This year we have been talking about a number of egregious pieces of legislation, the most infamous being the Reproductive Freedom Act (RFA). This bill would codify into law abortion at any time up to the birth of the baby. There are other things in the bill like allowing unliscensed “technicians” to perform abortions.

Because of you and your generous support, we have been able to place billboards (see above and below) near the offices of legislators who were prime sponsors of the egregious RFA. We were able to produce resources to assist parents in their quest to protect their children from the force of evil masquerading in their public schools.

Advocates of abortion-on-demand are persuading the masses with their message. It is unsettlingly similar to the serpent’s tactics in the Garden of Eden, convincing people that we should be equal to God. The balance of life in the womb should NOT be a matter of choice! This is not the way of GOD.

In addition, we have been fighting the LGBTQ agenda in New Jersey schools by assisting parents in their quest to stand up for their sons and daughters. Transgender activists have helped changed the curriculum leading to woke indoctrination, which impacts not just school kids but also girls’ sports. Often, the “male” competitive edge robs girls of athletic scholarships.

I’m not willing to tell my children and grandchildren that their families, and this great country in which we live, are not worth fighting for. I want to truly tell them I stood up and fought for them.

I know you’re the kind of person that feels the same way. I believe you agree with me that this is a time for resistance! That’s why I’m so glad to partner with you as we stand together, step forward, and fight for New Jersey’s families in 2022.

Because of your support in 2021, we were able to accomplish many things. We…

I know how difficult the past two years have been with the Pandemic. I know how many families have been impacted, some very severely. We have endured and seen this time of testing through. I want you to know that I am so appreciative of your standing behind us, even through these difficult days.

We are so close to reaching our year end goal which will enable us to start this fight strong in 2022. We are so close to reaching our year end need. Please help us so we can stand strong for you and your family and continue to be there for parents who want to make a difference. Together we can make it happen.

Thank you for fighting for a better tomorrow!
Len Deo

I know it probably doesn’t feel like it, but 2021 has truly been an amazing year of wins—wins that you helped bring about! And we didn’t want to close out 2021 without pausing to thank you, and the Lord, for the incredible momentum in the family policy movement we saw this year.

Thank you for partnering with Family Policy Alliance this year and for making this Top 10 list possible! We are praising God for these 10 wins and invite you to join us!

10. Your voice inspired lawmakers to remove “woke” language from the national defense funding bill.

Our federal lawmakers’ top priority in Washington, D.C. should be the nation’s defense. Instead, this year, some lawmakers tried to take advantage of the all-important defense spending bill to add in “Equality Act” language (elevating the LGBT agenda in the defense bill) and requiring women to register for the draft.

You took action through the Family Policy Alliance action center and made your voice heard—empowering some brave lawmakers to speak out against this radical language. The result? This harmful language was removed from the bill, allowing the defense funding bill to move forward in a much cleaner form!

9. You stopped the radical Left’s push to pack the courts.

In the early days of the Biden Administration, there was a lot of talk about “adding judges” to the courts—basically creating a scenario where the far Left could guarantee a win on their radical policies in court because they pick their own judges. You made it clear that this idea was wildly unpopular among American families, and it has gained no traction—even in the President’s own commission formed to consider such a court-packing proposal.

8. You are forcing lawmakers to take a stand on whether they will protect babies who survive abortions.

Of course, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is blocking a bill that would protect babies who survive botched abortions. So prolife House members initiated a procedural move called a “discharge petition” that would force the bill to come forward for consideration. A record number of lawmakers signed onto this petition this year—thanks to your advocacy calling on them to take a stand for these precious babies fighting for their lives!

7. You made it a rough year for Twitter!

You may recall that Twitter cancelled our friends at Focus on the Family earlier this year, and you helped us rally to their defense. Your voice elevated the issue all the way to Congress and national media. Later, they canceled Statesmen Academy alum and prominent U.S. House member Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03). Focus on the Family’s and Jim Banks’s crimes? Correctly identifying a Biden cabinet pick as a biological male who identifies as a woman.

