“The Right Doesn’t Actually Care About Brown and Black Babies.”

I have seen viral variations of this quote on social media countless times the past couple of weeks, amidst pro-life victories in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio and more.

I listened as Alyssa Milano claimed that protecting the preborn would be “catastrophic” for black women. I was deeply disturbed as major news outlets flooded readers with arguments that black women would be hurt the most by pro-life laws, even to the point of enslaving them once again. And I was in utter disbelief when Ohio state Rep. Janine Boyd proposed an amendment to a bill that would only allow black mothers to have an abortion.

What the Left has shown me in the past couple weeks is that they thrive when they are relentlessly and recklessly leveraging race. They inflame and foment racial differences until their people are hysterical over the idea that slavery is returning to our country at the hands of the pro-life movement. The Left’s frenzied panic and outlandish claims compel me to respond to the insidious lie that “the Right doesn’t actually care about black and brown babies.”

I am black. I am pro-life. And I do care. I think I can speak for all pro-lifers when I say we care about all pre-born babies—babies so early in development that they don’t have a skin color. Regrettably, it is the Left that has a race problem at its core, and this problem is as old as the institution of slavery.

The Left: 100 Years of Culling the Undesirables

It is the Left, in fact, that worships an organization that was birthed out of the racist ideas of its founder, Margaret Sanger. She was a staunch proponent of the contemptible, progressive, eugenics movement –the discredited philosophical concept that undesirable people should be eliminated from the gene pool of the human race. Undesirables, like the poor, illiterate, disabled … and the dark skinned.

Unfortunately, Sanger’s degenerate beliefs led her to work very closely and intentionally with the black community, “assuring” them that her goal was not to exterminate the Negro population.”

America’s intricate strategy to dovetail racist policies and eugenics was so effective that it was studied by one Adolf Hitler, and the horrors of the eugenics movement were fully realized in the unspeakable atrocities of the Holocaust.

Fast forward to today, and Margaret Sanger’s early organization, the American Birth Control League, has become today’s Planned Parenthood, and the intentional targeting of America’s minorities continues.

The Left: Targeting Blacks Using a “Right to Choose”

It has been said that 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are within walking distance of black and brown neighborhoods. Indeed, more than 19 million black babies have been aborted since the Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973, effectively reducing the size of today’s black community by 40-50 percent! The CDC reports that 36 percent of all abortions in the United States are performed on black women, despite the fact that they represent just 13 percent of the population. (Hispanic babies are also aborted at one-and-a-half times the rate of white babies, making up 18 percent of all aborted babies.) “More members of the black community are killed by abortion each year in the United States than by all other causes combined.”

Despite the intentional targeting of poor and minority communities that has persisted across the decades, Sanger’s strategy to ensure that blacks remain unaware of their extermination has worked perfectly, with both pro-choice blacks and their allies insisting on their right to choose.

Over a hundred years ago, the “pro-choice” party of today insisted that the institution of slavery was also a choice to which every state was entitled. Their platform was that each state should have the right to choose whether slavery was a morally acceptable option for its own citizens. In addition, states were not allowed to impose their moral beliefs about slavery on others because slavery was a Constitutionally protected right.

If Leftists were truly staunch advocates of racial equality and harmony, they should be moved to address the fact that the face of abortion has a color. They should be compelled to address the fact their pro-choice platform of a century past has resulted in tens of millions lives lost, a great many of them black. Pro-lifers understand that a law that is ruled to be “constitutional” can still be morally reprehensible.

So the next time you hear someone on the Left claiming that the Right doesn’t care about brown and black babies, know that it’s a lie designed to cover up their own shameful past and present. The truth is this: Regardless of political philosophy, no one is doing more to protect brown and black babies than the pro-life movement. Let’s keep it up!

For Life,

Stephanie Curry, Esq.
Public Policy Manager

Last year, we told you about an Obama Administration policy that forced women’s shelters to house men (who claim to be women) right alongside women who have been traumatized by men.

Since the rule came from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), we asked you to urge HUD Secretary Ben Carson to rescind the rule. Thousands of you did so, and it got HUD’s attention in a big way.

Now, we are able to report partial good news. HUD has released a summary of a proposed rule that, if adopted, would essentially overturn the Obama-era rule. Your messages made an impact!

The new proposed rule – which will be released later for public comment – will allow each housing facility to make their own policies on allowing biological men to stay with women. This is an enormous step in the right direction, and Secretary Carson deserves thanks.

However, the summary of the proposed rule also makes clear that HUD will continue to grant special protection based on sexual orientation and gender identity. This general policy statement is at odds with the rest of the rule and puts HUD policy more in line with Nancy Pelosi’s so-called Equality Act. If the rule itself (not just the summary) contains that language, it will be an unnecessary and potentially dangerous capitulation to LGBT dogma that has been repeatedly rejected by Congress for years and rejected by most leaders in the Trump Administration.

What You Can Do: Please send a note to Secretary Carson, thanking him for proposing a new rule to overturn the dangerous Obama rule – but also encouraging him not to include language in the rule that could be used to advance the radical cause of the so-called Equality Act.

You can send the message quickly and easily on our Action Center.

