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The Strategic Merger of Family Policy Alliance Foundation and Christians Engaged: A
Compelling Case for Support

In the ever-evolving landscape of nonprofit organizations, strategic mergers can amplify impact, streamline operations, and enhance shared missions. This is particularly true for Family Policy Alliance (FPA), Family Policy Alliance Foundation (FPAF), and Christians Engaged (CE). These three organizations, each with its unique strengths and complementary missions, benefit immensely from uniting efforts.

Powerfully advocating for family-friendly policies and leveraging its robust network to influence legislation


Training elected officials and social conservatives to better serve God through a biblical worldview of politics


Mobilizing Christians to pray, vote, and engage civically for impactful participation in the public square


Why Merge?

Shared Mission

At the core of FPA, FPAF, and CE lies a shared commitment to influencing public policy from a faith-based perspective, fostering civic engagement among Christians, and promoting family values.

Amplified Impact

The ultimate measure of an organization’s worth is its ability to achieve its mission. The merger of FPA, FPAF, and CE is a compelling force for increased impact. Unified efforts in policy advocacy, education, and grassroots mobilization can lead to significant legislative victories, increased voter turnout among Christians, and a more informed and engaged Christian electorate — resulting in a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Strategic Benefits

The merger creates an exponential increase in the capabilities, resources, operational efficiency and effectiveness of the combined entity. Pooling resources means reduced administrative costs, allowing a greater percentage of donations to be directed toward programs and initiatives. Additionally, a unified organization can attract and retain top talent in advocacy, education, and grassroots mobilization, further bolstering our influence and reach.

The merger of Family Policy Alliance, Family Policy Alliance Foundation, and Christians Engaged is a consolidation of strengths, resources, and missions. This merger is an opportunity to support a more powerful and efficient organization capable of achieving greater impact. The expanded ministry promises enhanced advocacy capabilities, strategic synergies, and measurable outcomes that align with ministry partners’ values and philanthropic goals.

We need you!

In order to reach our joint ministry goal to educate and equip one million Christians ahead of the 2024 Elections, we need to raise another $1.2 million toward our outreach budget by Labor Day. Would you be willing to help us?

In honor of the merger, we have a partner who has agreed to match every dollar raised (up to $50k) through 7/31.



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