Fairness for Girls in NJ

April 28

As far Left advocates continue their nationwide mission to remove historic protections for women by passing the Equality Act, four pro-family New Jersey legislators are pushing back. These legislators recently introduced the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” (Senate bill 3540 and Assembly bill 5545). This is the same type of legislation that over thirty states have considered, and a few have signed into law!

We want to publicly recognize and applaud Senator Mike Testa (R – Cape May Court House), Senator James Holzapfel (R-Brick), Assemblyman Greg McGuckin (R- Brick) and Assemblyman John Catalano (R- Brick). Please let them know how much you appreciate their leadership on this common-sense fairness issue by clicking here. 

It is simple to understand: when biological males are allowed to compete on girls’ sports teams, they rob girls of championships, state records, and scholarship opportunities. Girls-only sports as a category ceases to exist. Male sports and co-ed sports remain, but actual girls’ sports are erased.

Girls deserve to compete on a level playing field. Boys will always have physical advantages over girls—that’s the reason we have women’s sports in the first place.

  • Science and common sense tell us that males have some physiological advantages to females in the sports arena. Those differences show up in size, strength, bone density, and even cardiovascular capacity (heart and lungs). Even if a male has been on hormone therapy, some of these advantages simply cannot be completely removed (take, for instance, the obvious advantage of height!).
  • Someone’s subjective belief about their gender doesn’t cancel out the real biological physical advantage males have over females.

Despite the obvious reasons this bill should not be controversial, there are activists within our state that are aggressively fighting against fairness. Their radical cultural-Marxist rhetoric is unleased against those who would protect girls from facing disadvantages and discrimination.

In their view, “this bill is transphobic…perpetuates violence…and systematically dehumanizes…”. They state the legislators have a lack of understanding between sex and gender. They believe the title of the legislation is flawed because “Women” refers to a gender not a “sex”. In other words, they claim males and females can both be women and therefore play “women’s sports”.

Friends, post-modernists are continually redefining words to deconstruct society. They insist all public policy must succumb to their particular sexual ideology, even if it means damaging the hopes and aspirations of young female athletes in the process. We cannot let that happen. We must protect the rights, the private spaces, and the dreams of girls across New Jersey.

Please send a message thanking the legislators who are fighting to do just that!

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director