Rep. Jim Banks, Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, and alumnus of our sister Foundation’s Statesmen Academy, took a bold step in the fight to Save Girls’ Sports. The Biden Administration continues to push an agenda filled with radical gender ideology, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi is following along. So, Rep. Banks’ move would bring a bill protecting female athletes to the House floor for a vote—even if Speaker Pelosi disagrees.

The procedural move is called a “discharge petition.” If enough U.S. House Members sign the discharge petition, Rep. Greg Stube’s (FL-17) bill, H.R. 426, the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, could come to the floor for a vote- even without Nancy Pelosi’s approval.

H.R. 426 is a simple bill to ensure American girls can compete in their own sports — without fear of a male taking their spot on the team, scholarship opportunities, or place on the winner’s podium. If the discharge petition for H.R. 426 receives 218 signatures, H.R. 426 will receive a vote on the House Floor.

Tell your Member of Congress to save girls’ sports!

The nation recently watched with dismay as a male swimmer was awarded first place in the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship. In this event, the NCAA forced women to compete with a male and girls everywhere lost. America’s girls deserve better.

And America agrees with saving girls’ sports. Despite efforts from the “woke” Biden Administration and the NCAA, 15 states now have laws that protect girls’ sports, and polling consistently shows Americans believe girls should have their own sports.

The ball is now in Congress’s court, and this discharge petition will reveal which Members of Congress truly believe in equal opportunities for women. Tell your Member of Congress to save girls’ sports and sign the discharge petition for H.R. 426!


Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

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