In recent years, the far Left has been pushing radical policies in local school districts. This agenda forces girls to share locker rooms with boys, allows boys to steal sports opportunities from girls, and forces children to learn about gender ideology at a young age.

Now, the U.S. Department of Education is working to do the same thing- nationwide.

But you can help STOP THIS.

Similar to a local virtual school board hearing, on June 7-11 the President Biden’s Department of Education will be hosting a public hearing about incorporating “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in national education policies. These policies will force girls to share locker rooms and showers with boys, impact girls’ sports opportunities, and punish those who disagree.

You can weigh in at this “national school board meeting” and tell the Department of Education you STRONGLY OPPOSE ANY CHANGES in their education policies that redefine “sex” to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Biden’s Education Department has no place attempting to implement this radical agenda into every local school district in the country.

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You can also sign up to speak for 3 minutes and tell the Department of Education to STOP their implementation of these radical and dangerous policies that violate children’s privacy, steal girls’ sports, and implement radical ideologies in schools.


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For our children,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

You are not defined by your race.

You are not inherently either an oppressor or someone who is oppressed.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made by your Creator.

That’s why we stand against Critical Race Theory, and we’re vowing to lead the charge for legislative action next session.

TAKE A STAND with us by donating $50, $100, $250, or greater to reach our goal of raising $4,456.50 by the end of the month!

On Thursday, Governor Kemp sent a letter to the state Board of Education urging “immediate steps to ensure that Critical Race Theory and its dangerous ideology do not take root in our state standards and curriculum.”

We stand with Governor Kemp to prevent this hate-filled attempt of indoctrination from being forced into the minds of children.

CRT is regressive, racist, and immoral. It has no place in our classrooms. This is the first step to make sure it never gets there.

Now, we look forward to working with the legislature to ban this curriculum entirely.

Since the end of the 2021 legislative session, we’ve been working on an aggressive agenda for the 2022 session. Ensuring that every child is never made to feel “less than” or defined by their race is among our top priorities.

Next session, we’ll be fighting to end Critical Race Theory with legislative action.

Soon, we’ll email you asking you to join our action team. In the meantime, we’re excited to share this news of Governor Kemp’s action from Thursday and a promise of ongoing efforts to protect our kids.

Because we are all made in His image,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director



PS. We fully expect intense pushback from the media and the left. Can you help us reach our end-of-month goal and stand for our values with a generous donation of $50, $100, $250, or greater – whatever the Lord is calling you to do – today?

Our nation is polarized because policy has become a zero-sum game. It is all or nothing. No compromise. No consideration. No regard for the views of others. No resolution for disagreements. Politics, by nature, is a winner-take-all sport, but the work of policy is the hard work of discussion, amendments, and solutions.

Unfortunately, in New Jersey, public education mandates signed into law by Governor Murphy or implemented by his Department of Education have shown no respect for the constitutional rights of parents to raise their children to morally reflect their values and religious beliefs.

Instead, a new sexual orthodoxy is being imposed upon children in public schools — one which is endorsed and promoted by the state, and conflicts with the fundamental religious convictions of countless families. These mandated lessons do not reflect the diverse student body within public schools consisting of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and other religious faiths with traditional moral beliefs. Therefore, the public school system is no longer inclusive to people of faith, which is all we ask for – see our previous email.

That’s why we support Senate Bill 3002 and Assembly Bill 3000. If these bills became law, parents would finally have an alternative if the local public school would not allow them to opt their child out of lessons that violated their fundamental beliefs. The alternative? A scholarship worth up to 75% of the cost of the student’s attendance at the local public school.

This week, we launched to support school choice legislation such as S3002/A3000 and highlight the controversial curriculum problems in New Jersey government schools. Yes, I intentionally use the words ‘government schools’ because the state is infringing upon local community-based school boards.

This new webpage offers numerous resources including:

    1. Complete a form to print out a pre-addressed letter and send it to your three state legislators and Governor Murphy. Please take this very seriously! We need you to print out the letters and send them ASAP. Filling out the form is helpful but printing out the letters the system generates for you, putting a stamp on them, and placing them in the mail is much more effective!
    2. Call the Education Committee members and urge them to hear these bills in future committee hearings.

