June 12

President & CEO Craig DeRoche Craig DeRoche is a man whose life and family have been completely transformed by Jesus Christ. Craig has been married to Stacey DeRoche since 1998. They live in Michigan with their three daughters and their dog Remington. Craig was one of the youngest persons ever elected as Speaker of the […]

FLORIDA: Your Legislators Need to Hear from You URGENTLY!

May 13

Florida is on the verge of a disastrous expansion of legalized gambling that would very arguably be the largest such expansion in American history. Please take a few moments to speak up to your legislators right away! Our allies at Florida Family Policy Council have put together action alerts, information resources and other ways you […]

COLORADO Ballot Primer: How Your Vote Could Directly Save Lives!

October 20

At Family Policy Alliance, we often tell you about candidates who will vote to protect life. And indeed, we’re doing that now with mailers and digital ads in several key legislative districts around Colorado. But this year, you have a chance to directly save lives with your vote in favor of Proposition 115. Prop 115 […]

2020: Can ANYTHING Good Happen?

July 17

In 2020, it’s easy to look around and wonder—is there anything good happening?? I’m thankful that the answer is YES, and you have been a part of making these good things happen! Let me count some of the things we are grateful for at Family Policy Alliance, and I hope you will join us in […]

VOTE TODAY and Then Watch These Races with Us Tonight!

November 6

Election Day is finally here! That calls for a celebration in two ways. First, no more ads! We all appreciate that. But second and more importantly, we are among the few people in the annals of history who have had the privilege to elect our leaders. And as Christians, voting is both a stewardship responsibility […]

20 Years of Protecting Family Values in Hawaii!

January 16

  Congratulations, Hawaii Family Forum, on 20 years of protecting family values in your state! January 15th marked the 20-year anniversary for Family Policy Alliance’s state ally, Hawaii Family Forum. In a state that tends to lean Left politically, Hawaii Family Forum, led by executive director Eva Andrade, has helped protect families in some incredible […]

Gambling on Your Child’s Future

June 8

by Cole Muzio, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia You have to admit, the Left takes on some difficult arguments. They argue a baby isn’t a baby, a boy isn’t necessarily a boy, and what has been marriage throughout the history of the world isn’t the only definition of marriage. Sadly, they have gotten quite good […]