A week from today is “Crossover Day.” It’s the political equivalent of the Georgia-Florida football game – while it won’t determine with finality whether the season will be a success or not, it’s going to have a BIG effect on the outcome.

For those who don’t follow the Georgia Capitol closely, “Crossover Day” is the day whereby a bill needs to have crossed over its chamber of origin in order to remain “alive” to become law this year. To make your voice heard on the big issues facing our state, use the Action Alert options you’re passionate about below:

CLICK HERE to take a stand for HB 60 – a school choice measure that passed the House Education Committee last week. This bill would immediately give opportunity to 4300 students (with the ability to grow the program) to attend the school of their choice.

CLICK HERE to take a stand for election integrity. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has endorsed multiple election bills. Given the evolving and ongoing debate around these bills, TAKE ACTION to support principles like photo ID for absentee voting, ending abuses like mobile voting, and other measures to support integrity and accountability. (Please note: there are more than 80 elections bills. We’re tracking all of them. The next week will feature many amendments and shifts, and we’ll be there every step of the way. All this, though, is why this action alert is focused on the principle of election integrity rather than a specific bill.)

CLICK HERE to Save Girls Sports. We are actively supporting HB 276 by Rep. Philip Singleton and SB 266 by Sen. Marty Harbin, and we need you to make your voice heard to ensure these bills make it to the floor and pass.

CLICK HERE to oppose gambling. Another year, another series of gambling expansion bills. We’re opposing HB 86, HR 30, SB 30, SR 53, SR 131, SR 135, SB 142, and SB 212, and we want you to encourage your legislators to do the same.

CLICK HERE to support our Anti-Obscenity legislation. We are engaged to end an exemption that allows school libraries to distribute obscene materials to minor children. Join us to protect kids and support HB 516 by Rep. Karen Mathiak and SB 226 by Sen. Jason Anavitarte.

CLICK HERE to support Religious Freedom. We’re supporting HB 536 by Rep. Dominic LaRiccia – and supported by Governor Kemp – aimed at limiting the ability of the governor to curtail religious freedom during an emergency. We’re also supporting SB 200 by Sen. Jason Anavitarte and HB 468 by Rep. Kasey Carpenter in the same vein.

CLICK HERE to support Right to Visit. We stand with Rep. Ed Setzler and his HB 290 aimed at ensuring the Right to Visit by providing a minimum standard that a short and long-term care facility would be required to allow visitation.

Some of our supported legislation has already made it past one chamber.

SB 116 by Sen. Randy Robertson is a Maternal Home Bill that eases the ability for non-profits to set up housing for expectant mothers. It passed with a strong majority in the Senate – though some pro-abortion senators were so adamant against life that they voted against this common sense, pro-woman bill. Rep. Ed Setzler has a similar bill in the House (HB 257).

SB 51 by Sen. Bruce Thompson is called the “Mosely Bill” (formerly Tebow Bill) that allows homeschoolers to participate in extracurricular activities at their local public school. This bill passed the Senate 39-15. Rep. John Carson has another variation that is moving in the House (HB 545)

HB 212 by Rep. Kasey Carpenter is “Simon’s Law” and prevents a doctor from placing a DNR on a minor child without parental consent. This bill passed the House unanimously. Sen. Chuck Payne is set to carry this bill in the House.

HB 128 by Rep. Rick Williams is “Gracie’s Law” and ensures that those with mental or physical disabilities won’t be discriminated against on the transplant list.

There are other bills we’re supporting.

This email could be much longer. In addition to the 80+ elections bills, we have a watch list of more than 50 bills that we’re engaging in. We’re supporting legislation to protect Vulnerable Children from genital mutilation and chemical hormone blockers, protect minors from sex predators, protect women from “revenge porn,” provide school choice options for those with special needs, prevent the defunding of the police, and more.

Please take advantage of this Action Alert Central, forward it to your friends, and make your voice heard for as many of these alerts as you care about.

And, please be praying.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Exectuvive Director

Just a little while ago, the U.S. House voted 224-206 to pass H.R. 5, the deceptively named bill that is actually the biggest current threat to freedom and the sanctity of life.

