Idaho House Passes “No Public Funds For Abortion Act”

March 2

March 2, 2021

Idaho House Passes “No Public Funds For Abortion Act”

BOISE, Idaho – Family Policy Alliance of Idaho – a pro-family ministry – celebrates the passage of the “No Public Funds For Abortion Act” (HB 220) in the Idaho House of Representatives.

This legislation would prevent abortion providers from obtaining state and local money. It would also make sure abortion providers do not have unfettered access to students at public schools, colleges, and universities.

Public colleges and universities, including Boise State University and the University of Idaho, commonly distribute abortifacients and refer for abortion, a practice that would be prohibited if HB 220 becomes law. Abortifacients can end pregnancies after fertilization.

The importance of this legislation was highlighted when a transition team composed of nominees by Boise Mayor Lauren McLean recommended that the City of Boise offer free abortions and abortifacients to city residents.

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho looks forward to the Idaho Senate considering this pro-life legislation.


A statement from Blaine Conzatti, Executive Director of Family Policy Alliance of Idaho:

“Our hard-earned tax dollars should never be spent on promoting abortion. The ‘No Public Funds For Abortion Act’ will help create a culture of life in Idaho by making sure taxpayers do not subsidize something as morally problematic as abortion. Providers will have a simple choice: either stop performing abortions or lose access to the government funds. Abortion is not healthcare. We will continue to mobilize the grassroots in support of the bill as it moves to the Idaho Senate.”


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