Time to Buckle Up and Stand Firm

May 10, 2022

Pro-abortion radicals who firebombed Family Policy Alliance’s allied group in Wisconsin also left this message of intimidation on their building.


On Sunday morning, some on the Left ramped up their fight for abortion. Suddenly, it became a literal fight, complete with Molotov cocktails.

The target, Wisconsin Family Action, is one of the nearly 40 state allied organizations that Family Policy Alliance serves.

They were targeted because they’re effective. Like so many of our state allied groups, they combine effective advocacy in the legislature with strategic engagement in political campaigns. That triggered the attack by radicals who see that we’re on the verge of a major advance in protecting life.

But I can tell you that this attack has not dampened the resolve of Wisconsin Family Action, the other state groups, or Family Policy Alliance. We are resolute in our work to protect the unborn in America, and we will not be deterred by violence or threats from our opponents.

We all need to buckle up – it’s only going to get more intense. This week’s protests around the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices makes that clear.

I trust that your resolve remains strong, too. If so, it would be a great blessing to hear from you today.

There is so much to do. Your support will:

  • Expand our service to these 40 front-line groups
  • Launch new groups in more states (several are underway)
  • Grow our work in Congress, including our leadership role in multiple coalitions
  • Elect committed candidates in key races
  • And so much more. If you saw this update last week, you know that the work before us is immense, and the opportunities are remarkable!

We need more fuel for the fight at this critical hour. So please, buckle up, stand firm, and give as generously as you can today!


John Paulton
Vice President, State Alliances

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