Christian, mother of two young adults studying at Baylor University Raised by a single mother who fled to the USA and was granted political asylum after being a political Prisoner under Castro’s regime.

University of Texas at Arlington - BA in Public Relations and Journalism

Professional Experience:
Met her husband of 30 years while she was a flight attendant for Delta airlines… and yes, he is a pilot. After September 11th, she made the decision to retire from the airlines to stay home with her two children. This has been her greatest joy and accomplishment.

Owned and operated two separate businesses: A home decor store in Dallas, and years later designed and sold scarves wholesale to retailers at the Dallas Market Hall.

When her cousin, Senator Ted Cruz decided to run for office she made the decision to lay down her business to help him wherever she was needed.

As a family member she has worn different hats these last few years. She has traveled Texas and the United States developing relationships with grassroots leaders, county chairs and political activists. She is the Grassroots Outreach Director for Ted Cruz for Senator.

Every day she is reminded that freedom is not free; we have to fight to protect it and preserve it.

She praises God that her mother and family members had the conviction to stand for Liberty coming to this country and giving her the opportunity to be born in the greatest country of all.

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