As we inch ever closer to Election Day 2024, the jockeying and positioning for the Republican Vice-Presidential slot continues to change day by day. Everyone has one question.

Who is Donald Trump going to select as his running mate?

We already know that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will be the Democrat nominees.

With the GOP convention beginning in Milwaukee on July 15th, he must make his choice sometime in the next 24 days.

If you have not yet taken the Social Conservative Vice Presidential Straw Poll, I hope you’ll do so now. The field of potential VP picks is wide, but we do not know when Donald Trump will make his pick. (But once he does your chance to weigh in on our straw poll will be over.)

We have added a couple candidates who were being written in by many readers so if you did not see your favorite candidate before, check again – or you can still write in your favorite.

In case you missed it, we released some preliminary results a few weeks ago. At that time, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina were the leading candidates. They are still leading but are now separated by less than 100 votes.

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Robert Noland
Director, Marketing

Dear  Friends,

With the Supreme Court soon reaching the end of its term for this year, and the Biden Administration’s illegal Title IX rewrite coming to a head, we want to update you on some important cases social conservatives are watching.

Abortion Pills

Sadly, the Supreme Court voted 9-0 last week to keep abortion pills dangerously accessible to pregnant mothers. Most upsettingly, the Court didn’t even consider the merits of the case brought by our allies at Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine (AHM). In the case, called Food and Drug Administration (FDA) v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, AHM alleged that the FDA endangers women by breaking their own rules and deregulating these high-risk drugs.

In March, Family Policy Alliance joined numerous pro-life Americans on the steps of the Supreme Court in simply asking the administrative state to follow its own rules and protect vulnerable mothers from these dangerous drugs. But because the Court ruled that AHM didn’t have legal standing to bring the case, the Court therefore couldn’t rule on the FDA’s betrayal of American women.

This is a disappointing outcome but there is hope. In its decision, the Court made clear that conscience rights for healthcare professionals who don’t want to participate in abortions or other procedures are absolutely essential.

Emergency Room Abortions

This is a very promising sign for another case social conservatives are watching: State of Idaho v. United States. This case seeks to stop the Biden Administration from forcing emergency room doctors and healthcare workers to perform abortions that are illegal under Idaho state law. Because of the Court’s ringing defense of medical conscience rights in FDA v. AHM, we are very expectant that they will rule in favor of Idaho later this month.

Men in Women’s Sports

Finally, there is some very good news for social conservatives: the Biden Administration’s anti-woman, illegal rewrite of Title IX is crashing and burning! Multiple suits brought by groups of different states have succeeded in stopping the Biden Administration’s unlawful and misogynist new Title IX regulations that would endanger women and girls and rob them of their rights and opportunities. Through multiple cases, the new regulations are enjoined in at least ten states!

And as a final cherry on top for protecting women’s opportunities, male swimmer Lia Thomas’s case against World Aquatics to force his way into female Olympic swimming events has been dismissed! This ruling ensures the swimming events in Paris this summer will be on a level playing field for the deserving female athletes whose hard work earned them their qualification and chance to compete for gold. The movement to #SaveGirlsSports rolls on!

So, though there is disappointment from the Supreme Court, there is also hope in the American and worldwide legal arenas to protect women and girls and uphold social conservative values. FPA and our many allies are working to keep this trend going, and we couldn’t do it without your support and prayers. We ask that you continue your generous prayers for us and for the lawyers and judges in America as they consider these and more important cases in the coming days.

Sincerely,Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm, III
Director, Public Policy

In a day and age when our culture seems to want something new to rage about on a daily basis, Father’s Day is often unjustly maligned or largely ignored.

The prevailing attitude in the culture and entertainment is that dads are unnecessary, unenlightened or worse. Politically speaking, those who want to destroy the so-called “patriarchy” love to hate Father’s Day.

The truth is that fathers are an integral part of our society. Dads provide a solid bedrock of stability and protection for their families. Their deepest desire is to see their families thrive and their children succeed.

Nothing compares to the sense of pride that a dad has when he knows that he has trained and prepared his children to do well in this crazy world and he then sees them rise to whatever challenges they face with maturity and responsibility. Dads are also the spiritual guides for their families – modeling what it is like to put God first in everything and leading by example.

Proverbs 22:6 tells us to “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”  Along with it, Ephesians 6:4 says “Fathers, do not exasperate your children, instead bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

There is much wisdom in those two simple verses, and I hope they will be an encouragement to you, dads, as it is for me in my parenting journey.

