Dear Friends,

In the midst of holding our breath for the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding Roe v. Wade, the nation has another reason to celebrate. This week, SCOTUS released a decision that will propel us forward in the fight for school choice.

The case, Carson v. Makin, was brought to the Supreme Court after a family in Maine was denied benefits from the state’s tuition assistance program because their school of choice was religious. The tuition assistance program was established for parents and students whose school district does not operate a secondary school of their own. Under the program, parents are able to choose the public or private school they would like their child to attend, and the school district then sends payments to that school to help mitigate the cost of tuition. That school choice, however, could not include a Christian school.

The decision from the court recognized that the denial of the tuition assistance was considered a violation of the First Amendment. Chief Justice Roberts states in the opinion, “In particular, we have repeatedly held that a State violates the Free Exercise Clause when it excludes religious observers from otherwise available public benefits.”

This decision has addressed a long-standing debate regarding school choice and state tuition assistance. Many would argue that the state cannot fund religious institutions, and therefore tuition assistance programs cannot be used for religious schools. However, this decision makes it clear that the state is not funding the school, but rather the child. The state, then, cannot discriminate where the child’s funds are used.

Why is school choice so important?

Here at NM FAM, we believe that a thriving society is a product of thriving families. When the government interferes in things like choosing where parents send their child to school, a family’s ability to thrive is diminished. When parents’ rights are threatened, a family can no longer thrive, but rather must fight to survive.

New Mexico families need to thrive. New Mexico parents must have their rights secure. New Mexico children must be able to receive good education, free from government ideals and control, and rooted in their family values.

SCOTUS has set the precedent; now let’s see it thrive in the Land of Enchantment! Will you join our efforts in protecting parents’ rights in New Mexico classrooms?

Standing Firm,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Today, we are excited to announce that Rep. Jim Banks (R—IN), Chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) and an alum of our sister Foundation’s Statesmen Academy, introduced the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act. We are also grateful that Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) will sponsor the bill in the Senate.

The bill reflects the principles from Family Policy Alliance’s Help Not Harm campaign. We believe children who are hurting and struggling need real help, not harm. We believe that children who have legitimate gender conflict have been pressured into transition by politicized medicine. We believe that every day, youth around the country are endangered by transgender interventions that can leave them sterile, missing healthy body parts, and filled with regret. And, we believe that children should be protected from politicized medicine and should have the right to recover for the damages done to them.


The Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act will spare children a lifetime of regret and keeps politics out of their healthcare. We applaud Chairman Jim Banks and Senator Tom Cotton for their excellent leadership on this important issue to protect America’s children.

We are proud to strongly support the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act, and we urge both the House and the Senate to cosponsor and pass this important piece of legislation to ensure America’s children receive real help, not harm when facing gender dysphoria. .

Join us in asking Congress to take action immediately on this bill!

More children are harmed every day by dangerous transgender ideology—we can’t afford to waste time. Congress must pass this bill.

Use the form below to immediately ask Congress to pass this bill—it only takes 1 minute.

For the Family,

Joseph Kohm

Joseph Kohm
Public Policy Director



Complete the form below to ask your Representative and Senator to Help not Harm today!

The pro-life movement stands at the door of a nation without Roe v. Wade. This moment is owed to so many pro-life heroes.

Today, we’re thrilled to invite you to join us online to meet one of those heroes: Senator James Lankford. In fact, he’s not only a pro-life hero, but he’s been a champion for families and religious freedom for years, taking on the biggest debates of our day in Washington, D.C. with grace and courage.

Meet a Pro-Life Hero

A Conversation with Senator James Lankford

(Video will be live at 2pm Eastern Time June 21st)

You can also want, share and comment on Facebook, or YouTube.

Join us to get the inside scoop on what’s happening in the Senate, what the pro-life movement’s next steps should be, and what to anticipate from proponents of abortion. Plus, hear Senator Lankford share why religious freedom matters to him and what it means for us today!

