No, really. After a decade of producing his popular video commentaries, we’re sad to share that our colleague, Stuart Shepard, is moving on.

We asked if he would do one final Stoplight® to wrap up the long-running series. He summarizes what we’ve all learned together, and what we should all be doing next.

But, the best part may actually be after the credits. You’ll want to watch to the end.

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In honor of National Adoption Month, Family Policy Alliance President Paul Weber, along with his wife Lois and their daughter Molly share how it has touched each of their lives.

Their personal experience is just one reason our organization works to protect the freedom of Christian adoption agencies to operate in harmony with their faith.

After the Supreme Court decision that unconstitutionally redefined marriage, these organizations have come under fire. Why? Because of their belief that God’s timeless design for marriage is the best environment for raising children.

Your partnership with Family Policy Alliance will help protect the First Amendment freedoms of Christian adoption agencies.


For values voters to succeed in a Blue State, they must have patience, persistence and the ability to find agreement on specific issues with lawmakers who may disagree with them on most everything else.

Len Deo, president of New Jersey Family Policy Council, shares how Christian conservatives in his state stay motivated, and what issues they’ll focus on in the coming year.

Stuart Shepard spoke with him on Nov. 8. It was right after Election Day and just before an event where hundreds of New Jerseyans gathered.

Learn more about New Jersey Family Policy Council.

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Family Policy Alliance’s Director of Policy & Communication, Autumn Leva, wants to thank you for helping convince Congress of how important the adoption tax credit is for children who need forever homes!

Earlier this week, we told you that the Adoption Tax Credit – which has helped vast numbers of children find “forever homes” – had been eliminated in the GOP tax-cut bill.  We asked you to speak up to Congress, and you did!  Your response through the Family Policy Alliance Action Center was part of a national outpouring that encouraged Rep. Kevin Brady, Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, to restore the Adoption Tax Credit.  What’s more, the Senate legislation that was just introduced also includes the credit.

Leaders on Capitol Hill listened to you, and now it’s time to say thank you!  We’ve made it easy for you to sign on to a thank-you letter to Rep. Brady through our Action Center.

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We regard it as such a respite from the troubles of the world that we often call the auditorium a “sanctuary.” How do we talk to our friends and the young people in our lives when a madman brings so much pain and death to a church?

Gen. Patrick Caruana is chairman of the board for Family Policy Alliance. As someone who served in the U.S. Air Force and is a Texan, he offers some insights into what to say and how to pray.

We invite you to join with us as we pray for the families who are suffering in the aftermath of the church shooting.

Eli had been old enough to vote for several years, but because he felt unsure about the issues and candidates, he never registered or took part in elections.

But after Eli attended an event with our president Paul Weber, he made a decision: He voted in a mid-term election. And now he’s teaching his students the importance of engaging.

Join us in our efforts to motivate pro-family voters.

The Trump Administration proposed that life begins at conception. The opposition quickly declared that’s not a scientific statement, but a matter of belief.

In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard asks a single question that brings it all into clarity. It’s a question you should ask yourself.

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Ask the President to nominate a Secretary of Health and Human Services who agrees that life begins at conception. It’s quick and easy to send a message through our Action Center



Voters need to know when a candidate is pro-life and when one is not.

Victoria Cobb, president of Family Foundation Action in Virginia, wants everyone to understand where the state attorney general stands on the life issue.

Family Policy Alliance has been assisting her organization in reaching voters who, if they knew, might make an extra effort to vote.

If you appreciate our work, please join with us in informing voters where candidates across the country stand on the issues you care about.


Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill on Sunday that would otherwise have forced Christian organizations and institutions to face a devastating choice: Betray your faith or be prosecuted by the state.

Jonathan Keller, president of California Family Council, explains to Stuart Shepard in the Family Policy Briefing why AB 569 would have brought so much trouble to the state. Specifically, it aimed to criminalize any contracts or employee codes of conduct related to abortion and sex outside of marriage.

“Every organization that promotes a pro-life message must be able to require its employees to practice what they preach,” Keller said. “The right to freely exercise one’s religion is enshrined in our Constitution, and has always protected every American’s ability to freely associate around shared beliefs and practices.”

We’re seeing a refreshing reaffirmation of the importance of faith in American life. Specifically, a directive for government to let people of faith live their lives.

In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard puts in context and explains why it’s a good and necessary change.

Read the “Federal Protections for Religious Liberty.”

Family Policy Alliance actively supports legislation that protects your religious freedom. Would you consider partnering with us in that important work?