Keep up the good work – and even when you fail – just keep going. You know in your heart what your kids and family need from you and you can prevail against the misguided messages of our culture.

For those of you who are able to celebrate your father, I hope you’ll take the time to thank him for his role in your life. And for those whose fathers are with the Lord, I hope you’ll thank your Heavenly Father for the earthly father He gave you and the gift of reunion in eternity through His Son.

God bless fathers today and every day!

Robert Noland
Director, Marketing

Every dad wants to fulfill his role as protector and defender of his family—even when it comes to life online. So why not give him the tools he needs to do the job this Father’s Day?

Our newest course, The Tech-Ready Family, will train dads (and moms) to safeguard their children from online threats. Through our ready-to-watch lessons, interactive resources, review quizzes, and downloadable guides, subscribers will learn the technology, parental settings and more to effectively protect their families online.

We think this is the perfect gift for Father’s Day—and that’s why we’ve cut the price of The Tech-Ready Family by 60 percent! Lifetime access to our sixteen lessons and additional resources can be his (and yours) today for just $79!

The Tech-Ready Family was developed in partnership with Chris McKenna and Protect Young Eyes. Our expert-led course will give your family the tools you need to develop healthy, trustworthy relationships with technology and social media, and will help answer some of your toughest questions, including:

  • How do I effectively limit screen time?
  • How do I access parental controls?
  • How can I know if my children have been exposed to online porn? (And what to do if they have.)
  • Are there any safe apps for children?

No parent wants their child exposed to the dangers that lurk online—least of all Dad. Help him protect your family today by giving him the gift of knowledge and preparation.

The Tech-Ready Family is a $199 value, but is on sale for $79 through June 16, 2024! Don’t wait to get Dad tech-ready today!


Amanda Banks
Vice President, Education

The Social Conservative Vice Presidential Straw Poll is still going strong. Thousands of people have taken the time to weigh in and we want to give you a glimpse of the results so far.

The top 5 Vice Presidential picks are currently:

      1. Gov. Ron DeSantis (FL)
      2. U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (SC)
      3. Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (AR)
      4. Amb. Nikki Haley
      5. Vivek Ramaswamy

Along with those, several write-in candidates are also ranking as well.

Those include:

      • Ben Carson
      • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
      • U.S. Sen. JD Vance (OH)

Is your favorite among those listed?

As the election heats up and the Left continues to push for abortion till birth, hormones and surgeries for gender-confused children, and the erosion of parental rights (just to name a few!), it is clear that much hangs in the balance for this election.

With President Biden and Vice President Harris already decided for the Democrat ticket, the decision of who will be former President Trump’s running mate will be a major factor in the coming weeks for the Right.

When will he decide?

No one knows…but with the GOP convention starting in a little over five weeks, the VP decision could be announced any time.

Have you weighed-in yet?

There’s still time – we will keep the poll open until a candidate is selected and then we will let everyone know our results.


Robert Noland
Director, Marketing

Dear Friends,

Along with our allies at Center for Arizona Policy and Do No Harm Medicine, we have an urgent request for your help to protect victims of transgender ideology.

The Arizona legislature passed Senate Bill (S.B.) 1511, a simple bill that guarantees equal care and insurance coverage for these brave individuals who have been taken advantage of by predatory medical professionals. The Arizona House and Senate have both passed this bill, and we need your help to encourage Governor Katie Hobbs to sign it into law.

This important bill protects people who fell prey to the lie pushed by transgender activists and some medical professionals that they needed harmful, life-altering medical procedures to be their true selves. This bill would help hold the medical professionals and insurance companies that facilitate or perform so-called “gender transition” surgeries accountable for their predatory actions by requiring them to provide equal coverage for detransition treatments.

Detransitioners are people who regret the harm caused to them by undergoing harmful procedures to attempt to change their appearance and bodily functions to align with their perceived sex. They now seek to live in alignment with their biological sex. Such people are incredible allies in the fight to protect others from these experimental and irreversibly harmful procedures, and their stories are powerful examples of the dangers of so-called “gender affirming” procedures pushed by transgender activists and predatory medical professionals.

Detransitioners are real and deserve protection and empowerment to tell their stories. Along with our friends at Center for Arizona Policy and Do No Harm Medicine, we need your help making sure this bill becomes law. Please send a message to Governor Katie Hobbs today urging her to sign S.B. 1511 into law and ensure detransitioners receive the protection and help they need.