Please visit to take advantage of these resources. Please also share the site with others to help educate them on what is happening in New Jersey public schools.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director

Over the past two years, the New Jersey legislature has passed controversial laws mandating that public schools teach lessons which violate or conflict with the beliefs of many families regarding sex, sexuality, and gender identity.

These laws violate the fundamental and constitutional rights of parents to direct the moral and educational upbringing of their children. Public school lessons should be neutral in their presentation of religious beliefs, worldview, and political ideology. Yet, not only do these laws force a certain viewpoint on children, but they were written with no opt-out or other protection for families who have religious and moral objections to the content.

The government should not be able to force someone to go against their religious beliefs, yet this is exactly what is happening through these mandates.

Some examples of this troubling trend in New Jersey include the following:

We must address this dangerous agenda head-on. That’s why I’m pleased to share with you an opportunity this weekend:

Presentation and Q+A Session

Calvary Chapel Old Bridge
Sunday, March 28 at 6 PM ET

Our friends at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge are hosting a special one-night event this coming Sunday, March 28 at 6pm. I will be sharing on Parental Rights in Education with an open Q & A forum to address your concerns. Registration is required. I strongly encourage you to attend and invite other parents across the state. If you cannot join us in person, the event will be live streamed at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge’s website and Facebook page.


Working for a better New Jersey!

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director


P.S. Don’t forget to register for Sunday’s event here!



I’m typing this briefly between committee hearings, but SB 47 – the Special Needs Scholarship – is set for a vote before the full House tomorrow.

We are grateful to House leadership for bringing this to a vote, and we understand that there has been intense opposition from those who stand against school choice.

But, this is about the kids! TAKE ACTION to reinforce this message with your representative!

For children with special needs, this bill could be the difference between an education that meets their needs and allows them to thrive or completely falling through the cracks and struggling to find an academic and career path moving forward.

Many schools are not equipped to handle the unique needs of these children. This bill provides them options. They and their families need this bill.

Click here to TAKE ACTION to be their voice today!

For the kids,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

The following OpEd by Brittany Jones and Elizabeth Patton
was published by the Wichita Eagle on March 11, 2021.

The past year has highlighted how important it is to bridge the opportunity gaps in our educational system. As these gaps were exacerbated by pandemic-related school closures, working parent, single parents, students, teachers, and thousands of other Kansans worked through various levels of frustration attempting to navigate unchartered waters.

The island of commonality was that we all want our children to succeed. And we know the key to their success is a quality education. We also know some students thrived in virtual and hybrid learning while others struggled.

The lesson is that, in extraordinary times or ordinary times, flexibility and options are the keys to success.

As has been made painfully clear during the COVID-19 pandemic, not all Kansas families have the same options or access, and our one-size-fits-all system is not well-equipped to provide innovative educational solutions as diverse and unique as our kids are.

The legislature is considering a measure that would, in a limited way, address these challenges. Lawmakers should move quickly to send it to the governor, and she should sign it into law.

The bill would expand our current tax credit scholarship program to more families and also establish education savings accounts for certain students, allowing them to use their share of state per pupil funding in multiple ways, including private schools, virtual schools, tutoring, textbooks, services, programs, activities, classes or any other resources or programs provided or contracted by a school district, and other education-related expenses.

Our long term goal is to extend the opportunity to participate in ESAs to all families, but starting with at risk kids is still an important step. Expanding educational opportunity represents a rising tide that lifts all ships by allowing more families to customize the educational path of their children. A personalized education should be a standard feature of our educational system, not the exception to the rule. That is why we believe that to unleash the extraordinary potential of every child, all kids should have the option to customize their education  and find the educational environment that best works for them.

That would transform the status quo in a way that provides each Kansas student with the unique opportunity they deserve.

This bill has a broader vision than open or closed, and it adds another critical piece to the puzzle of lifting all Kansas kids.  It’s a good bill and the legislature should pass it.

We urge all parties to consider the world beyond the pandemic, and the opportunities for innovation we could make available to our children if we open our eyes to the possibilities.

We believe every kid counts. Every kid should have access to an education that fits their unique learning style, that prepares them for the kind of future they want to have.

Who our kids want to become should not be limited by where they live, where their parents work, or by anyone’s idea of who they are.

There is no silver bullet here, but significant and intentional policy changes can make all the difference in the lives of so many kids. Families want flexibility, options and opportunity. Our question to the legislature: If not now, when?

