The real war on women is here.

This week, Nancy Pelosi is advancing not one but TWO bills to undermine women, life, and biological sex. What are they?  Signing women up for the draft and legalizing abortion on demand – making Roe v. Wade a permanent fixture of American life.

As we said earlier this week, the bill “allows a child in the womb to be killed at any point the abortionist deems appropriate, even removing prohibitions on abortions committed post-viability or simply because of the baby’s sex. In Pelosi’s ideal world, a little girl in utero can be killed simply because she is a girl. As for women, the bill would likely remove important safety protections for mothers and even refers to mothers as ‘people who are pregnant’ so that Pelosi can advance a transgender agenda while rejecting women.”

The bill is, in a word, extreme. This is the real war on women.

Come hear why this bill is so very dangerous – and find out the truth about efforts to include women in the draft.

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The REAL War on Women

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Join our CEO Craig DeRoche as he speaks with Doreen Denny.


  Doreen Denny is Vice President of Government Relations for Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.

She oversees policy engagement with the legislative and executive branches of government to advance CWA’s core issues. She serves as an opinion writer and commentator on women’s cultural issues, with appearances on major networks including Fox and National Public Radio. Doreen has broad experience in roles across government, from the White House under George HW Bush to both chambers of Congress.


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Meridian Baldacci
Meridian Baldacci
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