Senator James Lankford is a U.S. Senator for Oklahoma with a long background of service, including over 20 years in ministry. Senator Lankford has served in Congress since 2010 – first in the U.S. House, and in the Senate since 2014. During that time, Senator Lankford has been a stalwart leader on the issues closest to families, including life and religious freedom. Last summer, Family Policy Alliance honored Senator Lankford with our Coburn Statesman Award, our prestigious award for faithful Christian public servants who demonstrate their commitment to family and respect for colleagues and constituents. This year, Family Policy Alliance was pleased to endorse Senator Lankford in his bid for reelection.

Come ready for an engaging conversation and bring your questions to share in the chat!

We’ll see you soon on Facebook, YouTube, or Family Policy Alliance’s website!

Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy


P.S. Joining late? You can still watch on Facebook, YouTube, or Family Policy Alliance’s website.




Please share with others, and be sure to vote in the Primary Election that concludes with in-person voting on June 28.

The Family Policy Alliance Team

Dear Friends,

I have been blown away by the show of support from friends like you all over New Mexico as we have stepped out in faith as NM FAM.

In the short six weeks since we began fundraising for our new organization, we received a $6,000 challenge gift, which was met with a $30,000 challenge gift, which was matched and challenged again – bringing us to in-hand gifts and pledges of over $67,000. New Mexico conservatives are taking ownership of the future of our state by investing in the efforts and organization of NM FAM – because they know we mean business.

And YES, we mean business! In the past six weeks:

We’ve called for change in New Mexico, and we intend to do our part!

As of right now, we are working to meet the challenge of matching our latest $30,000 gift. Will you help us? Your support helps momentum build for our state, our preborn, and our conservative values.

What we need…

We are just about half-way to meeting our annual budget which provides all things necessary for the day-to-day operations of our organization, special projects, and future planning. We need your help! If we can meet this latest $30,000 challenge, we will have reached nearly 80% of our first annual budget!

Will you join the momentum of protecting families and preserving freedom in New Mexico?

In Christ,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive DIrector

P.S. Checks can be made out to NM FAM and mailed to:

11819 Canyonlands Pl SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Someone has said that on D-Day (June 6, 1944) human destiny was changed forever. D-Day is the day Allied Forces took their enemies by surprise and staged the largest invasion from the sea in human history. An armada of 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft put 156,000 soldiers on the ground. They established a beachhead and opened the way for a million troops by July 1. One year later, on May 8, 1945, WWII ended. But it had cost the lives of millions; destroyed homes, families, and cities; and brought huge suffering to entire countries. D-Day meant an end to war, but it also began a time of rebuilding.

In a similar way, D-Day is fast approaching for the infamous Roe v. Wade SCOTUS decision. On January 22nd, 1973, war was declared on helpless preborn infants, and since then, the lives of over 63 million preborn babies have been lost. Roe wreaked havoc on individuals, families and upon our whole nation. Surveys have repeatedly shown that most Americans believe that there should be restrictions on abortion, especially after the first trimester. The “leak” about Roe being overturned indicates that most of the sitting justices believe the original Roe decision was flawed and there is no constitutional right to an abortion.

What many people don’t realize is that if Roe is reversed, it would not automatically outlaw abortion across America. Instead, it would go back to the states, and each state would decide the destiny of their unborn children. Each state will face vastly different scenarios after Roe, ranging from very pro-life to strongly pro-abortion, with the majority having some restrictions. See for more info and to learn how you can be involved in preventing abortions and pursuing a community where life is cherished.

In Rhode Island, there are literally no restrictions on the abortion industry. After Roe, our state is set to remain one of the most radical pro-abortion states in the nation and possibly a haven for abortionists. We can’t allow that to happen. Recently, our legislature considered a bill that would have legalized taxpayer-funded abortion. At this point, it has been tabled, probably because it is an election year, and it was too risky for most politicians. However, you can be sure the effort will resurface, so be watchful and prayerful.