You raised your voice to help us launch a campaign in support of Focus on the Family and Representative Banks, send a petition to Twitter, and build a coalition to stand against these cancelling policies. Now, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has stepped down after a tumultuous year.

6. You set in motion the movement to save our kids from harmful “gender transition” procedures.

Just this year, Statesmen Academy alum Rep. Robin Lundstrum led the nation’s first successful effort to ban harmful and experimental “gender transition” procedures on children in her home state of Arkansas. It was a groundbreaking piece of legislation!

Your support for the Statesmen Academy, your advocacy in Arkansas, and your partnership with Family Policy Alliance and the network of state family policy council allies in standing for the truth that biological sex cannot change made this a win! Now, more states are ready to consider taking the same stand to protect children!

5. You are saving girls’ sports for our daughters and their daughters.

In 2020, you helped make Idaho the first state in the nation to reserve girls’ sports for only biological girls—as a matter of fairness. This year, over 35 states considered the same legislation to save girls’ sports—and a version of that bill is now law in 9 states! Plus, even mainstream media credits the movement to save girls’ sports (that you have made possible) as the reason the dangerous Equality Act is stopped in the U.S. Senate!

4. You stopped a far-Left takeover of elections nationwide!

The far Left made clear that legislation to “redo” elections (and thereby secure policy wins for their agenda) would be a top priority in 2021. Despite relentless attempts to take over elections at the federal level by one political party, these multiple bills have gone nowhere. No matter how many times they tried to bring forward these bills, you continued to engage and raise your voice, calling on them to vote NO every time. You are saving our country’s elections with generational impact!

3. You helped parents and families raise their voices—and change the future in their states.

It’s been a year where parents and families have faced unbelievable indoctrination in their children’s schools. Radical gender theory policies have touched the classroom, locker room, and sports field. Critical race theory has divided children and communities. And parents have been deeply concerned about the impact on their children.

After a number of deeply concerning incidents in Virginia—including sexual assault against a female student in the girls’ bathroom by a male student wearing a dress—parents had had enough. They raised their voices and voted against politicians that believe schools—not parents—should direct children’s education. They flipped control of their state from politicians who discount parents to leaders who pledge to honor the role of parents in their children’s education. It was a stunning win that caught the attention of the nation, especially ahead of the 2022 election.

We also recently learned that the National School Board Association, which has supported these radical curriculum proposals and treated concerned parents as “terrorists,” is at risk of losing millions as their own state chapters withdraw over the controversy.

You are changing the narrative and forcing lawmakers to return to considering parents and families before political agendas!

2. You stopped the #1 priority of the Biden-Harris Administration and the far Left.

The Biden Administration made clear that the Equality Act was their #1 priority for 2021—a “must-accomplish” in the first 100 days. Here we are in the waning days of the year, and the Equality Act has clearly been stopped in the U.S. Senate! Tens of thousands of you took action through the Family Policy Alliance action center calling on lawmakers to stop this bill.

We’ve identified this bill as the most dangerous piece of legislation we’ve seen come out of Congress because it would force the LGBT agenda into homes, schools, doctors’ offices, businesses, and nearly every area of law and life. THANK YOU for making clear to D.C. that this is a nonstarter for American families!

1. Life is winning!

And, for the #1 praise for 2021, at the end of the year and on the eve of the 49th anniversary of the deadly Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, we stand on the brink of seeing Roe overturned (perhaps even in 2022). This would give all of us in the states more power to protect the lives of babies in the womb than we’ve had in decades!

In addition, Texas passed a strong pro-life “heartbeat” law that, despite being challenged in court, has already saved thousands of lives. And  the Supreme Court allowed it to stay in effect by—despite the ongoing challenges against it by the abortion lobby and the Biden Administration. Life is truly winning in America.

