Welcome to Family Policy Alliance of Idaho!

We’re a public policy partner of Focus on the Family. And we’re part of a vibrant national alliance of pro-family state groups. As a Christ-centered organization, our vision is a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

  • We believe God’s timeless design for the family is the strongest foundation for a free society. We equip and motivate Idahoans to cast their ballots and raise their voices in support of pro-family candidates and policies.
  • We believe human life is sacred. We’re all created in the image of God, so we respect and protect life, including preborn babies, the elderly and every other condition of the human experience through natural death.
  • We believe the Founding Fathers got it right when they guaranteed the “free exercise of religion.” We protect the freedom of individuals, churches and businesses to speak and act according to their faith.

You now have two ways to partner with us to expand your impact on our nation and to meet your needs:

Your gift to Family Policy Alliance of Idaho, a 501(c)(4) organization, will go toward engaging directly in the frontline efforts of politics and policy, and is not tax-deductible.

Your gift to Family Policy Foundation of Idaho, a 501(c)(3) organization, will support our education and voter registration efforts, and is tax-deductible.

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy



Working For You

Blaine Conzatti

Blaine Conzatti serves as the Director of Advocacy for Family Policy Alliance of Idaho. He has established a proven track record of success in the family policy movement, and he is proud to represent our shared values at the state capitol in Boise.

Blaine knows that God has given all Christians a “cultural commission” to demonstrate love for neighbor by advocating biblical principles in the public square. He is privileged to work toward Family Policy Alliance’s vision of an Idaho where God is honored, families thrive, religious freedom flourishes, and life is cherished.

Before joining Family Policy Alliance of Idaho, Blaine previously worked for one of our allied state organizations, Family Policy Institute of Washington. Additionally, he spent several years teaching humanities, theology, and apologetics courses at a classical Christian high school in Fairfax, VA.

Blaine graduated from Liberty University, where he studied government and economics. He and his wife, Anna, enjoy raising their family in beautiful Idaho.