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Colorado: Reasons to Vote ‘No’ on Prop 106

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Why You Should Oppose Assisted Suicide

Historically, state laws have prohibited assisting a person in committing a suicide.  Assisted suicide efforts allow someone to request a prescription for lethal drugs to end their lives under certain circumstances. Typically, such measures suggest a “terminal illness with a prognosis of six months or less,” determine the person has “mental capacity” and that the person has voluntarily expressed the wish to receive the lethal prescription. There is usually no requirement that family members or next-of kin be notified of the request for the lethal prescription.

But it is not about freedom, choices or dignity. It is suicide—plain and simple—with the government’s stamp of approval.  Such initiatives, when enacted, override the historic tradition of Western civilization for thousands of years to preserve and protect human life, and cause doctors to abandon their traditional role as healers.

The problems with such initiatives are many and may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • No witnesses are required at the time the lethal drugs are administered.
  • There are virtually no required qualifications for who can be a witness to the “request” for the lethal drugs.  The two “witnesses” may be an heir and the heir’s best friend.
  • The presence of the “attending” physician is not required at either the time the drugs are administered or at the time of death.  Based on statistics available from states with doctor-assisted suicide, the attending physician would almost never be present either when the drugs are administered or when the person passes away.
  • There are no witnesses or mechanisms to ensure that the lethal drugs are in fact “self-administered.”
  • The definition of “terminal” illness is arbitrary and includes people who may not even be dying.
  • There is a complete lack of transparency and all records are private.
  • There is no oversight of the lethal drugs once they are administered and no mechanism for accounting for the disposal of unused drugs. Simply stating that the lethal drugs should be returned to the physician or a drug “take-back” program is wholly inadequate—There is no mechanism to track where each lethal dose is at any given time, whether it was or was not used, and whether and where unused dosages are returned.  This is particularly difficult given that surviving family members may not even be aware that the lethal drugs were requested and obtained.
  • The initiative establishes immunity for those involved with the patient’s death.
  • Official documents (e.g., death certificates) would be falsified by documenting the person’s underlying illness as the cause of death rather than the actual cause of death–suicide.
  • Passage of such initiatives can result in the creation of a doctor-assisted suicide “cottage industry” or even “suicide tourism.”

It is neither a constitutional nor a civil right to commit suicide.  It is certainly neither a constitutional nor a civil right for someone who desires to commit suicide to enlist the assistance of others in doing so. The State should not encourage suicide nor become an accomplice to it.


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