Back to School – for Parents

August 11

My own memories of “back to school” are happy ones filled with excitement over new folders, pens, clothes, friends, and things to learn.

For parents, though, back to school is an increasingly anxious time, and ensuring that our kids are safe in every way is the top priority.

That’s why Family Policy Alliance teamed up with our friends at Focus on the Family to create the only Back to School Guide for Parents.

Inside The Guide:

  • Comprehensive information on important topics, such as:
    • How to protect your child from inappropriate or biased material in the classroom
    • What to do when you find offensive or explicit books in your school library, and
    • How to guard your child’s safety in school restrooms and locker rooms
  • Details about your rights and your children’s rights
  • Suggestions about how to respectfully advocate on behalf of your child
  • Guidance on how to talk with your children about sensitive and difficult subjects
  • Links to additional helpful articles and resources

Learn How to Protect Your Child:

  • In the Classroom
  • In School Health Rooms, Clinics, & Counseling Offices
  • In School Locker Rooms & Bathrooms
  • On Sports Teams
  • During Lunchtime, Free-time, or in Student-Run Clubs
  • On School Internet, Wi-Fi, and Electronic Devices
  • In School Libraries & on School Databases
  • By Exercising School Choice

Download your free copy today!

How would you respond if you discovered your school clinic was dispensing contraceptives to your child — without informing you? Or if a boy took a spot on your daughter’s high school soccer team because he felt like a girl? Or if you found out your six-year-old child’s teacher is reading books about gender-confused children to the whole classroom?

We’re concerned too. We read the news and receive numerous phone calls, emails, and letters from parents, grandparents, and family members every week. They tell us what’s happening at their children’s schools and ask for help responding.

We pray Back to School—for Parents is a blessing to you and your family as you navigate the challenges of sending your children back into the classroom this month.


Standing with you,

Autumn Leva,
Sr VP of Strategy