As you and your family head into the Christmas season and wind down your year, we pray you are as encouraged by these wins as we are! And thank you for being an encouragement to us in our ministry! When you take action and raise your voice for family values, standing on biblical truth, you shine brightly—despite any level of darkness around us in our nation.

Thank you for your support and engagement that make these wins possible!

May God bless you and yours,

Craig DeRoche, CEO

Last week, an election heard ‘round the country’ demonstrated that families care about the agenda the radical left has been pushing. We have heard from pollsters and prognosticators that conservatives have fallen into race-baiting and anti-school attitudes – and that the leftist agenda would continue. The Virginia election results showed us that these voters care a lot about the cultural issues and rejected the left’s radical propaganda.

Elections are a lot like an x-ray machine in the doctor’s office. The x-ray moves the conversation from speculation to real objective evidence. Parents have heard the radical left’s arguments that push a new form of racism disguised as “anti-racism.” The school-districts would rather cut parents out of the conversation on what their children are taught, and the left wants to see a new, more socialist anti-family movement. What the Virginia elections tell us is that parents and families have heard the arguments and have rebuffed this anti-family vision, or as some call it the “modern family.”

Sometimes, politicians will speak as though the only thing that matters is business and economics. I have heard people say we should stop “wasting time” on social issues. What the Virginia, and for that matter, the New Jersey elections tell us is that while economics matter, people are rejecting woke indoctrination and telling us that social issues matter – a lot. They really don’t like it when their kids are taught that they are inherently racist because of the color of their skin and that boys must be allowed in girls bathrooms. The moral dimension matters. What Glen Youngkin did is he listened to parents and kids and fought against the education establishment.

Voters in Virginia rejected the extreme abortion position that has been promoted in Virginia. Just a few years ago, the current governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, went on a talk show and expressed his support for what can only be described as infanticide – that is, the death of a child after birth! During the race, Terry McAuliffe agreed, declaring himself to be a “brick wall” to any efforts to reverse such a terrible view of human life. Voters in Virginia saw that brick wall and refused to allow it to remain in their state.

The ideologies of the left that we’re seeing pushed so hard in Virginia are present in Wyoming too. The way we have seen the educational industry introduce curricula and books into Wyoming schools in recent years tells us that parents must stand up now – before it gets worse.

Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming, which stands for parents and families, won a court battle against one school district in Wyoming last month because that district chose to cut the parents out of the conversation about sex and race. We know that this attitude is present in other parts of Wyoming as well, so we must fight against the indoctrination of our children and teens.

I am asking you to consider giving to Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming so we can continue to fight for families. As we come to the end of year 2021, we are asking for you to partner with us in this great cause!

Thank you,



Nathan Winters
Executive Director

Your support to Family Policy Alliance and the alliance of state family policy councils we host is making family policy THE issue on the ballot.

For decades we have seen our culture decline while the far Left targets our parents and kids. Our parents have been told they don’t matter. They want families to forego the hopes and dreams we have for our children and allow them to be indoctrinated by the divisive and failed ideology of state-controlled thought.

At Family Policy Alliance, we were encouraged by the election results in Virginia and New Jersey. We know that the ground that was gained yesterday for families in America was huge. We also know that it was just a beginning—the opening battles in a much larger fight as we head into 2022.

The far Left and their leaders don’t want the voice of parents to matter. They aren’t going to stand down or change direction willingly. We know this. There is too much at stake for them and their decades-long plan to erase families—from conception of our children through their education and how they choose to live, work and enjoy the greatness of America that God has blessed us with.

The time is now, and our moment is here. We need to rise to this challenge and make sure that the victory in Virginia and gains in New Jersey are not just one-and-done events. You saw for yourself the power of leaders who don’t shrink from standing up for our values in family policy. The far Left threw everything and the kitchen sink at the candidates yesterday. They even resorted to calling Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin and Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears (the first African American woman elected statewide in Virginia) racist because they believe in – you guessed it – families and parents.

