward transforming the culture.”

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia worked to rally prolifers in support of the bill in the House and will continue its grassroots efforts as HB 481 heads to the Senate.

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