What now?

In some ways, this is where the battle really begins.

It was always a longshot to stop the so-called “Equality Act” in Nancy Pelosi’s House, yet it was critical that you and I engage there. And together, we sent a reverberating “shot across the bow” of politicians in both parties who would cater to this dangerous agenda.

All of this gives great momentum as this battle now shifts to the U.S. Senate. After all, this is where the fate of the Equality Act will be decided, as President Biden has already declared that passing it is his #1 priority.

Will you help us ramp up even more to defeat this scheme in the Senate? Your gift of support is needed – not just for general pressure on the Senate – but specifically to reach and mobilize citizens in the states of certain senators who could decide the outcome. It worked in the House. Now it’s urgently needed in the Senate!

So much is on the line, it’s hard to overstate:

Thank you for helping us build momentum against the Equality Act to this point! We couldn’t have done it without you. And now – as we head into the thick of the battle – we need you more than ever.

As God has enabled you, will you join in the action with your gift today?

Craig DeRoche
President and CEO


P.S. Today’s outcome in the House was virtually certain, but the battle to stop the dangerous Equality Act could go either way in the Senate. Your gift will help build the public momentum against it and mobilize citizens in the states with swing-vote senators. Thank you for your gift to make it possible!

This is the Speaker’s Chair in Independence Hall. George Washington sat there in 1787 as the Constitution was being debated, drafted, and adopted. Ben Franklin, in his 80’s, had to be daily carried in. When Washington declared the document adopted, Franklin stood and said,

“Throughout these months, Mr. Chairman, I have listened to the arguments pro and con while my eyes constantly looked up at the top slat of your chairback where there is carved a sunburst. I have wondered during these days whether that sunburst represented a setting or a rising sun. With the adoption of this Constitution, I am now persuaded it is a rising sun.”

Would Ben Franklin have a different perspective about that sunburst carving were he living today? I think he would be amazed at the dramatic shift in moral values, from redefining marriage to declaring abortion and euthanasia a right. Christian values were the standard in his day, but every Christian value is being challenged in our day, even the distinction between male and female at the Pre-K and K level. If the federal Equality Act passes the sun may indeed set more rapidly for us as a nation. The U.S. House of Representatives has already voted on this bill. Sadly, it passed and will now be heading to the Senate. We will keep you posted on our next steps to try and defeat this bill.

How do we determine right from wrong? Is it by a vote of the legislature? Or by an act of the president through executive order? Or by a decision of a judge or the judiciary? Someone has said, “Human society ultimately breaks down when laws derive from the politics of the moment rather than the standards of Almighty God. Any branch of government losing this perspective descends into the quicksand of moral relativity and ethical chaos. Culture ultimately breaks down when politics determine moral values and that is precisely where we find ourselves as a nation, in a quagmire of moral relativity. It’s a slippery slope!”

But there is always hope even if it is the “mustard seed” size. The Bristol County Concerned Citizens (BCCC) are one such ray of hope. They took a stand against the formation of a “Diversity, Equality and Inclusion” committee for the town of Bristol. They said, Bristol is already a very welcoming and diverse community. Many of Bristol’s citizens rightly perceived the true purpose of this committee which was to implement a socialist agenda especially for the public schools and took a stand. Check out their website and get on their mailing list. Also, check with your legislators as other Rhode Island towns are also beginning to wake up to these “Trojan horse” committees.

God raised up America to be that city on a hill but just as he raises up nations, he can bring them down. “Don’t be fooled, God is not mocked; for whatever a man shall sow, that also shall he reap.” (Galatians 6:7)

Please support the efforts of the Family Policy Alliance of RI a monthly gift to keep the sun from setting on Rhode Island.

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Advisors – Rhode Island


Here it is! While the Legislative session has already convened in the virtual world, Next week starts the beginning of the in-person session for 2021. We have been waiting for this moment.

