Senator Marty Harbin Receives Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorsement in Re-election Bid

March 20


MARCH 20, 2018


Atlanta—Family Policy Alliance of Georgia announced its endorsement of State Senator Marty Harbin (R-16) for re-election. Among the most conservative legislators in Georgia, Harbin is facing primary and general election challenges from those who seek to lurch the state leftward.

“Marty Harbin is a beacon of hope for those looking for conservative leadership under the Gold Dome,” said Cole Muzio, President and Executive Director of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia. “Consistently, he has distinguished himself as a force for liberty, family values, and the hard-working people of Georgia. His faith is authentic, and his leadership is impactful. Marty Harbin is a true statesman and the kind of public servant the people of the 16th District deserve.”

Muzio went on to note Harbin’s leadership on religious freedom. The Senator is the sponsor of S.B. 233, which would bring federal religious freedom protections to Georgia.

“We need pro-business leaders in Georgia, and Senator Harbin has been a leading voice in fueling our state’s ability thrive economically,” said Muzio. “At the same time, he has displayed a strong commitment to our nation’s founding values, and he has refused to sell our constitutional rights to the highest bidder. By re-electing Senator Harbin, the 16th district can send a signal that Georgians demand their basic freedoms be protected as they also enjoy a robust, free-market economy.”

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, which has a stated desire to change the status quo under the Gold Dome, believes that Harbin provides much-needed leadership.

“Special interests and out-of-state corporations are coming to our state and working to bully legislators to jettison conservative principles and forsake the people they are elected to serve,” concluded Muzio. “We need bold leaders with backbone, strong principles, and a dedication to doing the right thing. That is what Marty Harbin brings to the table. He will not be intimidated, and he will not shrink when the challenges come. Instead, he is a leader who rises up and fights for the citizens of our state in a winsome manner. We must re-elect Marty Harbin to continue to be a voice for us at the Capitol.”

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is the state-based ally of the national Family Policy Alliance. For press inquiries and to schedule an interview with Cole Muzio , contact Autumn Leva at