It only takes a minute in our Action Center. By doing so, you will help ensure Arizona law helps those that have been abandoned and neglected by health insurance companies and medical providers.

Sincerely,Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm, III
Director, Public Policy

Recently, South Carolina became the 23rd state to pass a Help Not Harm bill protecting children from irreversibly damaging so-called “gender transition” procedures. No child is born in the wrong body, and our friends at Palmetto Family Council have ensure South Carolina is the latest state to protect vulnerable children struggling with gender dysphoria. Hear from Palmetto President Steve Pettit about how it happened!

At the same time, South Carolina also took a huge step in protecting children from the harms of pornography. FPA has worked hard to facilitate a coalition of states to pass age verification requirements for online pornography. This coalition includes South Carolina, and they got it done this year! The Governor signed both Help Not Harm and age verification on the same day. You won’t want to miss hearing how all this remarkable success came about!

Watch NOW on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,
SoCon Report or by clicking the image below.

At Family Policy Alliance, our vision is a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. To stay up to date on the fight to protect families and learn how to take action, follow us on social media!


Sincerely,Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Director, Public Policy

Dear Friends,

It is our great pleasure at Family Policy Alliance to give our endorsement to Jeff Crank in the 5th Congressional primary. Let me tell you why.

When you work with someone for years, you get to know them – their values, their trustworthiness. Over the years, our work has intersected with Jeff Crank many times, and that’s why we feel so confident and passionate about giving him our endorsement for this important race here in El Paso County.

We encourage your support for Jeff. And please consider putting in a good word for him with your friends, family and neighbors!


John Paulton
Vice President, State Alliances

Dear Friend,

The social conservative movement has achieved a monumental victory. A few weeks ago, the California Assembly considered Assembly Bill (A.B.) 3080, a bill that would protect children from the harms of online pornography through age verification requirements. The Assembly took a floor vote and passed the bill with a vote of 63 in favor and ZERO votes against!

We wrote to you a few weeks ago that when you think of social conservatism, you likely wouldn’t think of California. But we here at FPA are definitively changing that. This momentous passage shows that social conservative values can overcome all the partisan forces in American politics. FPA is leading the way in this effort because, in the end, protecting children really ought to be a bipartisan value!

A.B. 3080 now moves to the California State Senate, where it will likely be taken up by the Judiciary Committee. Please continue to pray for the success of this bill and ultimately for the safety of California children. 17 states have already protected their children from pornography through similar bills, and we’re working hard to make California the next one!


We want to thank you because YOUR support makes this success possible! You enabled FPA to organize a Coalition of allied organizations, legislators, and expert witnesses all committed to working together to get bills like A.B. 3080 passed. And your support enabled me, representing FPA, to serve as one of two lead witnesses in the Assembly committee hearings for A.B. 3080.

We also want to thank our friends at California Family Council and Exodus Cry for facilitating this team effort on the ground. Without them, this bill would never have been considered.

If you haven’t partnered with us yet, please consider it with this exciting news in mind. Your support is enabling what was once thought of as impossible victories for family values.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

For our kids,Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Director, Public Policy


Dear Friends:

I don’t know about you, but it’s been hard to see how forgetful we’ve become as a nation. Amidst the cultural and political battles we face, there are too many Americans who have forgotten our history, our allies, and even the shared values that make us a strong and united nation – a nation worth dying for.

But we can still be a nation that remembers, especially on Memorial Day. We can remember God’s goodness, and we can remember those brave heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve this great American experiment.

Take some time this weekend to talk to the veterans in your family and community. When we give these brave men and women the chance to share about their experiences and the friends who never made it home, we remember them together.

Share with your children and grandchildren about the cost of freedom. Take them to visit battlefields where countless Americans have marched and fallen, and take them to military cemeteries to walk the hallowed ground where many of them have been laid to rest. Respect for service will be taught to them by our own actions.

Hundreds of thousands of American service members have died in the line of duty since the Revolutionary War. More than 7,000 American service members have lost their lives just since 9/11. It’s our job to remember them and their families because the cause for which all of these heroes died is still a cause worth fighting for.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to remember and protect the principles of faith and freedom that built this nation. May God bless the families of the fallen and may He bless your family this Memorial Day.


Craig DeRoche
President & CEO