With the opening of legislative deliberation and lawmaking upon us, I thought I would share with you Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming’s priorities for the next month. We will advocate for bills that will:

  1. Champion the sanctity of human life through pro-life legislation;
  2. Defend the rights of parents to make medical decisions for their children, especially in instances where a medical doctor attempts to discontinue life-sustaining treatment for a child without the consent of the parents;
  3. Protect the privacy and rights of girls in the face of the transgender movement, especially in school sports;
  4. Uphold the integrity of government identification documents by requiring that only a person’s biological sex, and not their subjective gender identity, be printed on driver’s licenses and birth certificates;
  5. Preserve religious freedom by opposing “Add the Words” and other SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) compromises.

Of course, Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming will help you stay updated as specific bills are introduced during the next couple months. And we will ask for your help, too! Biblical citizenship involves you and your friends contacting your representatives and making your voice heard on the legislation being considered.

These are exciting times. Please be praying.

Standing for Truth at the State Capitol,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director

P.S. With legislative session now underway, please commit yourselves to pray for your state legislators (every state legislative district has two representatives and one senator; you can enter your zip code and/or address to find yours in our Action Center).

Scripture instructs faithful believers that it is their biblical duty to “pray for those in authority” (1 Timothy 2:1-2), knowing that God can guide the hearts of civil rulers (Proverbs 21:1). Ask that He give them an understanding of biblical justice, wisdom to make the appropriate decisions, and courage to stay committed to first principles (Exodus 18:21). And don’t forget to pray for their personal and spiritual wellbeing and for their families, too!

Use our Action Center to send a message to your legislators that you are praying for them. It is an easy way to bless them, and it only takes a minute!

I recently received an email from a very trusted source that frankly scared me. It was about a bill in Congress called the Equality Act – a horrible piece of legislation that would actually increase inequality by penalizing everyday Americans for their beliefs about marriage and biological sex. However, it was not the bill itself that scared me the most. What scared me were these points:

Does that scare you? It should.

It has certainly been disappointing, to say the least, that the current administration seems antithetically opposed to every value you and I hold dear. However, we all know there will always be those on the other side of every issue. What scares me is the fact that nobody will hear our voices.

We live in a free country where free speech is Constitutionally guaranteed and has been encourage over our country’s history. But things have changed. Now, those who disagree with the new social agenda, who believe in traditional life and family values, and who simply want a fair debate on issues, are being silenced. Silenced in the halls of Congress, in the public square, and in the media. I’m angry.

We are losing the heart of our country by bits and pieces. In four years it may not look anything like what it does today. Family Policy Alliance will always fight on Capitol Hill for biblical values on your behalf, but I’ll be honest, the outlook is not good. However, what we can control is that our voices will be heard in North Dakota.

North Dakotans will be heard in the halls of Bismarck. Why do you think we have bills in our legislature guaranteeing free speech on public college and university campuses, protecting our state’s Second Amendment rights, ensuring we don’t have to follow federal rules/regulations/Executive Orders contrary to the beliefs of our citizens, making sure that the Pledge of Allegiance is always allowed in our schools, and more? To appropriate Dylan Thomas, we will not “go gentle into that good night”.

So I say to you, make your voice heard! Email and call your legislators, talk to your friends and neighbors about bills, testify on key pieces of legislation, and count on us to also always be your voice when it comes to pro-life and pro-family values.

This I can tell you. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota will not be silenced. We will not quietly acquiesce. We will not shirk from issues, mollify rather than stand for beliefs, or choose comfort over truth. Our voice – your voice – will be heard!

Thank you for all you’ve done so far this legislative session to help us move forward and make your voice heard. We deeply appreciate your prayers, responses to our Action Alerts, and financial support in being your voice. Please help us ensure that North Dakota does not become a place where, “nobody hears your voice”. I don’t ever want to tell my grandchildren that our state lost its moral bearings because I failed to speak up.

Blessings and hopes for a brighter tomorrow,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

P.S. If you want to learn more about the Equality Act, you can watch this week’s #EqualityActExposed virtual rally here.

New Mexico values are under attack.

