Jackson Confirmation is a Reminder: Elections Matter

April 7

Today, the Senate voted to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to be an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court 53-47. Here’s our statement:

“If there’s one thing Americans must take note of today it’s this: elections matter. The Senate just voted to confirm someone whose decisions will impact American law and culture for years to come. And it must not be lost today that every vote in favor of Judge Jackson was made by someone elected by the people of his or her state – and someone who must answer to that same electorate.

“Americans must hold our U.S. Senators accountable in the upcoming election to ensure pro-life and pro-family governance at all levels. We call on Americans to fully engage from the top of the ballot to the bottom in these upcoming elections to protect our God-given and constitutional freedoms for future generations.”

While Judge Jackson is highly credentialed, her statements both recent and past have raised concerns about how she will rule in the nation’s highest court and how her decisions will affect women, children, and the rights of everyday Americans.

Here are our top 5 concerns about Judge Jackson:

  1. Judge Jackson believes abortion is a constitutional right under the 14th Amendment.
    When asked about 14th Amendment protections, Judge Jackson’s answer included, “In Roe v. Wade… and Planned Parenthood v. Casey…the Supreme Court recognized a right to abortion subject to limitations articulated.”
  2. Judge Jackson said she does not know when life begins, or if preborn children feel pain.
    “When does life begin, in your opinion?” –Sen. Kennedy, LA
    Senator, I don’t know.” –Judge Jackson
    “Can an unborn child feel pain at 20 weeks in the birthing process?” –Sen.   Graham, SC
    Senator, I don’t know.” –Judge Jackson
  3. Judge Jackson’s previous rulings on child pornography cases raise grave concerns.
    In every child pornography case in which Jackson had discretion, she sentenced below the minimum recommendation of the federal sentencing guidelines.
  4. Judge Jackson could not define a woman.
    Can you provide the definition of the word, ‘woman’?” –Sen. Blackburn, TN
    I can’t. Not in this context. I’m not a biologist.” –Judge Jackson
    “Do you agree with Justice Ginsburg that there are physical differences between men and women that are enduring?” –Sen. Blackburn, TN
    Senator, respectfully, I’m not familiar with that particular quote or case, so it’s hard for me to comment whether or not.” –Judge Jackson
  5. Judge Jackson would not say whether individuals have natural rights.
    When asked, “Do you hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights, yes or no?” Judge Jackson answered, “I do not hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights.”

When Judge Jackson sits on the Supreme Court, she will be bringing with her deeply concerning perspectives on key issues like life, biological sex, and more.

Her confirmation is a critical reminder of why elections matter. Family Policy Alliance is committed to engaging in federal and state elections to ensure pro-life and pro-family governance across the nation. As America prepares for the upcoming November election, we welcome you to partner with us.

Your gift of $100, $50, or any amount will help Family Policy Alliance engage in strategic election battles to help turn the tide for families.

Today, America was reminded that elections matter. This fall, let’s act on that conviction.


Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs