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FPAF and Christians Engaged Join Forces

Family Policy Alliance Foundation (FPAF) and Christians Engaged (CE) have united to form a powerful alliance dedicated to advancing biblical values in our nation’s political landscape for generations to come

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The Tyranny of Roe Has Ended. What Now?

Find out what comes next in your state, our plan for a pro-life America, and how you fit in the pro-life movement.

End Transgender Experiments on Kids!

Kids are not experiments. When a child is struggling, they need compassionate care — not experimental hormones and surgery.

Protecting Fair Play for Our Girls.

Female athletes deserve fair competition — that means the chance to compete in women’s divisions distinct from co-ed or men’s categories, and free from males competing in those female-only competitions.

Know the Issues. Share with Others.

These are the primary areas in which Family Policy Alliance is focused. Explore the topics to familiarize yourself with the main arguments of both sides, discover what the Biblical view is, and learn how Family Policy Alliance is fighting for you.

Every human life, from the time of fertilization to natural end, is created in the image of God and should be cherished.

Family as God designed it is the building block of society — from it flows life, and the imparting of faith and values.

Marriage, God’s design for uniting male and female, serves as the ideal context for romantic, sexual love and for creating new life.

Christians are free to believe, share, and live out our faith – publicly as well as privately.

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We never stop in the defense of life, the family, and your religious freedom. Keep up-to-date with what is happening across the nation, and learn how you can join us in taking action.

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Donald Trump Announces Sen. J.D. Vance as Vice Presidential Running Mate

Donald Trump Announces Sen. J.D. Vance as Vice Presidential Running Mate

Unity in Time of Tragedy

Unity in Time of Tragedy

Have you ever used one of these excuses?

Have you ever used one of these excuses?

It’s been 248 Years…

It’s been 248 Years…

Exciting News: FPAF and Christians Engaged Join Forces

Exciting News: FPAF and Christians Engaged Join Forces

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