Elizabeth Patton is state director of Americans for Prosperity-Kansas Brittany Jones is Director of Advocacy at Family Policy Alliance of Kansas.




I have many Jewish friends. I have proudly and publicly defended them against anti-Semitism. I love them. I am concerned for their welfare. I am aware of the historical mistreatment and marginalization they have suffered.

In our friendship, we acknowledge our disagreement regarding the identity of Jesus – my Lord and Savior. Despite our different religious beliefs that strike at the core of who I am as an evangelical Christian, we live life together.

That is tolerance of beliefs. That is diversity of people. That is not public school.

Increasingly in society, and particularly in education, students are taught that different religions and cultures have different beliefs about the identity and definition of God. Furthermore, these religious differences should be celebrated as part of a diverse and inclusive environment. We are told that many beliefs about God are acceptable and welcomed in a self-proclaimed pluralistic society. To be clear, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for our sins, rose again from the dead, and will return one day.

Yet, this same “diversity and inclusiveness” is not extended to religious and cultural beliefs about sex and sexuality. Students must quickly conform to the sexual views of government or face isolation, harassment, and intimidation. In my advocacy with legislators, I have often encouraged them to make schools inclusive for all students. If it is determined that sexual orientation and gender identity must be taught in higher grades despite parents’ objections – then let’s at least present sexuality in a truly diverse way so students can decide what they believe.

What would this look like? Something like: “Some people based on their religious, cultural, and family backgrounds believe gender is biological and binary – male and female determined at conception. The act of sex is reserved for two unrelated adults of the opposite sex in a lifetime covenant relationship (marriage). Other people believe gender is fluid and not fixed, and that it has been historically assigned at birth. This group of people usually believe that the act of sex is normal and healthy no matter the parties involved as long as there is mutual consent. Whatever your beliefs are, please respect and be kind to your classmates.”

Yet even a pragmatic and compromised approach like this is flatly rejected and dismissed. Why? The agenda is not about diversity. Do not let their words and messaging persuade you otherwise. Just a few days ago, famed Princeton professor, Robert George urged parents to flee New Jersey public schools because of the sexual indoctrination that happens there.

Our organization advocates for an unbiased, neutral public school system. That is all we ask for. I am hopeful one day New Jersey will achieve it. Until then, we will continue to stand for your children and serve your family.

Working for a better New Jersey!

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director


Last week, we got the news. The dangerous “Equality Act” – the biggest current threat to freedom and the sanctity of life – has been put on the fast track in the U.S. Senate!

That makes it all the more urgent that we move our mobilization into full throttle ASAP.

We are mobilizing in nine states with swing senators who are most likely to decide whether this scheme passes the Senate – and then goes to President Biden for his promised signature.

With Democrats now in charge of the Senate – and some Republicans having supported the same bill in the past – the situation is urgent.

Will you help us turn up the heat on the Senate with your donation?

Let me encourage you. Despite the grim situation, there is hope! Just look at what happened in the House with your help.

Yes, the so-called “Equality Act” passed the House as expected, but the real story is what happened behind the scenes. With your help, we mobilized citizens in the districts of House Republicans who had voted for it in the past. Two of the five representatives changed their position and voted against it!

On top of that, the explosion of grassroots opposition that you made possible is simply phenomenal. For example, your support helped us put together an online rally that, in just days, gathered thousands of live viewers – and brought together a Who’s Who in a diverse coalition working to stop this.

And the Promise to America’s Children – the policy and parental statement we developed in partnership with The Heritage Foundation and Alliance Defending Freedom – has reached hundreds of thousands of Americans with a message pushing back on the “Equality Act.”

Will you help us ramp up even more to defeat this scheme in the Senate? Your gift of support is needed – not just for general pressure on the Senate – but specifically to reach and mobilize tens of thousands of citizens in the states of certain senators who could decide the outcome. It worked in the House. Now it’s urgently needed in the Senate!

So much is on the line, it’s hard to overstate the threat the Equality Act poses to:

Thank you for helping us build momentum against the Equality Act to this point! We couldn’t have done it without you. And now – as we head into the thick of the battle – we need you more than ever.

As God has enabled you, will you join in the action with your gift today?