Thanks for continuing to make an impact!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

Our Christian Civic League of Maine allies report that the battle over assisted suicide has been very active in Augusta recently.

Despite narrowly losing votes this week in the House and the Senate regarding Physician-Assisted Suicide (LD 1313), this battle is far from over.

CCL expects that on Monday, the House will again be voting on LD 1313. That is why it is critical this weekend that certain House members hear from Mainers who do not want to see doctor-prescribed death legalized.

Please take time to email or call folks from the lists below.

As you can see, there are two lists. The first list is individuals who did not vote last Tuesday. When contacting these Representatives, simply ask them to vote against LD 1313 when it returns to the House.

The second list is Democrats who stood strong opposing their party majority and voted against physician-assisted suicide last week. When contacting them, thank them for their vote and ask them to hold firm in their opposition when LD 1313 returns to the House.

If you are from the representative’s district, give their name, your name, town, and message (please vote against LD 1313 or thank you for voting against LD 1313).

Similarly, please consider contacting a number of these folks even if you are not in their district. When you reach out to them by phone or email, give their name, your name, and leave your message.

The phone number to reach all these representatives is the House switchboard: 800-423-2900. If possible, please email and call this weekend.

List One: (ask to oppose)

List Two: (thank and ask to continue opposition)

Thanks for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

Our friends at Nevada Family Alliance informed us today about a critical development late last night at the state capitol. We encourage you to take action this afternoon if you haven’t already – and then pass this along to others.

A new bill was dropped late last night by Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro under the cover of darkness with only four days left in the legislative session.

It is a state version of the federal Equal Rights Amendment that we have told you about recently.

SJR8, the Nevada State Equal Rights Amendment, will mean tax-funded abortions, loss of religious liberty and more:

Please contact your state senator right away, as the measure is likely to be voted on this afternoon.

Here is a suggested message: Vote No on SJR8, the so-called State ERA, which will mean taxpayer-funded abortions and loss of religious liberty. It is wrong to bring this up at the last minute with no opportunity for citizens to respond! (Or write your own message.)

And here is a list of senators’ email addresses. Please contact your own senator and any or all of the others as well.

All Senate Democrats: 













All Senate Republicans:









Thank you for making your voice heard on this urgent matter!

The Family Policy Alliance Team


Three dangerous bills are either on the Governor’s desk already or could arrive soon.  Will you speak up to the Governor today?

All three advance the anti-science and anti-family transgender agenda. Your action is needed to keep the Granite State from plunging headlong into the implementation of that activist agenda.

Thanks to our allies at Cornerstone Action, here’s a summary of the bills:

Here’s What You Can Do:

Finally, please stay tuned to Cornerstone Action for the latest on these and other bills.

Thanks for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

Our Christian Civic League of Maine allies report that the battle over assisted suicide has now moved to the Governor’s office as the House of Representatives approved it by one vote (73 to 72) on Monday.

We let you know late last week that this critical vote was going to happen and many of you took action over the weekend.  Now, Physician-Assisted Suicide (LD1313) is headed to the Governor’s desk and we need you to act once more asking her to veto the bill.

Here is that you need to know about this legislation

Physician-Assisted Suicide’s most profound injustice is that it violates human dignity and denies equality before the law. Our culture must believe all people have immeasurable worth and dignity.

Because LD1313 has been sent to Governor Mills for her signature, we need your quick help!

Please call Governor Mills at 207-287-3531 today to encourage her to veto this legislation and send the message that in Maine every life is worth fighting for.

Thanks for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

We have learned that tomorrow’s hearing on CA AB 624 (about which we alerted you just a few hours ago) has been canceled.

CA AB 624 is legislation that could turn your child and your child’s school into advocates for the leading abortion provider in the country. This bill would require junior high schools, high schools, and colleges to place the phone number of a sexual health hotline like Planned Parenthood’s on student ID cards. This will even be a mandate for some private institutions.

While tomorrow’s Senate Education Committee hearing on CA AB 624 has been canceled, you can still send a message opposing this bill to the Senate Education Committee.

Instead of encouraging students to talk to their parents or even a trusted adult, the California legislature believes it would be better to funnel your children towards having these difficult discussions with organizations that want to co-opt their sexuality.

The government is incredibly concerned about ensuring that students are not coerced by religion in school, but instead seems fine coercing children and schools (supported with your tax dollars) to be advocates for Planned Parenthood’s sexual health agenda.

This bill has already been passed by the Assembly.

Please send a quick email message to members of the Senate Education Committee letting them know that you do not want your student or their school to be co-opted to spread Planned Parenthood’s message – it only takes a few seconds in our Action Center.

Thanks for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

I’ll be honest. This is one of the most difficult articles I’ve ever had to write for Family Policy Alliance®. But it’s also one of the most important.

Three years ago, we introduced you to Elizabeth, a wife and mother of two from Minnesota. I first learned about Elizabeth’s story when she bravely testified against an assisted suicide bill in her state. As I got to know Elizabeth and meet her beautiful family, she agreed to share her story with us so that people around the country could learn what it’s like to advocate for your own life.

