Now Announcing: Craig’s (Worst) List

August 16

Craig’s List 2021 is here! And no, we’re not talking about that Craig’s List. An award series named in honor of our CEO Craig DeRoche, Craig’s List is the best and worst of family policy in 2021. You all voted on the WORST policies for families in 2021, and now it’s time to share the results! With a countdown from “Worst for Children” all the way to “Most Dangerous for America” these are the bills, ideas, and actions YOU thought were worst of all.

Ready for some good news? Read to the end to hear about Craig’s (Best) List!

With no further ado, here it is: the 2021 edition of Craig’s (Worst) List.

#8. Worst for Children: Mutilation for Minors

What policy this year was worst for children? You chose “mutilation for minors,” and we can understand why. In December, California’s Insurance Commissioner put out an “opinion letter” informing insurers that if a minor girl wants “male chest reconstruction surgery” (aka a double mastectomy) as part of a transgender “transition,” the insurance company may not deny her request solely based on her age. In other words, California is actively supportive of minors receiving damaging, life-altering surgeries in the name of “gender transition.”

#7. Worst for Life: License to Kill Act

This one was the tightest contest of all. 49% understandably voted the “worst” was “Overwhelming Support for Infanticide” in Massachusetts. Ultimately, though, 51% of you chose the “License to Kill Act,” a New Jersey bill that – if it became law – would legalize abortion up to birth. Not only that, but it would allow non-residents to come to New Jersey for taxpayer-funded abortions (if they are unable to afford it). That could open the door for human traffickers to bring vulnerable, pregnant girls for taxpayer funded abortions. Indeed, this would be a “worst for life” if it became law.

#6. Worst Retaliation: Canceled by Association

It’s been quite a year for cancel culture, and we gave you two choices of some surprising ways it showed up. But the winner was clear: “Canceled by Association.” A Minnesota man was kicked off his city’s human rights commission after his wife, a state representative, sponsored legislation to protect girls’ sports and was recognized at a gala hosted by our friends at Minnesota Family Council. Talk about cancel culture!

#5. Worst Dispute: Waiting for a Waiting Period

This is one legal dispute that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Last year, Iowa passed a law that required women to wait 24 hours before getting an abortion. That gives women time to consider choosing life instead of being pressured into having an abortion right away. But this year, a district judge issued an injunction against the law. The bill will next head to the Iowa Supreme Court.

#4. Worst COVID Restrictions: Fined for Faith

You all spoke loud and clear on your vote for “worst COVID restrictions!” With 74% of the vote, “fined for faith” took the “award.” What happened? In the midst of COVID restrictions, some churches and churchgoers were actually fined for meeting. One example: in Mississippi, churchgoers were fined $500 for attending a drive-in church service. The church pointed out that members even kept their windows rolled up! That truly was a “worst” of COVID.

#3. Worst for Women: Not Your Grandma’s ERA

What was one of the worst policy proposals for women in America? Many of you thought it was the renewed effort for a constitutional “Equal Rights Amendment.” The amendment would “clarify” that men and women are equal under law. It was a major debate in the 1970s. But it’s unnecessary as men and women are already equal under the law. Plus, this proposed constitutional amendment is not your grandma’s ERA: it would almost certainly be used to promote abortion and gender identity. With the majority of you calling it “worst for women,” it’s no wonder it hasn’t become reality – and that’s a good thing!

#2. Worst Word Choice: “Abortion Care”

While it was a close contest between “birthing people” and “abortion care,” the majority agreed: the term “abortion care” is such an oxymoron it has to be named “worst word choice” of 2021. Abortion is cruel for both child and mother. That’s not care.

#1. Most Dangerous for America: The Equality Act

We aren’t surprised that this one took the cake. The federal Equality Act would allow men in women’s locker rooms and on women’s sports teams, while opening the door for abortion expansion – and more. It would force LGBT ideology in schools, law, doctors’ offices, and throughout our culture. The bill would accomplish such sweeping changes by declaring that a person’s self-identified LGBT status is a “protected class” – something on the same level as race or national origin. It’s one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever to come from Congress, and the title of “Most Dangerous for America” is well-deserved!

That’s it for the “worst” of 2021…but there’s more of “Craig’s List” to come! Later this week, we’ll be announcing the best of 2021.  

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We can’t wait to share the best of 2021. Will your state be in the mix?

Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist