A professor in a college ethics class presented his students with a problem. He said, “A man has syphilis, and his wife has tuberculosis. They have had four children: one has died, the other three have a terminal illness. The mother is pregnant. What do you recommend?” After a spirited discussion, most of the class voted that she should abort the child. “Fine,” said the professor. “You’ve just killed Beethoven.”

Beethoven’s life is not an isolated case! Here are three similar scenarios. The first is Pattie Mallette. She was sexually abused as a child and, by age 14, was using drugs and alcohol. She attempted suicide by throwing herself in front of an oncoming truck. Then, while staying in a psychiatric hospital, a friend led her to faith in Christ, and she became a Christian. But after just six months, she relapsed and, at age 17, discovered she was pregnant. Because of her young age and difficult situation, many people encouraged her to end her pregnancy. Pattie, however, insisted abortion was never an option. Today her son, Justin Bieber, can sing to millions of fans and inspire them as a living example of the sanctity of a human life. She tells her story in her book Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom.

Then there is Ethel Waters, a famed singer and actress and the second African American ever nominated for an Academy Award. Ethel was conceived in rape. She wrote about her birth in her autobiography, His Eye Is on the Sparrow: “So John Waters, my father, forced my mother to submit to him. She tried to fight him, but he raped her. She was only twelve, and that is how I was conceived.” Her talent and success only led to brokenness, but in her later years, she gave her heart to Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade. She went on to literally bless thousands while often touring with Graham in his crusades.

One more example would be Tim Tebow. Doctors told his mother Pam to abort her son after she became ill because of her pregnancy. Pam refused, instead asking God for a healthy baby. He answered her prayers with a future NFL player. Tim has used his success as a platform to share the gospel all over the world. He has also funded building a hospital in a needy part of the Philippines where he grew up. His “saved” life has “saved” the lives of many others!

Decisions to keep babies in dire circumstances instead of aborting resulted in Beethoven, Justin Bieber, Ethel Waters, Tim Tebow and who knows how many others. Every abortion stops a beating heart. Every abortion ends a life. Every abortion robs the world of someone who could have made a real difference in the lives of others. And every abortion robs a person of the opportunity to live life.

On Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, churches throughout the United States celebrate God’s gift of life, commemorate the lives lost to abortion, and commit to protecting human life at every stage. This year, the date is Sunday, January 23, 2022. Alliance Defending Freedom has developed tools for pastors and church leaders to use, and you can access them here.

I will be attending the Annual March for Life this Friday in Washington D.C. PLEASE PRAY for the safety of those attending and that our Supreme Court reverses the infamous Roe decision from 1973 that has resulted in the death of more than 63 million pre-born babies.

Also, visit Family Policy Alliance at www.AfterRoe.com to see the challenges ahead as we work to make Rhode Island a state where LIFE IS CHERISHED! To that end, please consider supporting this ministry monthly in 2022.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island

“For this reason, I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named, that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being…” –Ephesians 3:14-16


Dear Friends:

“There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened and maintained.” These are the words of the great Winston Churchill, spoken following the birth of Prince Charles in 1948. And although spoken more than 70 years ago, these words remain true today. In short, family matters!

This week we will explore the third aspect of our vision here at Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico – a New Mexico where families thrive.

In the last couple of years, as my family has embarked upon new adventures in politics and policy, the strongest and loudest message we have carried is that family is key. When families thrive, communities thrive! And when communities thrive, states and nations thrive.

At Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, we believe that God’s timeless design for the family is the strongest foundation for any free and successful society. The family, as God designed it, is the best environment for creating children and nurturing them while protecting and providing for them. As a family grows together, they then gain the value of honoring and caring for their elderly. Family offers the fulfillment of all human needs. As such, thriving families have the power to lessen the need for government intervention and should serve as an important check on the scope of our government.

For too long, New Mexico families have been mired by the paralyzing effect of government dependency and an entitlement system that disincentivizes the traditional family unit. Our current welfare system not only discourages marriage, but also actively penalizes those who do get married – particularly low-income parents. For example, a single mother in New Mexico with two children, earning $20,000 per year, is eligible to receive almost $3,600 per year in food stamp benefits. However, if she were to marry the father, who earns the same as she does, that family would no longer qualify for any assistance. I’ve seen the frustration and discouragement of this situation with my own eyes.

New Mexico families deserve better and that is why we should be in the business of encouraging and empowering families. So how do we do this? By supporting state policies and programs that encourage parents to stay together and raise their children; empowering parents to assume control of their children’s education rather than have the parents’ voices threatened and silenced; highlighting the uniquely beneficial roles that men and women – fathers and mothers –  bring to the family; and offering appropriate support to our single parents, guardians, relatives raising children, foster parents, and those wishing to adopt.

Some say, “It takes a village.” At Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, we say, “It takes a family.”

Our vision is a New Mexico where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, and families thrive. Thriving families are the key to a successful New Mexico. It’s time for families to unleash their biblical citizenship; it’s time to thrive.

Unleash your citizenship today and become informed about critical issues affecting the family by visiting our Action Center, reviewing our current action items, and adding your name to the growing number of concerned citizens who are speaking up and standing for families.

For My Family and Yours!

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director

If freedom is something you value, then you need to pay attention – as you may not have it for long if our nation continues to embrace socialism. According to an AXIOS poll, only half of younger Americans now hold a positive view of capitalism, while socialism’s appeal continues to grow. When AXIOS compared their poll results from 2019 with 2021, the results were alarming.

Today, 18 to 34-year-olds are almost evenly split between those who view capitalism positively and those who view it negatively (49% vs. 46%). Two years ago, that margin was a gaping 20 points (58% vs. 38%). It’s amazing to me how an ideology like socialism can become so popular when historically it has been so deadly. In 1999, a group of European researchers published The Black Book of Communism, an international best-seller. They calculated the Socialist-Marxist impact on the 20th century in terms of lives lost and found that the death toll from World War I and World War II would have to be combined and then doubled just to get near it.

Regardless of historical fact, liberal school boards are introducing curricula that paints socialism in a positive light. But parents are waking up and battles are raging in school districts that are embracing Socialist-Marxist ideology. Parents are also realizing that the socialist view of “equity” is inextricably linked to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) and that their children will also be taught to embrace transgenderism and LGBTQ lifestyles.

Here is what’s happening in a few Rhode Island school districts:

In summary, some Rhode Island school districts have declared war against parents who challenge them on CRT, and they have key allies in the media who join in the attack on parents. The unions and union-controlled school committees have decided to make examples of any parent or legislator who questions CRT. Rep. Patricia Morgan has been viciously attacked and slandered for bringing attention to the indoctrinating material and the pornography in our school curricula.

Let’s remember that God answers prayer, and there is much to PRAY about. Each week I will have a prayer corner to highlight a few needs. Here are two: 1) Pray for health and safety of those attending the annual March for Life in D.C. on January 20-21. There are still seats available on the bus with Tyler Rowley’s group: text (401) 290-7201 or email t3rowley@gmail.com. 2) Visit www.AfterRoe.com and pray that SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island

Senator Schumer has announced that the Senate will consider changes to the chamber’s voting rules this week. The most talked-about potential change is to eliminate the filibuster – the 60-vote threshold required on most legislation to end debate and move to final passage.

Please urge your Senator to OPPOSE removing the filibuster!

The filibuster rule is unique to the Senate – the chamber known for its thorough deliberations and insistence on consensus.  As Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has said, ending the filibuster would “completely drain the Senate of comity and consent.”

Furthermore, the 60-vote requirement is the primary rule that prevents Democrats from passing the most radical legislation. Abortion and LGBT advocates (and other progressive forces) across the nation know this and they will continue to pressure the Senate intensely to make it easier to advance their agendas.

The filibuster has been around for generations, and was designed to protect the minority party and its viewpoint. But with a simple majority vote (achieved by all 50 Democrats voting in favor and Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie), Senate Democrats can “go nuclear” and remove this important safeguard, virtually eliminating minority rights in one fell swoop.

If you do not want to see minority voices silenced in the U.S. Senate, please urge your Senator to OPPOSE ending the filibuster rule by clicking on our Action Center here!

For Freedom,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs


“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” -Hebrews 12:1

Dear Friends:

I am so thankful for the tremendous words of encouragement and support as we begin a New Year. I stand in awe of what God is doing through you and the difference you are making through us at Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming.

This week, I want to take a brief moment and let you know where we are headed and what you can expect from us as we begin 2022.

So with that, here are our top 3 goals for 2022:

#1—We will continue to be a Christian voice for you in Cheyenne during the 2022 Legislative Session!

