If you’ve ever asked, “How can I make a difference in the direction of my school, state, or nation?” … we have good news for you!

The first Social Conservative Academy series is now in the books, and it’s available for you today! How to Beat the Radical Left featuring All American NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, Oklahoma Congressman Josh Brecheen, The FAMiLY Leader President Bob Vander Plaats, and The Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb, will give you the know-how and tools to effectively advocate your values in the public square, organize at the grassroots level, tell your story, and work with unlikely allies.

To see a preview clip here.

You won’t want to miss the pro tips and expert strategy shared by some of the nation’s top pro-family spokespeople and advocates—all available to watch from the convenience of your home or office, on your own time! Each mini course is approximately 20 minutes long and includes summary points and key takeaways for people like you who want to understand what’s at stake and make your voice heard.

The entire four-part series is now available to social conservative citizens for $49. But for those who act quickly, How to Beat the Radical Left is yours for just $29!

The Social Conservative Academy was designed for busy moms, dads, grandparents, full-time businessmen and businesswomen, and concerned citizens of all walks of life. If you are a social conservative who wants to make a difference, the Social Conservative Academy is for you!

How to Beat the Radical Left is the first of many courses in the newly developed Social Conservative Academy from Family Policy Foundation. Stay tuned for more opportunities to understand the critical issues facing our nation, get equipped to effectively respond to them, and become a changemaker in our culture and government.

Click here to purchase How to Beat the Radical Left for just $29 for a limited time.


Amanda Banks
Vice President, Education








Ever wondered how you can help beat the radical left? Join us THIS THURSDAY for mini courses with two leaders who are doing just that – and want you to join them!

Learn from former NCAA All-American swimmer Riley Gaines as she shares how to use your story to make a difference. Then, stick around to hear from Bob Vander Plaats, President and CEO of The FAMiLY Leader to learn how you can work with even the unlikeliest of allies to win social conservative issues.

Best of all? The live course is completely FREE to join live! Registration is required at the link below. (Did you register for last week’s Social Conservative Academy courses? You can use the same link you received when you registered before.)

Everyone has a story—how to be a force for change by telling your story Featuring special guest Riley Gaines

Thursday, Sept. 28 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Personal stories have the power to shape political discourse and influence decision-makers. By sharing our experiences and stories, individuals can humanize complex issues, creating empathy and understanding among policymakers and the public. Personal stories have the ability to capture attention and highlight the real-world consequences or opportunities that come from policy. In this course you will learn how to use your story and craft your message so you can change your world.

This course will be taught by 12-time All-American NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, who famously was forced to compete against male swimmer Lia Thomas in the NCAA championships. She has since used her story to advocate for saving girls’ sports – and for respecting biological reality throughout our laws.

Unlikely allies make an unusual impact—how to win social conservative issues with people you never thought possible Featuring special guest Bob Vander Plaats

Thursday, Sept. 28 at 1:30 p.m. ET

This course teaches strategies and skills to foster collaboration and build partnerships with individuals or groups who may have differing perspectives or backgrounds. It emphasizes the importance of finding common ground, practicing effective communication, and leveraging shared goals to achieve common objectives. By learning how to navigate differences and build bridges, participants can broaden their impact, create stronger alliances, and navigate complex political landscapes more effectively.

Come learn from Bob Vander Plaats, CEO and President of The FAMiLY Leader. Vander Plaats has been a prominent voice in social conservative politics for years, hosting the annual FAMiLY Leadership Summit and frequently weighing in on the most pressing political matters of the day.

We hope you’ll join us Thursday for these special courses on How to Beat the Radical Left!


Amanda Banks
Vice President, Education