Make America a nation where GOD is honored, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM flourishes, FAMILIES thrive and LIFE is cherished

Who we are and what we do

Family Policy Alliance is a movement of Christians dedicated to restoring our nation to one where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished. We do that by keeping you informed and equipping you to stand up for your family and biblical values.

We also unleash biblical citizenship by:

  • Equipping pro-family Americans to take action to protect their rights and freedoms
  • Training statesmen and women to serve in government in a way that advances principle, not just passion
  • Partnering with allies to influence local, state and federal policies that impact families—including yours

It’s a big job encouraging Christians to become informed about critical issues affecting the family, vote in every election and engage with lawmakers so that they know what Americans of faith think.

An alliance that works for YOU

Threats to your family and your values are growing at an alarming rate.

And the challenges we face as a nation—to the sanctity of life, God’s design for family and our precious religious freedom—demand every ounce of our strength, passion and energy. They also demand the most strategic and collaborative approach possible.

That’s why Family Policy Alliance exists.

We’re an alliance of pro-family Christians connected not only through our faith, but through a network of allies.

But YOU are the heart of the alliance. Through your prayers, financial support and individual action, you protect families—including your own—defend biblical values AND advance our rights to free speech and religion.

Family Policy Alliance was formerly called CitizenLink. And while our name has changed, we remain dedicated to the founding principles we’ve held since Focus on the Family and Dr. James Dobson launched the organization in 2004.

3 ways YOU can protect families

When you support Family Policy Alliance, your gift will advance policies that protect families, rebuild a culture of life, defend religious freedom and even oppose anti-family organizations like the ACLU.

Specifically, you’ll help in these 3 key ways:

Mobilize Christians to regularly vote their values, to engage in their state’s political process and to speak up in favor of legislation that strengthens the family.   Elect true statesmen and women who are called to serve in government and transform the system from inside.   Strengthen and expand our network of highly effective, family- policy allies.


Thank you in advance for continuing to partner with Family Policy Alliance—for a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished!

You may have noticed that CitizenLink changed its name to Family Policy Alliance. The new name better explains what we do – working with a network of nearly 40 state-based family policy groups to promote life, marriage, family and religious freedom.

Our President and CEO Paul Weber explains our mission and why it’s so important for us to unleash biblical citizenship in our nation.