June 27, 2016
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Contact: Kim Trobee, (719) 531-3389 kim.trobee@familypolicyalliance.com

Women deserve better than today’s Supreme Court ruling. Family Policy Alliance believes all abortionists and abortion facilities should be held to the same basic standards of care we expect in other surgical centers in our country.

Family Policy Alliance filed an amicus brief supporting HB 2, the Texas law that made abortion facilities safer for women. Autumn Leva, policy director for Family Policy Alliance called the decision “disappointing.”

“Making abortion facilities safer for women is not a burden – it’s just common sense,” she said. “Today the Supreme Court has forced states like Texas to subsidize inferior care in order to make it easier for abortion sellers to stay in business.”

The ruling highlights the importance of the 2016 presidential election.

“Hillary Clinton is already celebrating it as a victory,” Leva said. “If she is elected president, we can expect a liberal court for generations and these types of decisions will become the norm.”

Autumn Leva and Kim Trobee are available for comment by contacting Kim Trobee at (719) 531-3389.


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