Elizabeth shared with me that she was an adventurer at heart, and her marriage began with traveling, exploring, skiing, and more. But what she certainly never expected out of life was a brain cancer diagnosis—shortly after her first child, a daughter, was born.

The doctors gave her three to five years to live, and so Elizabeth prayed and asked for the doctors’ help to see her daughter off to her first day of kindergarten.

When I met Elizabeth, her daughter was seven years old. Elizabeth had already outlived her prognosis and even given birth to another child, a son.

Her children, though young, were already full of their parents’ adventurous and fiery spirits. And perhaps what was most remarkable about meeting Elizabeth was her deep understanding about life, suffering, and helping others.

She shared with me the most beautiful words describing every person created in God’s image—worth fighting for and worth advocating for. She said we are all “unique and unrepeatable people.”

And Elizabeth certainly was.

This past weekend, Elizabeth went home to her Savior, with this verse as a final reminder to all of her faithfulness, joy, and the One in whom she placed her hope and trust:

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day, and not only to me but also to all who have loved his appearing. 2 Timothy 4:6-8

Watch Elizabeth tell us her story 3 years ago:

As the Family Policy Alliance team considered how to best honor Elizabeth—and her husband and two young children—we rededicated ourselves to the fight against assisted suicide that led us to Elizabeth and her family in the first place.

Proponents of legalized assisted suicide paint a picture of an easy, painless and dignified way to honor a suffering loved one’s last wishes and say goodbye.

But Elizabeth taught us that every life is worth fighting for—and that our loved ones suffering from serious illnesses deserve far more than abandonment to hopelessness, depression and suicide.

She taught us that people who say they want to end their own lives should receive proper care and intervention—no matter who they are. We should absolutely intervene when the healthy want to end their lives. Those suffering from illness should be treated no differently—not abandoned to suicidal thoughts.

And our medical professionals should continue to be trusted as healers—not complicit in acts of suicide.

If all we can offer those who suffer is a bottle of pills and a stamp of approval on their suicide, we have lost all compassion and dedication to the sanctity of human life.

Elizabeth’s life was worth fighting for till her Savior took her home. And Family Policy Alliance will continue to honor her—and every person who suffers from a serious illness—by fighting for policies that affirm the life and worth of each person. And we will unashamedly oppose efforts to legalize assisted suicide.

Seven states, including New Jersey this year, and D.C. have legalized assisted suicide, and 21 others considered doing so this year.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for helping every person who knew you—and many who didn’t—understand that every life is worth fighting for.

And to your beautiful family, we pray you know your wife and mother was—and continues to be—an inspiration to all. We will never abandon the fight for life, from conception to natural death.

Thank you, Elizabeth.

Autumn Leva,
Vice President of Strategy


P.S. Will you help us honor Elizabeth and her family today? Will you share her video story on your social media using the hashtag #WorthFightingFor or by simply forwarding this email to your friends? We pray Elizabeth continues to inspire countless lives, even from Heaven, and that her impact will be a source of comfort to her husband and children.

We need your help! The Oregon legislature has sent to Governor Brown a bill that would shoe-horn controversial content on sexuality into all school history and government textbooks and all history, geography, economics, and civics classes!

Oregon House Bill 2023 would require all history and government textbooks to include the “roles and contributions” of historical figures based not on their actual accomplishments but instead on their sexual preferences and perceived gender identity.

If enacted, this bill would require history textbooks to include people based on their sexuality or internal feelings about gender. This means teachers will be forced to teach radical identity politics in the classroom, whether or not it has anything to do with the subject being taught.

In addition, history textbooks that do not include mention of sexual identity will be censored from the classroom!

Take a moment to urge Governor Brown to veto radical identity politics in the classroom! Parents alone have the ultimate right to direct the moral upbringing of our children. This bill neither allows parents to opt their children out of controversial content nor does it require schools to notify parents of when it will be presented.

This is not education, this is indoctrination! House Bill 2023 fails students and their families!

Send a message to the governor today and urge a veto of HB 2023 – it only takes a few seconds to send your message in our Action Center.

Thank you for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team




We need your help! The Illinois legislature has sent to Governor J.B. Pritzker a bill that would shoe-horn controversial content on sexuality into all textbooks and all history classes!

Your quick action is needed to help stop it.

Illinois House Bill 246 would require all textbooks to include the “roles and contributions” of people based on their sexual preferences. House Bill 246 would also require every history class in every public school to teach of the “roles and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.”

If enacted, this bill would require all textbooks and all materials “necessary” to teach a course, to include people based on their sexual preference–even if that person’s sexuality has nothing to do with the material!

This is not education, this is indoctrination.

Teaching children a historical figure “was a woman born in a man’s body” is confusing, harmful to our children, and irrelevant to an individual’s historical contributions to our state and nation.

In addition, House Bill 246 does not allow parents to opt-out nor require that parents are notified of controversial lessons and forced representations of sexuality.

We cannot allow this bill to be enacted and force-feed sexuality and gender down our children’s throats!

House Bill 246 fails students and their families!

Send a message to the governor today and urge a veto of House Bill 246 – it only takes a few seconds to send your message in our Action Center.

Thank you for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team