Family Policy Alliance is America’s leading national organization standing up for the civil rights of parents and families in state, local and federal policy. What makes us unique is our focus on organizing, educating and mobilizing around family policy.

We host an alliance of the most talented, impactful and amazing organizations working to advance the rights of families in America. What made the success possible yesterday was the work two of the forty state organizations in that alliance. The Family Foundation in Virginia and Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey organized, educated and mobilized voters like never before. And the leaders in Washington DC, pundits and news stations all took notice. It was their work and the good people who support it locally that ushered in this huge change in the national conversation about families.

And this work is just beginning. FPA hosts this alliance so the lessons learned that led to the victories for families last night can be shared across America as we head into 2022. Together, our organizations will invest more than $30 million just this year in the cause of family policy. Our alliance has more than 300 employees, dozens of lawyers, millions of advocates and more than 40,000 churches.

If you don’t already support the work of your state Family Policy Council Alliance member, we encourage you to get involved now!

Thank you again for your amazing support of  Family Policy Alliance. Praise God that he is using each of us in such a powerful way for families today!!

Please, stay plugged in. Look for the videos and invitations we send for you to participate. Support your state organization, and if you are in one of the states yet to have its own organization (OR, NV, IL, VT, OK, – help us create one there now!

Thanks again and may God bless your family,

Craig DeRoche
President and CEO

By: Jonathan Lange

It was Joseph Heller’ 1961 novel that introduced the term “Catch-22” into America’s modern vocabulary. In Heller’s “Catch-22,” he satirized a bureaucratic loop that prevented a military man from requesting a psychological evaluation because, according to the “catch-22” rule, the very act of asking proved he didn’t need one. Merriam-Webster defines the essential meaning of this phrase as “a difficult situation for which there is no easy or possible solution.”

The American Library Association (ALA) touts Heller’s novel among the famous “banned books.” However, it was only temporarily banned in one Ohio library from 1971-1974.

Banned Books Week, which takes place the last week of September every year, gives a platform for libraries to treat parental concerns with utter contempt. They ban classics while housing sexually explicit books in children’s libraries.

First, it gives woke school administrators—not parents— the ability to remove classics like John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” and Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” from a high school English curriculum.This enables them to claim that these books are “censored.” Second, the ALA uses the dubious claim to include these kinds of books on their “Top 10 #BannedBooksList.”

Third, the same ALA then puts eight other books on the list that are truly objectionable but makes it look on a par with American classics.

This brings us to the real Catch-22: The pornographic language and pictures found in the children’s book section of Wyoming’s libraries. This obscenity is so over-the-top that these books would never be printed in any respectable newspaper.

Any teacher or librarian unable to see why sane parents would object to the open display of “Doing It,” “The V-Word,” and “This Book is Gay” in the children’s section of a library has no business being around our children. Despite what progressive ideologues will tell you, this has nothing to do with “sexual identity” and everything to do with exposing children to inappropriate sexual content.

So, what can we do about it in Wyoming?

First, educate yourself. Concerned citizens should use the card catalogue of every child’s library to search for books of a sexual or otherwise objectionable nature. Work with other people in the community to share this workload.Second, go and talk to administrators to discuss your findings. Seek a solution that protects the community’s children. Sexually objectionable books should, at the bare minimum, not be displayed on the direct eye-level of your average seven-year-old. These books must be moved to the adult part of the library.

Third, learn the library’s policies that pertain to your concerns. If it is not being followed, correct the abuse. If the policy itself is inadequate, go to the appropriate oversight board—either the school board or the library board. Schools and counties are not answerable to the American Library Association. They are answerable to the voters.

Finally, remember that it is not only the business of parents to make public libraries safe for their children. It is the business of the entire community.

Your voice must be heard. This should not have to be a Catch-22.