We are writing to give you an urgent update on the 2021 legislative session. You’ll find action alerts on three critical issues – to the Governor on abortion, to the House on recreational pot, and to a Senate committee on assisted suicide. Please consider taking quick action on all three through our Action Center.

Last week, SB10, the radical abortion bill, was passed in the House, 40-30. Even though we were grateful for the six Democrats who joined all but one Republican in voting against it, that wasn’t enough to stop it.

We need your help to send a message to Governor Lujan-Grisham to tell her to veto SB10.

This bill is especially appalling because of the following:

Although Governor Lujan-Grisham has historically been pro-abortion, we have the duty to remind those who are against us that we are still here and that we will continue to stand for what is right.

How do I fight back?

30 SECONDS: Tell the Governor to Veto SB 10

Other Important Bills We Are Working On:

  1. HB47, the Physician-Assisted Suicide BillStatus:Passed in the House, 39-27, on 2/19; now in a Senate committeeThere is a still a chance to defeat this bill in the Senate, but we need to send a message to the Senate Judiciary Committee to VOTE NO on HB 47. You can send a message to all nine senators in just seconds on our Action Center.CLICK HERE: Ask committee members to oppose assisted suicide!


  2. HB 12, the Recreational Marijuana Bill. This legislation is extremely dangerous Given what we have learned from other states that have legalized, it is clear that recreational pot will only aggravate the challenges we face as a state. In Colorado, for instance, marijuana-impaired driving fatalities have more than doubled and marijuana use among youth has skyrocketed.Status:The Recreational Marijuana bill has PASSED in committee and is headed to the House floorTell your representative to vote NO on recreational pot! 
  3. HB 56, the Human Trafficking Bill: This bill will provide harsher sentences for traffickers and will provide more protections for victims.Family Policy Alliance SUPPORTS this bill.Status: Passed in the House Judiciary Committee on 2/16. Watch for updates and action alerts on this bill.
  4. HB 140, Removing Mandatory Sentencing for Sex Crimes: This bill would only continue to worsen the crime epidemic in New Mexico. At a time when New Mexicans are already exhausted by our crime rates and APD is struggling to retain officers, this legislation threatens to make New Mexico a bigger haven for criminals.Status:Still in committee – to be heard on a future date.

Thank you for continuing to stand with us, friends. Thank you for standing for the sake of the vulnerable and the innocent – for taking action on behalf of the lives who will be affected by the decisions made by our government.

In His Grip,

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team

So far, President Biden has been everything we thought he’d be. He’s cranked out unconstitutional executive orders, weakened our position internationally, doubled down on big government, and consistently revealed that he is beholden to the fringe.

This is what we expected from Joe Biden. What we don’t yet know, however, is how much he will be able to achieve. Is Biden a weak and liberal White House occupant who – while doing much harm to our country – will mostly be confined to toothless executive orders? Or, with a House and Senate under his Party’s control, can he achieve lasting damage? Here are some national notes:

Senator Joe Manchin flexed his muscle a bit last week by opposing the confirmation of Neera Tanden for director of the Office of Management and Budget. Manchin (D-WV) is one of the most consequential people in Washington – given his occasional conservative leanings and red state representation. In a 50-50 Senate, any Manchin defection means a Republican would need to join Democrats in order to pass any bill or confirm any nominee. This definitely drops the chances of a Tanden confirmation – one of Biden’s more bizarre cabinet picks – but, more importantly, it gives some hope that Manchin, who also opposes Biden’s massive minimum wage hike, will defect on more consequential matters.

Another ideologically driven Biden pick, Xavier Becerra for Health and Human Secretary, is shaping up to be one of the biggest cabinet battles. Becerra, a former Congressman and California Attorney General, does not have a background in medicine or health. Instead, he has a long history of advancing radical pro-abortion policies – including opposing the end of horrifying partial birth abortion practices – and attacking pro-life and religious institutions. He’s had a long legal battle with Little Sisters of the Poor, trying to force them to include abortion-inducing drugs in their health plans. In an op-ed, Senator Josh Hawley wrote: “No one who has shown such disregard for religious liberty and conscience should wield such influence over Americans’ daily lives.” We agree, and that’s why we are part of a coalition aimed at opposing his confirmation.

