ARIZONA Protect Detransitioners from Predatory Medicine

June 7

Dear Friends,

Along with our allies at Center for Arizona Policy and Do No Harm Medicine, we have an urgent request for your help to protect victims of transgender ideology.

The Arizona legislature passed Senate Bill (S.B.) 1511, a simple bill that guarantees equal care and insurance coverage for these brave individuals who have been taken advantage of by predatory medical professionals. The Arizona House and Senate have both passed this bill, and we need your help to encourage Governor Katie Hobbs to sign it into law.

This important bill protects people who fell prey to the lie pushed by transgender activists and some medical professionals that they needed harmful, life-altering medical procedures to be their true selves. This bill would help hold the medical professionals and insurance companies that facilitate or perform so-called “gender transition” surgeries accountable for their predatory actions by requiring them to provide equal coverage for detransition treatments.

Detransitioners are people who regret the harm caused to them by undergoing harmful procedures to attempt to change their appearance and bodily functions to align with their perceived sex. They now seek to live in alignment with their biological sex. Such people are incredible allies in the fight to protect others from these experimental and irreversibly harmful procedures, and their stories are powerful examples of the dangers of so-called “gender affirming” procedures pushed by transgender activists and predatory medical professionals.

Detransitioners are real and deserve protection and empowerment to tell their stories. Along with our friends at Center for Arizona Policy and Do No Harm Medicine, we need your help making sure this bill becomes law. Please send a message to Governor Katie Hobbs today urging her to sign S.B. 1511 into law and ensure detransitioners receive the protection and help they need.

It only takes a minute in our Action Center. By doing so, you will help ensure Arizona law helps those that have been abandoned and neglected by health insurance companies and medical providers.

Sincerely,Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm, III
Director, Public Policy