June 20, 2023

BREAKING: Federal Judge Strikes Down Arkansas SAFE Act

The bill is based on an early version of Family Policy Alliance’s Help Not Harm Act

Today, a federal judge placed an injunction on Arkansas’s Save Adolescents From Experimentation (SAFE) Act. The law protects minors from transgender procedures and gives victims a chance to sue the healthcare professionals who harmed them. The SAFE Act is based on an early version of Family Policy Alliance’s Help Not Harm Act (which offers even more robust protections). To-date, 18 states have passed a Help Not Harm-like law.

Meridian Baldacci, Director of Strategy at Family Policy Alliance, responded:

“When a child is struggling to embrace his or her God-given body, that child should be met with loving help – not the irreversible harm of hormones and surgeries. Laws like Arkansas’s SAFE Act and the 17 similar laws around the country ensure that children are protected from such harms.

“Today, a federal judge has determined that it is better for children to face sterilization and even mutilation than to allow them the basic protections of Arkansas law. But the transgender procedures pushed on children are nothing short of a medical scandal, and we have confidence that both history and the law will soon recognize that truth. Already, the sweep of states that have taken similar steps to protect children – even overriding their governors to do so – indicates that Americans are more interested in protecting children than political ideology. They see this tragedy for what it is, and they know that it’s time to act.”

The decision is widely expected to be appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

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