In addition to providing policy support to our legislators, Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming will work diligently to advance a legislative agenda that defends human life, strengthens families and protects our First Amendment rights.

We will be tracking legislation and will keep you informed about specific bills we need to support or oppose. Further, we will be providing opportunities for you to engage directly with your elected officials, so please keep an eye out for our “Action Alerts.”

#2—We will work hard to elect pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious freedom candidates during the 2022 Election!

Immediately following the 2020 election, the radical agenda of the far left was revealed in a new way. Wyoming schools, along with schools across the nation, were introduced to a new leftist doctrine called “systemic racism.” New “Social-Emotional Learning” (SEL) programs were introduced in our schools, turning them from a safe place to learn the basics of a good education to a place of politicized “self-actualization.”

The radical left used fear of the COVID-19 pandemic in new ways to invade the basic freedoms of our entire country. One thing is clear—if we want change, we must work for it. And this year, we have that opportunity. Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming will be tracking races, researching candidates, and scoring incumbent votes. In select races, we will also actively engage through official endorsements and/or voter guides, so voters can make informed decisions before heading to the polls.

#3—We will continue to grow our network of pastors and churches throughout the state.

Politics runs downstream from the culture, and the Church is responsible for helping to shape our culture. Therefore, we want to continue to serve pastors and churches by being a dependable, honest resource to help keep them informed on current events and public policy issues impacting religious freedom, families, and life.

God bless you! Let’s get to work!

Nathan Winters
Executive Director

Dear Friends,

As we begin a new year, I want to take the opportunity to examine each unique and valuable piece of our vision here at Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico. Everything we do is with the purpose of seeing a New Mexico where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished. But, what does that really look like? It’s easy to spout beautiful words that stir the heart, but let us not get lost in the rhetoric of it all. Let us understand the value and depth of each aspect of our vision beginning with a New Mexico where God is honored.

It’s in our history

On January 15, 1912, our state’s first governor, William McDonald, concluded his inaugural address with these words:

“And now, trusting the Power that controls the destinies of men and nations, and the encouragement and inspiration that comes through the confidence of a generous people, I shall take up the work that with the blessing of the Almighty, I trust may redound to the benefit of our new state and to the good of the whole people.”

If we look at our nation’s founding documents and state constitutions, there are many common declarations and acknowledgments, including a solemn recognition of God’s existence and authority in our lives. Governor McDonald made a similar acknowledgment when he noted God’s sovereign control over the fate of people and nations, and affirmed a personal dependency on God for divine blessings and success.

But it’s been lost

Sadly, a dependency on God for divine blessings and success has been abandoned, and modern-day officials are motivated by self-importance, desire for power, and corrupted ideology. But, what if that could change? Imagine for a moment if our modern-day officials were motivated by the same truths of God’s authority, sovereignty and blessing, and, thus, inspired to pursue only those policies that would honor God. How might this change the direction of New Mexico?

As a state that sadly fails to protect life, struggles in education, continues to rise in crime, and seems to be foolish in its attempts at being wise, I think we can all agree that something is really wrong in New Mexico. And, maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the fact that we’ve left behind a dependency on God and have allowed our traditions, cultures, and values to be seized by those who disavow God’s existence and/or authority, and who seek to expel any remnant of God-honoring principles from our government, our schools, and even our homes.

At Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, we are actively working to honor God by exercising our responsibility as the people of God to “stand firm and take action” (Daniel 11:32); to engage our culture and government; and to stand up for the Biblical values we share. We call this “unleashing citizenship” – and we encourage you to become a part of this movement of change!

Are you in? If so, please forward this message to 5 friends and encourage them to sign up for our email list by clicking here.

Can you picture it?  A New Mexico where God is honored? I can! And it’s beautiful.

For His honor,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director

Dear Friends,

The year 2021 has seemed to be a year of unmet expectations. After the disappointment that came with 2020, many of us looked to 2021 for “better.” Whether we were looking for better health, better finances, better politics, we expected 2021 to be better than 2020. We may have had glimpses of better this year, but the harder we tried to hold onto it, the harder it was to see – like the fog of a dream upon waking. In 2021, New Mexico didn’t see “better.” In fact, we reached some all-time lows.

But amid discouraging blows, light shined through the darkness.

