BREAKING: Biden Administration Seeks to Expand Abortion Across the Nation

July 8, 2022

Today, President Biden announced he will take executive action to expand abortion in America. The Executive Order comes in response to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade just two weeks ago.

This news is tragic: the President of the United States is going out of his way to support an industry committed to ending the lives of the youngest Americans. And yet, this is little surprise. The Biden Administration and Democrat leadership are ‘all abortion, all the time.’ With the Supreme Court’s decision to topple that shrine, the Biden Administration will do anything to preserve its radical agenda.

Not only that, but the manner in which the President spoke of his policies is consistent with another theme of his Administration: thwarting the work of states with whom the White House disagrees. If the American people won’t do what the White House wants, the White House will try to do it for them – and discount their views as “extremist” in the process. In this case, that could mean using taxpayer dollars to help end the lives of babies in pro-life states.

So what radical pro-abortion policies does the President seek to force on the entire country with his executive order?

  • Protecting “mobile abortionists” that patrol along the borders of pro-life states. Women would enter “abortion vans” to get their abortions—just as creepy as the kidnapper in the windowless white van patrolling playgrounds and parks and offering free candy.
  • Seeking to discredit or even shut down pregnancy care centers that provide ultrasounds, diapers, rent and food assistance, baby formula and more to mothers and their babies.
  • Extending his pro-abortion hand into even pro-life states by creating legal cover for the abortion industry, using pro-abortion states to spread abortion to pro-life states, and weaponizing the legal field to create cover for the abortion industry.
  • Spreading the abortion poison pill while removing safety protocols for women.

In his speech today, President Biden painted a picture of pro-life laws without exceptions—claiming that in our After Roe nation a woman could be punished for receiving an abortion to save her life (for example, in an ectopic pregnancy) or in the case of a miscarriage. Yet in every state that protects life in the womb, there are exceptions in place for procedures to save the life of the mother. Additionally, no pro-life law on the books would be (or could be) used to deny legitimate care to a mother following a miscarriage. Our State of the States map on www.AfterRoe.com provides information on these laws in every state, including links to the texts of these laws.

During his announcement speech, the President emphatically and repeatedly called on Americans to go to the ballot box in November. We agree. This election may be the most consequential of our lifetimes. In kind, we call on men and women across the nation to vote pro-life this November and move us closer to being a nation where life is truly cherished. Without the shackles of Roe v. Wade binding us, the pro-life lawmakers we elect can do more than ever to protect innocent life.

Family Policy Alliance is staunchly opposed to this executive order and to the President’s calls to codify Roe v. Wade. We stand ready with our allies at the state and national levels to ensure that babies are protected in all 50 states and under federal law.

Want to find out how you can be a part of that movement? Visit www.AfterRoe.com to get personalized information about what’s happening in your state and how you can use your unique gifts and talents to promote life in your area and around the nation.

We are After Roe,

Craig DeRoche,
President & CEO

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