Family Policy Alliance has made a significant impact over the past several election cycles.


52/55 Statesmen Academy alumni on the ballot were elected. FPA had a 61% win ratio on all tight races it invested in!


In 2018, Family Policy Alliance achieved a 65% win rate in the conservative races we supported, which is even more impressive when compared to the House GOP win rate of 45%. Ultimately, we helped 26 candidates from 8 states win their tightly contested general election races.


In 2018, Family Policy Alliance helped 14 of our Statesmen Academy alumni win their tightly contested general election races – only losing 3 races. In total, 52 alumni will be serving in elected office.


In 2016, Family Policy Alliance impacted 24 of 30 carefully selected races—from the U.S. Senate to pivotal state legislative races. That included several targeted state House races in Kentucky to give conservatives control and open up the floodgates of pro-family policies in 2017.


In 2014, Family Policy Alliance helped win 17 of 20 races, including several U.S. Senate races, two key Governor’s races, and a bevy of crucial state legislative seats. Our post-election analysis revealed that targeted voters voted at significantly higher rates in every state where we engaged.


In 2012, more than 50 field staff in 11 states conducted 9.8 million calls over an 11-month period in support of socially conservative candidates up and down the ticket.


Since 2010, Family Policy Alliance-backed candidates have won a high percentage of races. Those wins helped give conservative legislators control of multiple state legislative chambers and are still paying dividends today in the form of pro-life and pro-family policies.

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