This year could have been better. Many things could have gone differently but playing the “what if” game won’t help us achieve better in 2022. Looking back, we see where we’ve been and where we are headed if nothing changes. And so, we look to 2022 for change in…

These changes are possible and we will fight to see them flourish, but your support is critical. Please help us see change for a better New Mexico in 2022 by supporting us now. Every dollar you give this week will be doubled by the $150,000 Challenge Grant to have 2x the impact.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for believing in the vision of a better New Mexico.

Ready for Change,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director








I hope you were able to rest this holiday season because, as we advance biblical citizenship in 2022, there is much for the Wyoming faith community to accomplish in the year ahead.

Those of you I’ve spoken with personally know how grateful I am for the growth, impact, and victories this organization achieved in 2021. Because of supporters like you, we’ve transformed the Wyoming political landscape for the better!

Yet, you also know what a critical year lies ahead, and I hope you know the degree to which we are resolved to achieve new heights, incredible victories, and powerful change for our values. Our New Year’s resolutions don’t involve tipping the scales a bit or making minor adjustments – they are to deliver generation-defining victories for our state like:

Just a few short years ago, none of this would have been possible. But you have helped launch and build this organization into the leading advocate for our values right here in our state. You’ve helped save lives, elect godly leaders, and transform our culture.

Now, we must be resolved to do even more in 2022.

PLEASE PRAY. This year could not be more critical. Those opposed to our values are likewise resolved – except their objective is to undermine science, de-value human life, supplant the role of the family, undo the progress we’ve made. They violate both the Constitution and basic common sense. Will we exceed their resolute efforts to do harm with our fortitude to see good realized in our state?

In a month, the Wyoming legislative session will begin – where we will have the opportunity to pass God-honoring legislation. Months after that, we will be in primary season, where we will work to ensure we have the most pro-family nominees possible. Then, in November, a general election that could define our state for decades to come will take place. And, amid all of this, we will be at work to reach the people of Wyoming with the message of how the love of Christ can be displayed in the public square and shown in our public policy.

2022 will be a year for men and women of faith to stand for truth and live as a shining light in the darkness.

Thank you for all you do to fight for righteous values in Wyoming. May you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

Nathan Winters
Executive Director

2021 was a wild year! Twitter canceled people for speaking the truth. Congressional radicals tried to pass the Equality Act, force women into the draft, and more. The Biden-Harris Administration brought its own radical policies on life, sex and gender, and religious freedom. And that’s just scratching the surface of the challenges families faced this year.

But this year, we also saw amazing wins – because of you! You helped save kids from transgender experiments. More states saved girls’ sports. Many states took steps to protect life. And Roe v. Wade faced a challenge at the Supreme Court.

As we reflect on the year behind us, we’re also looking ahead. 2022 is a critical year with many opportunities to win for families.

Here’s our one-minute recap:

This New Year’s, we’re grateful for you. And we’re eagerly anticipating a 2022 filled with even more wins for the family.

From all of us at Family Policy Alliance, happy New Year!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

‘What Would You Do’ is a long-running television program that is in its 17th season. The premise of the show is to create a scenario that puts people in an uncomfortable position and films their response with a hidden camera. Unlike similar programs, the staged scenarios are meant to be intense not comical. For instance, one scenario focused on a man in a park yelling at his wife. The responses of the passerby were across the spectrum. Some completely ignored the man, some slowed down and watched, while some intervened.

Someone recently compared the TV series to the story of the Good Samaritan. In that story, Jesus was clearly attempting to awaken the conscience of his listeners by describing an emotional situation. Jesus told his story in response to the question, ‘who is my neighbor?’  Just as in the TV series, there were those who passed by and did nothing; but finally, someone walked by who had enough love and compassion to stop and help.

Our culture abounds with injustice and the question is, ‘what will you do?’ Here’s what the Family Policy Alliance (FPA) in Rhode Island is planning to do in the New Year 2022.

As this year ends and a new year begins, ‘WHAT WILL YOU DO?’ As we wrap up this year, we are praying you’ll give one last generous gift now! There’s just so much at stake when it comes to families, human life, and religious freedom! Please prayerfully consider your most generous gift to support Family Policy Foundation so we can have an impact on our future for your family and your values in 2022.

Give by midnight on Friday, December 31 and your gift will be DOUBLED by the $150,000 challenge grant.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Advisors – Rhode Island