The Equality Act is back, and it’s as bad as you hear it is. It was reintroduced in the House last week, and we expect it to be fast-tracked to a vote in short order. The effects of passage could be severe including threatening:

Hiring practices of churches and religious schools and institutions

We are proud to be part of the coalition to oppose this evil legislation and have signed on to the Promise to America’s Children.

We cannot forget about H.R. 1 – the Left’s attempt to take control of the elections process. This maniacal bill represents a national takeover of elections and campaign finance in a way engineered to benefit their electoral chances. Currently, the House plans to take up this legislation after COVID relief in March. Here is a great report from the Heritage Foundation on the challenges with this bill.

Amazon takes a “stand” AGAINST science. The site recently removed Ryan Anderson’s book “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment” without warning or reason. This is sad and disappointing. While some rushed to urge government intervention to force Amazon to once again list Andersons book, I’d urge caution against such a wayward philosophy. A government that can force Amazon to sell this good book can also force a church with a Christian bookstore to sell a book that advocates for wickedness. Instead, we’d urge people, not government, to act. If you’re interested in this book, it can still be purchased here.

While the coming weeks will determine how deep Biden’s effectiveness will go, there is always hope. There is hope that his priorities will be defeated. There is hope because a judiciary – remade by President Trump and the Republican Senate Majority over 4 years – is far more likely to step in and reverse liberal overstepping than ever before. There is hope because states, still controlled by center-right governors and legislatures, can stand in the gap. And, there is hope because we serve a God who both has acted and intervened on behalf of our nation in the past and who has already claimed victory for His Kingdom in the future.

As we fight at the Georgia Capitol, we will continue to engage with our allies nationally and keep you informed as well.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

This week, the U.S. House will vote on a bill known as the “Equality Act.” This bill would create new protected classes based on a person’s self-identified sexual orientation and gender identity. If it became law, the Equality Act would pose serious threats, especially to women and children across the nation:

The Equality Act would bring these harms nationwide, with the force (and taxpayer money) of the federal government behind them.

That’s a huge threat.

We must make it absolutely clear to members of Congress that not only is this not “equality,” but it’s downright dangerous and we will not stand for it. Our nation was founded upon equality, the truth that all of us are created equally. The Equality Act is a cheap counterfeit of those words, and Congress must not get away with it! Please contact your member of Congress today about this bill. Our Action Center makes it easy with a 1-minute, 1-click step!


But the Equality Act is the most dangerous piece of legislation we’ve seen come out of Congress, so we feel compelled to ask you to take one more step.


Virtual Rally
Wednesday, February 24

10 AM ET/9 AM CT/8 AM MT/7 AM PT
Streaming LIVE on Facebook and YouTube

Perhaps in another time, Americans would have gathered outside the U.S. Capitol to peacefully express their opposition to this dangerous legislation.

But right now, the U.S. Capitol is surrounded by guards and wire fencing. At a time when Congress most needs to hear our voice, we can’t go there to share it.

So instead, we’re gathering online. We know it’s an early morning, but we want to be sure to gather before the House votes so we can maximize our impact.

The rally will stream live across Facebook and YouTube, and in order to send a strong message to Congress it’s critical that many people join.

Family Policy Alliance will be hosting this event, and we’re excited to be joined by our friends from many other outstanding organizations that you may know! During the one-hour rally, you’ll hear from prominent leaders across the political spectrum – and in true rally fashion, audience participation will be encouraged, virtual-style!

We’ll even be looking to see which state brings the most people to the virtual rally!

Here are some of organizations confirmed to attend:

  1. The Heritage Foundation
  2. Family Research Council
  3. Concerned Women for America
  4. Save Women’s Sports
  5. Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF)
  6. American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYNs

RSVP to the #EqualityActExposed virtual rally now!

Please pass the word on to anyone who may be interested. Together, let’s make it clear to Congress that women and children are worth protecting.

