Save Girls Sports in Texas!

October 12, 2021

Should Texas girls be forced to compete against boys in sports? We say no! If you agree, please take a moment to ask Texas House Speaker Phelan to act now to bring the Save Women’s Sports bill up for a vote.

Last Wednesday, the Save Women’s Sports bill (HB 25) was finally passed by the House Constitutional Rights and Remedies Committee.

HB 25 ensures everyone plays by same rules and that girls have an equal opportunity to compete against other girls.

But HB 25 has NOT been scheduled for a vote on the House Floor. Time is running out as this Third Special Session comes to a close next Tuesday, October 19th.

This issue has been placed on the special session call at least 3 times in a row. The Texas Senate has passed a Save Women’s Sports bill during all three special sessions. And the majority of the Texas House already supports the Save Women’s Sports bill.

But the question remains whether Speaker Phelan is blocking or supporting this bill.

The Speaker must have the Calendars Committee schedule the Save Women’s Sports bill for a House Floor vote immediately in order to protect girls’ sports.

Tell Speaker Phelan to place HB 25 on the House Floor for a vote! Time is running out!

Make sure Texas Saves Girls Sports by contacting Speaker Phelan TODAY!

The Family Policy Alliance Team



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