Renee Erickson on the Issues (supported):

  • Has been a key leader in the for Value Them Both, the pro-life Constitutional Amendment to restore Kansans ability to regulate the abortion industry.
  • As her first bill in the House, she carried a resolution condemning New York’s extreme birthday abortion law.
  • She is the lead sponsor of the Student and Educator Religious Freedom Bill, to protect the God-given religious freedom of Kansas school children and employees.
  • As a former schoolteacher and administrator, she is committed to giving our kids the best opportunity to thrive. She is the lead sponsor for multiple bills that promote educational opportunity for Kansas children.


Melissa Gregory (opponent) on the Issues:

  • She has been endorsed by liberal education organizations that want to force families into a one size fits all approach to education.
  • She has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood who is pushing for unlimited abortion in Kansas.
  • She has been endorsed by Equality PAC that consistently works to undermine religious freedom and pro-family values.

Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Kansas