By: Jonathan Lange

Executive Director


A school district in Virginia has been making national news since this summer when a teacher was suspended for refusing to use opposite-sex pronouns to refer to his students. The Loudoun County School District has continued to make headlines over Critical Race Theory debates, passage of a new “transgender and gender fluid student rights policy,”* and more.

Most recently – and most disturbingly –the district is under fire for transferring a male student charged with sexual assault (forcible sodomy) from one high school to another, and attempting to cover up the incident. The boy is accused of rape in both schools. He allegedly assaulted one girl in a classroom and one in the girls’ restroom, where he was allowed to enter under the district’s transgender policy.

While news like this can evoke discouragement and even hopelessness, a group of engaged parents in Loudoun County is giving us all reason to hope.

Fight for Schools is comprised of caring parents who are locking arms and collectively saying “enough is enough” in their school district. They are making waves—and making a difference—as they fight for truth and safety in their schools. One way they are doing so is through recall campaigns for five out of nine school board members. As they pursue accountability in Loudoun County, they’ve also called for the resignation of Superintendent Scott Ziegler. The latest good news is in the form of a resignation: Loudoun County school board member Beth Barts issued her resignation one week ago—and even the liberal media is giving credit to these parents.

If Loudoun County is front and center in the battle for our schools, the backdrop is liberal politicians and political appointees advocating against parental involvement in schools.

A few weeks ago, Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe unbelievably said in a campaign debate, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach” and then doubled down on his view in media interviews following. The same week, President Biden’s Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona refused to agree with the premise that parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education during a congressional hearing on Capitol Hill. If that wasn’t enough, the Biden Administration has taken shocking action to “show parents who’s boss” by directing the FBI to investigate parents who speak up in their local school districts!

These events are disillusioning (to say the least), but they also underscore why the actions of parents – like those who comprise Fight for Schools in Loudoun County – have never been more important.

As a parent myself, I’ve come to realize that it is not enough to complain and despair about the battles being waged against our children in school. If I am not willing to engage, voice my opinion, and advocate for my kids’ safety and for truth taught in our schools, who will?

If you agree but feel uncertain about what to do or how to do it, let me encourage you to download a copy of FPA’s Back to School for Parents guide. I’ll draw your attention to pages 5-9 which explains in simple terms who has educational authority in our schools and how parents can effectively advocate for their children in public schools.

If you are a parent with children in public school, I hope you will consider making your voice heard. We at FPA stand ready and willing to help you do so, and we’re thankful for those of you who partner with us to make resources like the Back to School for Parents guide possible.

For our kids,

Amanda Banks
Vice President, Education



*According to the Loudoun Times, “Loudoun’s Policy 8040 allows students to use their chosen name and gender pronouns that reflect their consistently asserted gender identity without any substantiating evidence, regardless of the name and gender recorded in the student’s permanent educational record. The policy also allows for access to a number of student activities and facilities such as restrooms and locker rooms. Further, the policy states that all school mental health professionals shall complete training on topics relating to LGBTQ+ students, including procedures for preventing and responding to bullying, harassment and discrimination based on gender identity and expression.”

This week, the Biden Administration directed the FBI to conduct meetings in every federal judicial district related to “threats” and “terrorism” in local school districts.

Why? Because parents are standing up and speaking out against radical ideologies like gender theory, critical race theory, and more at their local school board meetings. Now, the Department of Justice is deploying the FBI to investigate your community.

To be clear, acts or threats of violence against school boards members are wrong.

However, the federal government is now extending its long arms to areas that should be handled by local mayors, school principals and school boards, and law enforcement.

This an attempt to undermine families and self-governance—even corrupting America itself. We are a splendid chaos of tens of thousands of local civic governments made of the people, by the people and for the people. When people are allowed to dissent, that political pain can bring about much needed change. When the political leaders don’t improve things, people can vote with their feet and simply move. But that’s what extreme liberals, particularly the Biden Administration, seem to be afraid of. Their plan unravels if Americans are allowed to exercise their freedoms.

