Governor Kemp Signs Historic Heartbeat Legislation in Georgia Capitol

May 7

May 7, 2019


Governor Kemp Signs Historic Heartbeat Legislation in Georgia Capitol

ATLANTA – Today, Governor Brian Kemp signed Georgia’s Heartbeat bill into law. The state of Georgia now bans abortion beyond the point at which a preborn baby has a detectable heartbeat.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia was on hand with pro-life leaders and key lawmakers as the Governor signed the historic measure. Today’s action is the culmination of months of work by not only the Governor and legislators, but also Family Policy Alliance of Georgia and grassroots leaders from across the state.

Because of his strong pro-life, pro-family positions, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia was proud to be one of the early endorsers of Kemp & President Cole Muzio served on the Governor’s transition team. Today Governor Kemp delivered on his promise to sign the most pro-life legislation in the nation.

Statement from Cole Muzio, President and Executive Director, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia:

“Georgia values life, and Governor Kemp affirmed that truth with his signature today. It is supremely gratifying and humbling to have been a part of this historic moment, and we are so grateful to our Governor, Lt. Governor, Rep. Setzler, Sen. Unterman, and all of our elected officials who stood strong for the most vulnerable among us. Governor Kemp set forth a bold vision during the campaign, and his commitment to the preborn is what has made this day possible.

“While many have attempted to use this issue to divide us, it is my great hope that we can move forward united around that idea that all Georgians matter and are worth protecting. I invite my fellow Georgians to look at the science and to examine the common sense reality that preborn children with beating hearts have value. There should be nothing that bridges divides and heals wounds to a greater degree than the unifying goal of cherishing life – all life – across our state.

“To that end, we recognize that the work is not done. Money will certainly pour in from places like San Francisco and New York to attack those who stood for life over the financially motivated abortion industry, which profits from the death of the innocent. We look forward to partnering with Georgians across our state to stand for Life at the ballot box in 2020 and beyond with the continued pursuit of a Georgia where life is cherished.”

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