Equipping Christian Leaders For Effective Public Service

The Statesmen Academy trains Christian men and women called to public service with the knowledge, skills, and temperament necessary for successful policy-making. Christian legislators can feel alone in today’s hostile political environment, and in the face of a combative media. Politicians who hold traditional Judeo-Christian moral values — especially those who aspire to higher positions — encounter tremendous pressure to compromise and shed their principles. As a result, many do — and many more tire from the pressure and leave public office.

We believe this can change.

At Family Policy Foundation (FPF) — the sister ministry of Family Policy Alliance — our vision is a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished. The Statesmen Academy was established in 2016 to advance this vision by seeding the political system with well-trained Christian, pro-family legislators who will lead their states and our nation with integrity. Through the Statesmen Academy, they are united in fellowship with like-minded legislators from across the nation dedicated to fulfilling God’s calling and focused on making an impact for generations to come.

“Living in a culture where the very basis of reality is being challenged, a week with other like-minded policy influencers was an encouragement and reprieve.  The week also provided an opportunity to hear wisdom to guide me in more effective policy making.  I would highly recommend the Statesmen Academy to anyone desiring to more effectively present Truth in the laws that govern us.”


There is a Better Way

“Politics as usual” will change when promising political leaders…

Are equipped with foundational and ongoing training to maintain their Christian principles.
Glean from proven statesmen who have gone before them advancing pro-family policies.
Are connected to a network of other people of faith serving in elected office around the nation.
Are prayed for and emboldened by an alliance of Christian organizations across the country.

The Statesmen Academy provides pro-family legislators early in their career with the training, mentorship, support and coordination necessary for effective, Christ-centered public service. It begins with a rigorous one-week training program and continues with a vibrant alumni community and ongoing partnership with FPF.

Family Policy Foundation-trained statesmen are equipped with a Christian worldview and America’s founding principles, wisdom from experienced statesmen and public relations professionals, and in-depth knowledge of hot-button policy issues. They are educated in the political art of prudence and civility, unwavering principles and passionate, respectful advocacy.


Take Courage

Statesmen Academy alumna Rep. Robin Lundstrum introduced the SAFE Act which became the catalyst of the Help Not Harm movement to protect children from transgender procedures.

The Statesmen Academy Experience

Watch highlights from the 2022 & 2023 Statesmen Academy.

A Family Affair

Statemen Academy alumnus Patrick Neville and his wife Kristi share about the powerful influence of the Academy on Patrick’s career as well as their marriage and family.

Strength in Numbers

Synergy from three Statesmen Academy alumni serving togetheer in Kansas legislature share about the richness of their fellowship and mutual support.

Filling a Need

Statesmen Academy Director, Amanda Banks, shares how she discovered the importance of the Statesmen Academy first hand when she suddenly found herself filling the state senate seat of her husband who was deployed.

“What a privilege to attend and be part of the Statesman Academy. I found real resources for good legislation and experienced fellowship with other elected officials who are serving for the right reasons—to serve others and give God glory. This academy will have positive and eternal effects for our nation.”


The Statesmen Academy Journey


Statesmen Academy candidates are referred by allies, FPF staff, Statesmen Academy alumni or senior elected officials in their state. Legislators early in their career are identified based on their Christian witness and character, record of advancing pro-family policies, and potential for future leadership. Candidates apply to the Academy through a written application and references. The Statesmen Academy director conducts research and interviews prior to admission.


The Statesmen Academy is held one week each summer at locations across the country. Participants receive training on our nation’s founding and Christian worldview, “profiles in courage” of proven statesmen and women, practical training from political leaders, current policy discussions and media training. Graduates become part of the Statesmen Alumni Community through which they receive ongoing training and resources including model legislation, talking points, research and polling, and media interview preparation.


The Academy is designed to create graduates bonded in an enduring fellowship of mutual encouragement and accountability, spiritual strength, and political wisdom. The Statesmen Alumni Community provides an ongoing exchange of ideas, best practices and lessons learned. Alumni celebrate together and weep together; they cheer for each other and pray for one another. A private Facebook page, monthly e-newsletters, policy calls and periodic alumni events help facilitate this community.


“I’ve been learning politics over the past year in the school of hard knocks. The Statesmen Academy was finally a place of Biblical training that I have been yearning for. Thank you so much for all you did and are doing in Christ’s name.”

Minority Leader

“I have been to a lot of conferences over the years, and this was by far the best. The speakers were excellent and challenged my thinking. The topics chosen were exactly what we are dealing with in our legislature.”

Speaker of the Legislature

“My experience at the Statesmen Academy was transformative. I spent a week with fellow leaders from across the country, prayed with them and learned how to effectively communicate our shared beliefs. I was given practical advice on how to continue to walk in faith as I work in the State Legislature with dignity. I was given the tools to not only stand firm, but to be assured that I stand with many as we fight for our families and our faith. I will forever be grateful to have taken part and to be an alumna of the Statesmen Academy.”


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