For example, Detroit Public Schools went from having 169,363 students in the year 2000 to only 47,959 students in 2015. This is what freedom looks like when parents believe that school curriculum, policy and instruction fail their kids and the school boards don’t hear their voices. Nearly all the parents took their kids to neighboring public schools that would listen to their concerns and teach their children properly.

The far Left wants to create an America where the people in Detroit can’t leave bad decision-making behind for other cities and states, and they can’t put their kids in different school districts—where parents can’t even raise their voices in the first place. They want to take away dissent and choice, spreading instead failure, flawed ideology, and the consequences of foolish decisions.

Deploying the FBI to investigate parents who are speaking against radical agendas is a grave sign that the federal government intends to create a chilling effect for those who oppose their ideologies. But parents won’t back down when it comes to their children.

Family Policy Alliance is committed to protecting the freedom of parents to dissent.

We’re actively working to thwart the Biden-Harris Department of Education’s agenda to exploit Title IX, the federal law intended to ensure equal opportunities for women and girls in education, to advance the transgender agenda. We pray for bold citizens and parents, especially those with daughters in school, to stand with us.

We’ve also heard the requests for help from countless parents over the years, asking for information about their rights, what’s going on at their child’s school, and how to protect their children. In partnership with Focus on the Family, we’ve released the first-ever Back to School for Parents Guide designed to help parents protect their children—and their parental rights—in every area of the school. Whether in the classroom, sports fields, counselor’s office, on school devices or internet, or beyond, this Guide is full of practical help for busy (and concerned!) parents. American College of Pediatricians described this Guide as “the most important book a parent will ever read.”

Download your FREE copy today!

If being a concerned parent makes you “wanted,” then we’re honored to stand with you as fellow “fugitives.”

For the America our kids deserve,

Craig DeRoche,
President & CEO



In 1943, as war raged around the globe, C.S. Lewis delivered a series of lectures that were later turned into an extraordinary book entitled, The Abolition of Man. As the world reached the height of its deadliest conflict in history, Lewis warned of a very different lethal threat emerging in his day. In the very first line of the book, Lewis writes, “I doubt whether we are sufficiently attentive to the importance of elementary text-books.”

Lewis explains his case by carefully dissecting a school textbook he calls, “The Green Book.” This book, based upon a real book (which we now know to be, “The Control of Language: A Critical Approach to Reading and Writing”) expresses “disgust” at the idea that a poem can declare a waterfall to be “sublime” or “pretty.” The reason for the teachers’ disgust is the claim that the poet can only speak of how he felt about a waterfall rather than state as a truth that a waterfall is “pretty.” Lewis’ concern was that the teachers were saying that things cannot be objectively true, that all value statements only explain the emotional state of the speaker and are therefore unimportant.

As I read Lewis’ work I could identify with his concerns, expressed nearly 80 years ago. He was uncanny in his prediction that the subjection of truth to feelings would lead to a future where a small cabal of people manipulate humanity through psychology. He relayed that the idea of relativism is patently absurd and that a deep thinker would never allow it. Then, he warns that the only way such an idea could sway minds is through the indoctrination of the young. He states:

“The very power of (the authors) depends on the fact that they are dealing with a boy: a boy who thinks he is ‘doing’ his ‘English prep’ and has no notion that ethics, theology, and politics are all at stake. It is not a theory they put into his mind, but an assumption, which ten years hence, its origin forgotten and its presence unconscious, will condition him to take one side in a controversy which he has never recognized as a controversy at all.” Lewis, C. S. (2019-09-29T23:58:59). The Abolition of Man.

Today, his prophecy has come true. Pop psychology insists that you are who you are based upon feelings rather than objective facts. Our nation starts to buckle under the question of which truth to follow or whether there is truth at all.