Craig DeRoche
President & CEO

P.S. The news that the Equality Act is on a “fast track” in the Senate is grim. But there is truly hope! Your gift will help build the public momentum against it and mobilize citizens in the states with swing-vote senators. Thank you for your gift to make it possible!

Children aren’t made one-size-fits-all, and schooling options shouldn’t be either. While public schools work great for some children, others need the opportunities of homeschooling, private school, or other educational alternatives.

Yet in reality, many Wyoming families simply can’t afford non-public school educational alternatives.

That is why we are thrilled to support a bill brought by Representative Sue Wilson, HB 106 (The Wyoming Education Options Act).  This bill has been carefully crafted to open educational freedom to more people while not infringing on the liberties we have now. We’re excited about this bill and hope that you’ll share your support by contacting your legislator today!

The bill allows families to be reimbursed for educational expenses (within limits) to provide their children the best education for them – whether at their local in-person public school, through online public school, homeschooling, private school, or another educational alternative. And, it does so in a way that is fiscally responsible (using existing funds!).

That’s great news for Wyoming families, including homeschoolers! Families could apply for reimbursement for curriculum, special classes, or other educational expenses.

Still, some have raised questions about how this would affect homeschool families. Allow me to clear up the answers to two common questions.

Would homeschoolers be required to participate? No. If you or someone you know is uncomfortable seeking reimbursement for your educational costs, there’s no need for you to worry about it! The program is entirely optional and is just for those who choose to participate.

If I participate as a homeschooler, will requirements change for me (including standardized testing)? The bill is careful to use language that aligns with existing homeschool law in Wyoming and does not mandate standardized testing.

Here’s what the bill does offer current or would-be homeschool families: the chance to save money while offering each child the best education for them. It’s the chance to create a wide open future for your child!

Right now, Wyoming ranks as one of the worst states in the union for education freedom.

Many families simply cannot afford educational options in our state. It is time we become a state that supports educational Freedom for every family in Wyoming.

To make this vision reality, though, our legislators need your support. Please contact your legislator today and let them know that not only is the Wyoming Education Options Act good for homeschoolers – it’s good for Wyoming!

It takes only a minute to contact them – and it could make the difference in the life of your child and other children across our great state.

Contact your Representative today!

For our children,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director




P.S. Once you’ve contacted your Representative, pass this message along to friends! Let our legislators know that Wyoming’s families want opportunity!

I am grieved to inform you that Governor Murphy signed into law Assembly bill 4454 on March 1. Starting in the upcoming school year, all public schools will be required to teach transgender identity and sexual orientation diversity lessons beginning in kindergarten. This will only complicate and confuse the understanding of human sexuality for 5-year-old children who are so young they are just learning to tie their shoes. Discussions about various sexual attractions and subjective gender identities have no place in the kindergarten classroom.

Governor Murphy received 19,000 emails opposing this bill in less than 45 days. Despite the widespread outrage and objection from parents, pastors, and legislators, he authorized this bill to become law.

It is clear Governor Murphy and the legislators that passed this bill do not have the best interest of your child in mind.

Let’s not forget: on June 3, 2020, Governor Murphy’s Department of Education adopted new learning standards for Health Class. Part of these revised standards for 8th grade include 2.1.8.SSH.9: Define vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Schools will now be required to teach 13-year-old students explicit sexual acts. These lessons were never part of even 11th-12th grade health class standards, but now are abruptly forced into much younger grades.

I frequently speak to churches regarding Parental Rights in Education. The public-school teachers in attendance always – with great passion and frustration – confirm the hard realities that I share. Students are being intimidated by peers and obligated by faculty to affirm a sexual ideology that contradicts their religious beliefs. Tragically, teenagers are labeled as transphobic as they are harassed on social media to conform to the approved sex beliefs of state government.

What do we do now?

  1. Inform your friends and family. Forward this email and help to get the word out. Local, state, and regional media refuse to cover this story.
  2. Support Christian schools and ask your pastor to consider starting a home school group at the church for parents and students to meet during the week.
  3. Look for an upcoming mobilization campaign this spring from Family Policy Alliance. Together, we will fight for your chance to opt your child out of lessons and materials that violate your religious beliefs regarding sex, sexuality, and gender identity.
  4. Talk to your school board to encourage them to push back on this mandate.
  5. Hold Governor Murphy and legislators accountable in the 2021 upcoming election.

Let kids be kids. New Jersey families deserve better!

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director