ICYMI: Pro-Abortion Radicals Targeting Pro-Life Groups with Violence

May 10

Following the leaked Supreme Court opinion in the highly anticipated Dobbs case that looks to overturn Roe v. Wade, pro-abortion radicals have begun targeting Supreme Court justices’ homes with protests and pro-life groups with violence.

Protesters have been targeting the homes of the conservative Supreme Court justices, hoping to persuade them to change their opinion on the Dobbs case, leaving Roe v. Wade and its made-up constitutional “right to abortion” intact.

Starting on Mother’s Day, radicals also began attacking pro-life organizations, including Wisconsin Family Action, one of Family Policy Alliance’s allied state groups. Early Sunday morning, members of a radical group threw a firebomb into the office of Wisconsin Family Action, leaving behind this threatening messaging:  If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either. The radical group claiming responsibility for the attack promises more violence across the country targeted at pro-life organizations.

Since then, our friends on the Wisconsin Family Action Team have been speaking to major media outlets all across the country about the attack—including appearing on the Tucker Carlson show, in Fox News, and Fox and Friends.

Family Policy Alliance’s CEO, Craig DeRoche, had a chance to speak with our Wisconsin ally’s CEO, Julaine Appling, about the attack before she went live on Tucker Carlson. ICYMI, you can watch the video below to hear from Julaine. Learn how they are responding to the violent attack against their ministryand how you can help support their work:

Sadly, the attack on Wisconsin Family Action wasn’t the only one. Pro-abortion radicals also attacked a pregnancy resource center in Oregon, as well as the office of our friends at Concerned Women for America.

Protesters also called for a “burning of the eucharist” and interrupting church services across the country on Sunday.

None of this should be surprising. Those who are radical activists for abortion “rights” advocate for violence against babies in the womb, so it’s only natural for those radical activists to support other forms of violence.

So where do we go from here?

Our pro-life mission, and that of our allied state-based family policy councils, can and must continue. The right to life is a God-given human right, and we are actively working to advance that right across the country. We have all been doing that in the years since Roe, and we will continue doing that in the years after Roe.

In fact, Family Policy Alliance and the state family policy councils have been working for months on a major pro-life campaign, AfterRoe. There, you can find out what your state’s laws will look like immediately after Roe is overturned. And, even as you read this, we are updating AfterRoe iwith critical information about what comes next once the shadow of Roe v. Wade is lifted off of America.

To learn more about how you can support our pro-life mission click here.

For Life,

Autumn Leva
Senior VP of Strategy