Just as there was a need for rebuilding after D-Day, there is a need for rebuilding a respect for life in an After-Roe America. As we go forward, here are a few suggestions:

Wars begin in the heart, and that is where the battle must be waged. God’s D-Day was the day that Jesus was nailed to a cross. The day you make Christ your savior is the day you make peace with God. Only the love of God can change the human heart. Let’s all pray and do our part to help people turn back to God, the Author of Life, so that he can rebuild their lives.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island

New executive order seeks to force LGBT ideology on a nation that doesn’t want it

Today, President Biden issued a sweeping executive order during “Pride Month” that is a direct attack on what you—and so many others across the states—have been doing to push back against his woke agenda and to protect children.

The executive order seeks to use the full power of the federal government to stop the movement to save girls’ sports, keep parents in the dark about what’s happening in their children’s classroom, and force gender “transitions” on children as a form of “healthcare.”

In response, Family Policy Alliance released an official statement to the media, as well as a joint statement with our friends from Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF). WoLF is an organization of self-described “radical feminists.” We may disagree on many issues, but we agree that gender ideology and this sweeping executive order are extremely dangerous—particularly for women and children.

Tune in to hear from Family Policy Alliance’s President & CEO, Craig DeRoche, and WoLF’s Executive Director, Mahri Irvine, LIVE about the President’s executive order and our response TONIGHT at 7:30PM ET.

Here is the statement we released today to the media in response to the President’s Executive Order:


Statement from Craig DeRoche, CEO and President of Family Policy Alliance:

“Today, President Biden has identified himself as an actual threat to democracy and to families, by showing his willingness to issue a federal takeover of decisions that belong to parents, schools, and health care professionals – all in a single executive order.

“President Biden promised to enact the sweeping Equality Act, which seeks to redefine sex across federal law. That bill has failed multiple times in Congress. Not only that, but Americans across the nation are moving in the opposite direction.

“That reality is the clear impetus for today’s executive order. The President is going after the states and the American people who are pushing back against his woke agenda. The accompanying fact sheet for the order alluded to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, Help Not Harm laws that protect minors from transgender interventions, and the Save Girls’ Sports laws that now protect female athletes in eighteen states.

As for the people leading those policies? We’re not intimidated. We know that the alliance of state family policy councils behind many of these policies is standing strong, and that the movement’s momentum is greater than ever. Look no further than the sweeping effort to Save Girls’ Sports. In 2020, one state had such a law. Last year, 9 states had Save Girls’ Sports laws. This year, that number has doubled to eighteen.

Today, the President alienated himself from his fellow Americans and called them ‘bullies’ to underscore the point. He’s drawn clear battle lines, and we proudly stand on the side of the states leading the movement to protect women and children, save girls sports, and ensure parents know what’s happening in their child’s kindergarten classroom.

“Today, Biden has accomplished little more than show how out of touch he is with millions of Americans and add fuel to the fire to ensure that kids and their families are protected across the country.”

Family Policy Alliance’s joint statement with Women’s Liberation Front is available here


As the nation waits to see if the Supreme Court will indeed overturn Roe v. Wade in the impending Dobbs decision, it is important to recognize the incredible moment we are in.

The pro-life movement has been waiting nearly 50 years to see Roe overturned. Since Roe, over 62 million American lives have been lost to abortion, their mothers have been sold a bill of goods about abortion, and our Constitution has been mocked by claiming it houses a “right to abortion.”

The overturn of Roe and returning the issue of abortion regulation back to the people’s elected leaders at the state and federal level would be a critical step forward in forging a culture of life in America.

Recognizing this truly history-making moment, our friends at Focus on the Family are hosting their annual event, See Life 2022, on a livestream TONIGHT at 7:00PM MOUNTAIN time.

Tonight’s event is especially timely, since the Supreme Court’s next decision day is tomorrow, and all eyes will be on the Court to see whether they release the anticipated Dobbs decision.

See Life 2022 “Seize This Pro-Life Moment” will feature:

Register for the Livestream HERE.

