February 6

Lawmaker introduces bill to repeal the Adoption Protection Act

Topeka—Adoption ministries continue to be in the crosshairs of Topeka liberals. Today, Representative Jarrod Ousley (D-District 24, Merriam) introduced a bill that would undo protections put in place last year for Kansas adoption ministries.

This isn’t the first time liberal politicians have threatened to cut faith-based adoption agencies out of the state. Governor Kelly talked about removing protections for these child welfare services before she even took office. And last week, newly elected lawmakers expressed their desire to get rid of the law at the LGBT “Equality Day” at the Capitol.

A statement in response to HB 2164 from Brittany Jones, an attorney and Director of Advocacy for Family Policy Alliance of Kansas:

“The Adoption Protection Act ensures that all adoption agencies are welcome to serve children and birthmoms in the state. The bill introduced today makes clear that liberal lawmakers care more about silencing people of faith than keeping children and birthmothers at the center of Kansas adoption policy.

“I ask the bill sponsor directly: Is forcing a small percentage of Kansas adoption agencies to conform with a sexual agenda worth sacrificing the needs of hundreds of children every year?”


For questions or to schedule an interview with Brittany Jones, please contact: Media@familypolicyalliance.com.