Targeting to win in 2020!

Winning the races most important to protect your family and your values

Election 2020 is fast approaching!

Your support now will significantly impact elections that truly make a difference in key states and our nation!

Your Family Policy Alliance team has been analyzing solid, pro-family candidates in key swing states and districts across the nation. This analysis also includes identifying and mobilizing the additional voters who can impact those races.

Together, we can target the races most important to protect your family and your values.

But it won’t happen without YOU! Pro-family victories depend on YOU!

The time is NOW! Reach voters who will support candidates and policies that support your values.

In the final weeks before Election Day, your support is critical for TARGETING TO WIN—to advance family values, protect religious freedom and defend life.


Your support today ➞ ELECTION 2020 VICTORY

Your gift protects your family and your values through:

Data Analysis

Identifying critical races in key swing states and districts across the nation.

Candidate Support

Backing pro-family candidates who will govern based on your principles and values.

Voter Mobilization

Rallying the additional voters needed to favorably impact these critical races.

Don't wait! ELECTION 2020 may be the most critical election of our lifetime.

Every year there are races that are won by only hundreds of votes, and in some cases just dozens. We need to rally pro-family voters so these critical, close races are decided in our favor! Our precious values, rights and freedoms are just too important.

Through your gift, you’ll join with thousands of pro-life, pro-faith Christians in partnership with Family Policy Alliance.

By TARGETING TO WIN in these key races and swing states, we will do all we can to ensure victory in 2020—together!


Reminder: Gifts to Family Policy Alliance are not tax-deductible, but will actively engage in the front-line efforts in Election 2020.