In a day and age when our culture seems to want something new to rage about on a daily basis, Father’s Day is often unjustly maligned or largely ignored.

The prevailing attitude in the culture and entertainment is that dads are unnecessary, unenlightened or worse. Politically speaking, those who want to destroy the so-called “patriarchy” love to hate Father’s Day.

The truth is that fathers are an integral part of our society. Dads provide a solid bedrock of stability and protection for their families. Their deepest desire is to see their families thrive and their children succeed.

Nothing compares to the sense of pride that a dad has when he knows that he has trained and prepared his children to do well in this crazy world and he then sees them rise to whatever challenges they face with maturity and responsibility. Dads are also the spiritual guides for their families – modeling what it is like to put God first in everything and leading by example.

Proverbs 22:6 tells us to “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”  Along with it, Ephesians 6:4 says “Fathers, do not exasperate your children, instead bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

There is much wisdom in those two simple verses, and I hope they will be an encouragement to you, dads, as it is for me in my parenting journey.

Keep up the good work – and even when you fail – just keep going. You know in your heart what your kids and family need from you and you can prevail against the misguided messages of our culture.

For those of you who are able to celebrate your father, I hope you’ll take the time to thank him for his role in your life. And for those whose fathers are with the Lord, I hope you’ll thank your Heavenly Father for the earthly father He gave you and the gift of reunion in eternity through His Son.

God bless fathers today and every day!

Robert Noland
Director, Marketing

Every dad wants to fulfill his role as protector and defender of his family—even when it comes to life online. So why not give him the tools he needs to do the job this Father’s Day?

Our newest course, The Tech-Ready Family, will train dads (and moms) to safeguard their children from online threats. Through our ready-to-watch lessons, interactive resources, review quizzes, and downloadable guides, subscribers will learn the technology, parental settings and more to effectively protect their families online.

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The Tech-Ready Family was developed in partnership with Chris McKenna and Protect Young Eyes. Our expert-led course will give your family the tools you need to develop healthy, trustworthy relationships with technology and social media, and will help answer some of your toughest questions, including:

  • How do I effectively limit screen time?
  • How do I access parental controls?
  • How can I know if my children have been exposed to online porn? (And what to do if they have.)
  • Are there any safe apps for children?

No parent wants their child exposed to the dangers that lurk online—least of all Dad. Help him protect your family today by giving him the gift of knowledge and preparation.

The Tech-Ready Family is a $199 value, but is on sale for $79 through June 16, 2024! Don’t wait to get Dad tech-ready today!


Amanda Banks
Vice President, Education

Dear Friends:

I don’t know about you, but it’s been hard to see how forgetful we’ve become as a nation. Amidst the cultural and political battles we face, there are too many Americans who have forgotten our history, our allies, and even the shared values that make us a strong and united nation – a nation worth dying for.

But we can still be a nation that remembers, especially on Memorial Day. We can remember God’s goodness, and we can remember those brave heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve this great American experiment.

Take some time this weekend to talk to the veterans in your family and community. When we give these brave men and women the chance to share about their experiences and the friends who never made it home, we remember them together.

Share with your children and grandchildren about the cost of freedom. Take them to visit battlefields where countless Americans have marched and fallen, and take them to military cemeteries to walk the hallowed ground where many of them have been laid to rest. Respect for service will be taught to them by our own actions.

Hundreds of thousands of American service members have died in the line of duty since the Revolutionary War. More than 7,000 American service members have lost their lives just since 9/11. It’s our job to remember them and their families because the cause for which all of these heroes died is still a cause worth fighting for.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to remember and protect the principles of faith and freedom that built this nation. May God bless the families of the fallen and may He bless your family this Memorial Day.


Craig DeRoche
President & CEO

Mother’s Day is Sunday– are you (or is Dad) stuck on what to get for mom?

We all know that flowers and chocolate are great (and you should certainly do that!) but we also know that moms want meaningful, thoughtful gifts.

And gifts that keep on giving are often some of the best.

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Robert Noland
Director, Audience Engagement

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I’ll never know what it’s like to be a girl. A woman. A mom, a daughter or a sister.

But I have the privilege of having a mother who is still alive and who has been there for me every day of my 53 years on this earth. She stood by me and helped me reach my highest highs, and she was there for me through my lowest lows. Stacey and I have been married now for 26 years, and for 23 of them I’ve had the joy of seeing her as a mother of our three daughters.

The miracle of life, with the engine of creation placed within the womb of every mother, is beyond the awe that I can describe in this email. A mother’s love and care for her children is something that also defies description. In an era in which divorce and broken families have become common, our entire culture has been held together with the strength of mothers, grandmothers and aunts.

Being a mother today isn’t easy. In the K12 school systems, adults openly try to teach values counter to those that a mother is instilling in her child. Sons and daughters are being reduced to participants in the sexualization schemes of the Left. Drugs and alcohol are more available than ever. Addiction is growing instead of shrinking. Now, sports gambling is being added to the pornography that our kids see on the internet, television, radio and social media. And on top of all this, some misguided folks would have you believe that boys and men can have these experiences too, whether through costumes, drugs or surgery. But the truth is, we can’t. Not even close.

Men simply haven’t had to deal with being reduced to their sexuality, or constantly evaluated based on our appearance. Men don’t know what it is to be interviewed for a job differently, let alone paid less for the same work. Men don’t have to look over their shoulder when they walk to their car in a dark parking lot. Men’s participation in the viable conception years is a much different burden than what girls experience every month.

My point here is that women have a lot to endure for the love, joy and success of our species. It is in part for this reason that FPA fights so hard against the LGBTQ agenda and the abortion industry’s attempts to marginalize motherhood itself.