It is into this intersection, this junction of truth and culture that Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming stands tall and says, “Waterfalls can be sublime, truth is knowable, and mankind cannot be abolished in a sea of made-up feelings!”

I am asking you to stand with us. You can stand for truth. Please donate to this great cause by giving to Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming today.

Advancing Biblical Citizenship,

Nathan Winterws
Executive Director




With students returning to the classroom this fall, the battle for the minds of the emerging generation is escalating. Parents have amplified their voices at local school board hearings and through grassroots advocacy efforts, yet what has become more apparent than ever is the need for greater involvement in the education of our children.

Parents are the primary educators of their children. Though they may choose to entrust their child to a government school, parents are ultimately responsible for overseeing their children’s education. So, what can parents do when they see some within the government schools try to educate children away from the self-evident truth of God’s Word?

First, understand these controversial lessons are only supporting the larger cultural narrative that children are being swept up into. Social media influencers on Tik Tok and Instagram have more influence over your child than a teacher. We regularly encourage parents to request lesson plans and review curriculum even to the point of recently having to pursue legal action in Cheyenne to help parents. However, if you take these actions, but never check what phone apps your child spends hours engaged in, you might have overlooked the most dangerous tool being used against your family.

Second, talk to your children appropriately about sex and gender. Ask questions and listen to their answers. Use our Gender Resource Guide as a conversation starter. Prepare yourself with biblical answers presented intellectually and compassionately. Our friends at Focus on the Family have many Sex Education resources. Don’t just have this conversation once. It must be an ongoing dialogue as your beliefs can be intentionally undermined at school multiple times throughout K-12 primary education.

Third, spend time with your family. Yes, it’s that simple. Experts agree that a child’s development is influenced predominantly by their family because it is the primary social group they belong to. Family movie nights and taco Tuesdays are beneficial to building familial bonds that are not easily broken. Most importantly, bring them to church each week and have them participate in youth ministry or a small group Bible study.

These suggestions might sound basic, but the reality is most of us need to improve in all three areas. I pray you stay encouraged and optimistic that you can make a difference in your child or grandchild’s life.

Standing with you in protecting your family,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director

Long before we reach adulthood, we learn this simple truth: God made everyone different. We are all unique: our circumstances, our strengths, and our weaknesses often require individualized approaches.

While most see this self-evident truth as children, our education system often fails to recognize this reality. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work! Last year, as parents attempted to navigate through the challenges of our education system—a challenge made even more complex as the response to Covid-19 unfolded – this reality became even clearer.  Every parent wants their children to succeed, but across America we saw that states with educational choice were far better equipped to help families seek the best options for their children.

Sadly, according to EdChoice, 95.1% of Wyoming’s children have no alternative to the public education system. This places Wyoming 50th (dead last) in the nation for school choice, even after many years of work on educational options.

In 1971, my father saw firsthand the effects of the National Education Association on Christian kids in the public school system. He resigned as a public-school principal and started a private school to teach the timeless truths of Christianity and Western civilization.  I am so thankful that I grew up in a home where the classics were loved, history was treated with value, and the sciences were treated with respect. As his son, I am so thankful for his vision and for the wonderful education he and my mother worked so hard to provide.

That is why Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming is happy to partner with schools and families to grow parent-driven and student-centered education. We are excited to welcome you to ED307, an effort to promote religious and private education in homes and schools across the state of Wyoming. We are happy to join with Representative Sue Wilson as we work to bring resources to help current schools and to promote new school opportunities across the state of Wyoming.  This will happen by providing a forum for successful schools to share their best practices, offering online webinars from leading private school experts on good school administration, and watching for legislative roadblocks.  We look forward to a fruitful endeavor this school year and in the years ahead.

Of course, we will continue to stand for what is good and true in the public education system. Our commitment is to stand for truth in every arena. Please consider a donation to the Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming as we stand for our children!

For Truth,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director