So, this evening, please pray for the Court and the impending Dobbs decision. And, plan to tune in with your family at 7:00PM MOUNTAIN for See Life 2022!

For Life,


The Family Policy Alliance Team

I recently gave a financial gift to an organization called “Public School Exit – Give Parents a Choice.” They are part of a nationwide movement to save our kids from public schools and their anti-Christian, anti-family policies. I am happy to say that God is birthing a similar movement right here in Rhode Island.

Recently I was part of a meeting with 6 Christian schools in greater Rhode Island. The purpose was to see if they could collaborate, cooperate, and seek God for wisdom on working together to give parents better choices for educating their children. We have another meeting scheduled in a few weeks, and I will keep you posted on the progress. But for now, the greatest need (right after prayer) is for teachers in the fall. Three of the schools asked me to let the Christian community know their needs, so here is a list of opportunities:

Seekonk Christian Academy (95 Sagamore Rd. Seekonk, MA 02771 / 508-336-2615) Needs two middle school teachers with classroom experience, able to teach two core classes under the Abeka Curriculum. Call or email Chris Pfeiffer:  Website:

Academy of Higher Learning (1436 Grand Army Highway [Route 6 near the RI line] Swansea, MA 02777) Need multiple teachers for the fall. Call or email 508-324-4500 /  Website:

Providence Classical Academy (will meet the first year at Grace Church in East Cranston) This will be a hybrid school – 2 days in the classroom and 3 days homeschool. Job descriptions for needed teacher positions (2nd – 4th grad) can be found here: For more info, call or email Luke Harding: 502-224-3293 /  Website:


Here are the other three schools that were part of that meeting. Please PRAY DAILY for all of them that God will meet their needs and give parents the options they need for their children!

Barrington Christian Academy
9 Old County Road, Barrington, RI 02806
(401) 246-0113;

Dayspring Christian Academy
1052 Newport Avenue (Route 1A, across from Cardi’s), South Attleboro, MA
(508) 761-5552;

West Bay Christian Academy
475 School St, North Kingstown, RI 02852
(401) 884-3600;

Please note – I’m sure there are any number of other Christian schools in Greater RI. These six schools have agreed to build relationships and explore how to better work together to meet the needs of parents and students rather than compete. So, please PRAY for them, their NEEDS, and their success.

I am a great fan of Henry Blackaby and his study “Experiencing God”! There is no doubt in my mind that God, who knows what is up ahead as Christ’s Second Coming draws near, has a plan and is inviting us to join him as he takes action.

For Faith and Family,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island


*This not an exhaustive list of Christian schools in Rhode Island. The mention of educational institutions in this article does not indicate an official endorsement of those institutions by Family Policy Alliance.

Dear Friends,

I wanted to pass along to you a very timely and important opportunity to join in on a national prayer gathering related to the impending Supreme Court Decision in the Dobbs case. As you know the landmark decision, Roe v. Wade, which sought to legalize abortion in 1973 hangs in the balance and a decision could come any day.

The Dobbs decision will have many repercussions. We have updated our AfterRoe website with all the latest information. If you have read the news lately, you also know that intimidation and violence surrounding this eventual decision is ramping up across the nation.

It is for these reasons that this evening a number of national and state groups are engaging in a prayer assembly for the Dobbs decision and the effects it is now having (and others it will soon have) on our nation.

You are invited to join in-person if you are in Chattanooga, TN or you can participate from anywhere online at the link below.

Here are the details:

What – Virtual Prayer, Solemn Assembly
RE: Upcoming Dobbs Decision on Roe. Wade

Where – Chattanooga, Calvary Chapel
3415 Broad Street, Chattanooga

When – Thursday, June 9
6:30-8:00 PM Eastern Time / 5:30 – 7:00 Central Time
4:30 – 6:00 Mountain Time / 3:30 – 5:00 Pacific Time

Admission is free or join online HERE.

Even if you cannot join this gathering this evening (in person or online), we are with you in prayer for this and so many other issues affecting our nation.

God bless,

Robert Noland
Director of Audience Engagement