Dear Friends,

The Senate Judiciary Committee will soon consider Senate Bill 158 regarding discrimination that must be prohibited in the protection of life for those with disabilities.

Please, urge the senators on the committee to SUPPORT SB 158 to protect the right to life and equal treatment for New Mexico’s disabled.

We believe that life is a precious gift from God and should be protected from fertilization to natural end of life. SB 158 honors life by prohibiting discrimination against those with physical or mental disabilities who need transplant services, ensuring equal access to the care that is needed. No one with a physical or mental disability should be put to the end of the line or even withheld from the line simply because of their disability.

While this bill provides protections against life threatening discrimination, it also provides a very clear enforcement mechanism allowing for a civil lawsuit in the event of discrimination.

If you wish to see all New Mexicans treated equally and with respect, urge the senators on the committee to SUPPORT SB 158. It only takes a minute on our Action Center!

For Life,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director