Standing Strong,

Autumn Leva
Vice President for Strategy



P.S. We’re hearing that Democratic leadership will not allow any amendments on the Equality Act before they vote on this unprecedented, dangerous piece of legislation. That means there will be no opportunity for members of Congress to vote on individual threats and concerns within the bill, nor a chance to improve the bill in any way.  And, we know mainstream media will make the bill sound completely harmless. That’s why we’re holding the rally—we need your help to EXPOSE what’s really going on! Don’t forget to RSVP!



Well, it’s Legislative Day 31 today and we are almost halfway through the 67th legislative session. When all the dust settled, we ended up with 503 bills and 35 resolutions introduced in the House, and 344 bills and 13 resolutions introduced in the Senate, for a total of almost 900 pieces of legislation to be worked on. Those numbers are down slightly from recent legislative sessions, but like most things in life, it’s about content as much as quantity. And speaking of content, there has been no shortage of important bills introduced this session.


So where do we stand on wins and losses for pro-life and pro-family values? Here’s a summary of a few key bills. Green text indicates a win for pro-life/pro-family values; red a loss. You might note the large margins for most of the bills we won, which is a good sign as they pass to the other chamber.

HB1298 Fairness in Girl’s Sports – Passed House (65-26)
HB1415 Physician Assisted Suicide – Defeated in House (85-9)
HB1137 Income Tax Credits for Education – Passed House (79-14)
SB2176 COVID Payments to Parents for Home Instruction Costs – Defeated in Senate (5-42)
SB2181 Freedom of Religious Assembly during Disaster/Emergency– Passed Senate (46-0)
SB2308 Ten Commandments/Pledge of Allegiance in Schools – Passed Senate (34-13)
HB1443 Bias Crimes (Thought Crimes) – Defeated in House (75-17)

Keep in mind, that each of these is only halfway through the legislature. Each must pass both chambers to go on to Governor Burgum for his signature, so there is still much work to be done on these bills and resolutions.


Here are a few of the bills still being considered in their originating chambers. We are engaged on all of these, and many more.

Bill Number


FPA-ND Position


Link to Bill

SB2288 Scholarships for education (public and private) for tax credit For https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/67-2021/documents/21-0995-01000.pdf
HB1503 Free speech on college campuses For https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/67-2021/documents/21-0929-02000.pdf
SCR4011 Teaching students about principles of the founding of America For https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/67-2021/documents/21-3067-03000.pdf
HB1369 Education Empowerment Program (similar to Education Savings Accounts) For https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/67-2021/documents/21-0211-04000.pdf
HB1234 Sports betting Opposed https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/67-2021/documents/21-0499-01000.pdf


Thank you for all your support and help with these bills. There is a lot you can do right from your home, such as emailing and calling legislators, submitting written testimony, and this session even testifying via Zoom (it’s not that scary; call and we’ll walk you through it).

In addition to all your help, we are working with legislators everyday to get desired outcomes on many bills. However, we cannot do this without many hours of research, writing, testifying, talking to legislators, reporting out, etc. – and this all takes resources. If you want to help us, please consider donating to financially support our policy work fighting for pro-life and pro-family values.

Thank you so much for your commitment. With God’s blessing, we can continue to win, working together to uphold biblical values in North Dakota.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

It has been an odd week with the bitter cold and with the passing of two men (one local and one national) who have been vital to the conservative movement, State Senator Bud Estes (R-Dodge City), and conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh. We are in prayer for both the Estes and Limbaugh families.

Even with the bitter cold outside, there has still been a decent amount of activity inside the Capitol that affects family values. Here are some of the bills that are winding their way through the legislature that may be of interest to you and your family:

Educational Freedom:

Election Integrity:

Vocational Freedom:

Medical Marijuana

Be on the lookout for more information about how we are working to protect mothers and babies through Value Them Both. And there is still time to contact your Senators about the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.

There is a lot of activity in Kansas and we are so thankful to partner with you in protecting faith, family, and freedom!

For Kansas,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy