The Empty Promise of Going ‘Trans.’

September 23

The transgender ideology running rampant in our culture is promising a lot of freedom to our children but is only delivering regrets. Increasingly, teens around the country have declared that they identify as transgender. And, unfortunately, I have spoken with high schoolers who say that identifying as “trans” draws attention and affirmation from their peers, guidance counselors, and teachers. But this movement – painted as a happy and exciting thing in culture – has a dark side. Once an adolescent starts down the path of puberty blockers – typically followed by cross-sex hormones – many effects are irreversible or long-lasting. That once healthy body may never function as it did originally. As people who have “transitioned” become aware of this, they are often filled with deep regret. There are many of these stories – check out to hear about some of them.

Tragically, those who choose to “transition” may even have much higher suicide rates than the general population in the long run.

Planned Parenthood even gets involved in these fights!

Family Policy Alliance is fighting to protect kids from these dangerous interventions through education, outreach, and working with legislators right here in Rhode Island. This year, we are working to keep minors from sex-change surgeries and hormone treatments. There has been an outright attack on our youth and we are engaged in working for your family, but we need your help to win.

Family Policy Alliance of Rhode Island is ending our fiscal year on September 30th. Would you consider a generous one-time donation or monthly support? Your partnership helps us to fight on behalf of your family here in Rhode Island!

What exactly are we up against? You can learn more by watching this webinar with Family Policy Alliance’s Meridian Baldacci. She spoke with Andrè Van Mol, MD in a conversation titled, “The Truth About Transition. Dr. Van Mol is the co-chair of the American College of Pediatrician’s Committee on Adolescent Sexuality. What he has to say should prove to you ”transitioning” is a dangerous fad to avoid – and protect children from!

I also strongly encourage you to register for the Ministry Training Network’s upcoming conference that we are a part of on October 29-30: “The Bible, Gender, and Sexuality.”  This is a first in Rhode Island and you don’t want to miss it! Dr. J Alan Branch, Professor of Christian Ethics at Midwestern Seminary, and Dr. Michelle Cretella, Executive Director of The American College of Pediatricians, are our plenary speakers. You will also find the workshops extremely spiritual and practical. I will be teaching one entitled, “This is Not the Sex-ed Your Mother and Father Got When They Were in School!”  Register early for a great discount.

For Faith & Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island


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