Now is the time to act to protect life in North Dakota! The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings today, March 4, on one of the very important pro-life issues we’ve been fighting for. They must hear from you on this bill!

House Bill 1336 on Chemical Abortion Reversal Information has now crossed over to the Senate and their Judiciary Committee is listening to testimony and helping decide the fate of this bill before it goes to a floor vote. As a reminder, this bill would require that a woman considering a chemical abortion be given information about how she can save her baby’s life, if she changes her mind part-way into the process. But to reverse the process, she must get immediate medical attention. Therefore, it’s vital that a woman knows all of her options prior to having a chemical abortion.

The story of baby Gabriel, in the above video, shows the kind of pressure endured by many women in crisis pregnancies. Notice that when Gabriel’s teen mom told the abortionist that she did not want to take the RU486 abortion medications, he reminded her of the circumstances in which she found herself and coerced her to go through with the abortion.

Over one-third of early-stage abortions take place with two doses of chemical abortion pills over the course of two or three days. However, after the first dose, almost 70 percent of women who have changed their minds and sought immediate medical attention were able to successfully deliver a healthy baby! We believe all women considering chemical abortion as an option have the right to know that if they change their mind, they may have a chance to save their baby.

Please click here to urge the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote “Do Pass” on House Bill 1336 – because women have the right to know!



Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director