Kansas: Pro-life Bellwether for the Nation

July 27

Dear Friends,

As you know, Kansans face a major crossroads in the battle to protect life in just a few days.

Voting has been ongoing for a little over two weeks and many have yet to exercise their right to vote for the Value Them Both Constitutional Amendment.

The amendment simply returns the ability to safely and effectively regulate abortion to the Kansas people through their elected leaders. The Kansas Supreme Court had stripped that ability from Kansans, and the amendment restores it.

If you are a registered voter, please remember to take the time to vote Yes on the Value Them Both Amendment by Tuesday August 2nd.

More information about voting in this election can be found HERE.

I would also commend to you Kansas Family Voice (our allied organization in Kansas) for more information as they have been leading in the state on this effort for months now.

Kansas is ground zero in the fight for life.

Because of the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade from the US Supreme Court in June, Kansans face a decision with great implications for life not just in Kansas, but for the entire nation. You see, national leaders and advocates on both sides of the life issue are watching to see what happens here next Tuesday when the election comes to a close and the votes are counted.

Will Kansas vote YES and choose life?

The stakes are high and what happens in Kansas will signal to the pro-life movement nationally whether we can win the pro-life argument now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned.

If life wins, it will be a rallying cry to the rest of the nation to pursue pro-life laws and policies wherever possible. But if the abortion lobby takes Kansas, they will seek to advance abortion wherever possible across the nation – abortion for any reason, at any time, at taxpayer expense, without end.

Congress is watching.

With unthinkable legislation already passed through Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives, the Senate is considering a bill to codify abortion into federal law – we must vote YES here to send them a message there that such legislation is unacceptable.

Your vote is the key to protecting life.

I hope that if you have not yet done so that you are planning to vote YES on the Value Them Both Amendment for these and many other reasons – every Kansas vote is crucial in this pivotal election.

We cannot afford to fail in this effort, and I hope you join me in Voting YES for the Value Them Both Amendment.

For life,

Robert Noland
Director, Audience Engagement
Fellow Kansan


P.S. While the time to request an advance ballot has passed, you can find out about early voting opportunities, where polling places are located and how to contact your county election office for more information by visiting the Kansas Secretary of State website HERE.