March 30, 2022

AZ Governor Ducey Signs Three Laws to Protect Women and Children

The triple victory includes a law protecting minors from surgical gender “transitions” and a law to #SaveGirlsSports, as well as pro-life protections

Today, Arizona Governor Ducey signed into law three critical protections for women and children: a child safety law that protects minors from surgical gender “transition” interventions, a civil rights law that ensures girls’ and women’s school athletic competitions are reserved for females, and a 15-week abortion ban.

Arizona is the third state to pass a state law to protect minors from surgical transgender procedures, and the fourteenth state with “Save Girls’ Sports” protections. Oklahoma Governor Stitt signed similar provisions for female athletes earlier today.

Meridian Baldacci, spokesperson for Family Policy Alliance, stated:

“Today in Arizona, children are safer and women stand on a level playing field.

“Arizona understands what President Biden and Washington elites do not: that telling a child to remove or alter healthy body parts in a ‘gender transition’ is morally reprehensible and can result in lasting damage.

“At Family Policy Alliance, we believe these child safety protections should also apply to the deeply harmful course of puberty blockers and hormones that can irreversibly damage minors’ bodies – all before they’ve even reached the age of consent. Protecting children from the surgical aspect of these interventions is a critical first step.

“Even as DC elites and woke corporations seek to promote their own radical agenda, today’s news from Arizona and Oklahoma reminds us that the voice of the American people is loud and clear: we believe in doing what’s right.”

Family Policy Alliance thanks Center for Arizona Policy, the state’s leading pro-family organization, for their tireless work to make both victories possible, and Governor Ducey for his courage to sign these critical protections.

Governor Ducey also signed a critical 15-week abortion ban into law. The law’s provisions are similar to the Mississippi law that recently challenged Roe v. Wade at the Supreme Court and is awaiting a decision.



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