Moses himself was spared because God chose the leadership of women, mothers and nurses in Egypt to disregard their ruler’s order to kill male children. These women had the moral courage to not only stand against the Pharoah, but to cunningly operate plans to circumvent the government’s evil plan.

As then, many girls and women today lead the fight for their rights in sports, the right to a childhood without being sexualized, and the right to life of preborn babies. At FPA, we have the privilege of having several mothers on our team, two of whom became new mothers just this year!

FPA is simply a Christian organization that was created to mobilize, educate and activate Christians and other social conservatives so that we might replace anti-family policy with pro-life and pro-family policy. Said differently, our job is to work for mothers and fathers and grandparents all day every day. That is why Mother’s Day is such a big deal to us.

On Mother’s Day each year, we get a chance to do something to demonstrate our love for the moms and grandmothers in our lives. And we get a chance to invite our sons and daughters in on the action too so they can see us properly honor motherhood.

Today, Family Policy Alliance is praying for every mother in America, and we are doing one additional thing. We are asking the mothers in our audience to invite another mother, grandmother or aunt to join us at FPA.

In 2021 in Virginia, an underfunded, political novice was running for Governor as a Republican against a former Governor with huge name identification in a blue state. His name is Glenn Youngkin, and he is now governor for one reason: mothers in Virginia had enough and joined together in one simple act of rebellion. They turned out and voted.

In 2024, we have a similar opportunity everywhere in America. Know that FPA will continue to stand alongside your family and support you as we reclaim America for our children’s future.

This Mother’s Day, we pray that every mother will have a day of rest and joy surrounded by their children and family. We salute you all, and thank you for what you do not only for your family, but for our nation.

In honor of moms,

Craig DeRoche
President & CEO

Are you looking for a meaningful Mother’s Day gift that will matter a month, a year, and even a decade from now?

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The Tech-Ready Family is a perfect gift for any mom who wants to protect her children and gain peace of mind about technology use in her home.

Unlike a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, this gift will keep on giving long after May 12. (Note to readers: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12 and we do not discourage the gift of flowers and chocolate in addition to The Tech-Ready Family.)

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The course is broken up into 17 mom-friendly segments – each about 5 minutes long. Every segment is packed with information, instructions and strategies to bring peace of mind to your home. You will learn how to manage phones, tablets, routers, social media, gaming and more.

The Tech-Ready Family was developed with busy moms (and dads) in mind so that your entire family can move from tech-heavy to tech-ready in 30 days or less. The course includes about 80 minutes of instruction plus quizzes, practical resources and bonus material to help tame the tech in your household. You can watch (and re-watch) all the videos at your own pace anytime you wish.

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Amanda Banks
Vice President, Education

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Today is National Day of Prayer across the United States. On this day every year (the first Thursday in May), we are reminded to collectively turn to God in prayer specifically for our nation.

Many churches across the nation are engaging in prayer events today. In some locations, special 24-hour prayer events are also happening in conjunction with today’s observance. You can find out what is happening in your state by searching for events on the National Day of Prayer website.

Whether it concerns our culture, government, elected leaders, elections or even troubling issues of our times, there is no lack of national issues about which to be in prayer. Our sister ministry, Family Policy Alliance Foundation, has hosted Under God, One Nation as a dedicated prayer effort for several years now. You can sign up to receive those periodic updates as well as look at past prayer guides.

And this year, especially with the presidential and other elections in November, Family Policy Alliance is providing a 2024 Election Prayer Guide which you can find here.

Lastly, National Day of Prayer has quite a number of resources that you can use individually or in a group setting. While joining in prayer for our nation today is important, all of these prayer resources can serve as helpful reminders about how we can be in prayer for our nation at any time, not just today!


Robert Noland
Director, Audience Engagement


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Amanda Banks
Vice President, Education

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The Tech-Ready Family was developed in partnership with digital safety advocate Chris McKenna and Protect Young Eyes. This course was made for busy parents and others who want to chart a new course when it comes to managing technology. Through a series of bite-size video lessons, downloadable guides, and quizzes to check your progress, you can be sure that you are getting the most out the Tech-Ready Family at a pace that works for you.

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Amanda Banks
Vice President, Education

Hi Friends,

We all know that social media and the internet are taking a toll on our children. Anxiety, depression, exposure to unwanted content, and even exploitation are some of the risks they face when connected to the internet. And let’s face it, adults fall victim too.

It’s not enough to know the risks of being online. Families need solutions to better manage the technology in their lives. That’s why we’ve developed the Tech-Ready Family, a new course to take your family from tech-heavy to tech-ready in just 30 days.

The Tech-Ready Family course consists of short (3-7 minutes) lessons, interactive resources, quizzes to check your progress, and tons of bonus material. Downloadable content is yours to keep forever!

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We at Family Policy Foundation are eager for you to be prepared in the face of online challenges. That’s why we are offering the Tech-Ready Family for just $99–a 50 percent discount–through April 27th.

The Tech-Ready Family will give you answers to tough questions, like:

  • Are parental controls effective?
  • How do I build trust with my children when it comes to technology?
  • Can I really be prepared for their digital lives?
  • And so many more!

The Tech-Ready Family was developed in partnership with digital safety advocate Chris McKenna and Protect Your Eyes to help keep more children safe while online. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, teacher, or friend, the Tech-Ready Family course will empower you to be a champion for digital safety.

We want all families to be empowered to tame the tech in their lives, which is why we’re offering The Tech-Ready Family–a $199 value–at an introductory price of just $99. But this deal won’t last.

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Amanda Banks
Vice President, Education