Florida is on the verge of a disastrous expansion of legalized gambling that would very arguably be the largest such expansion in American history. Please take a few moments to speak up to your legislators right away!

Our allies at Florida Family Policy Council have put together action alerts, information resources and other ways you can make a difference. Please read below and make your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

We need all hands on deck NOW!

Take action NOW to STOP the largest
expansion of casino gambling in
American History

1) Call or Email The Following 4 Legislators ASAP
2) Attend the Rally for Florida’s Future next
Tuesday in Tallahassee at the Capitol.

Action Steps:
Call and or Email Just 4 Legislators

Legislator #1 Senate President Wilton Simpson:
Call 850-487-5229
Email simpson.wilton@flsenate.gov

Legislator #2 House Speaker Chris Sprowls:
Call 850-717-5000
Email chris.sprowls@myfloridahouse.gov

Legislator #3 Your District Florida State Senator (See Below)

Legislator #4 Your District Member of the House (See Below)

To quickly obtain the name, phone number and email address for your District’s Florida State Senator & House Member click HERE and type in your home address. The Upper Chamber is your Senate Representative, the Lower Chamber is your House Representative.

Just call or email your legislator and ask them “VOTE NO to the special session proposals to expand casino gambling in Florida.”


Rally for Florida's future

For in depth research on the issues, news articles and where to sign up for bus transportation in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville click HERE:



The shenanigans never stop. As Georgia seeks to recover from COVID, pass a budget, return to the roaring economy of early 2020, seek solutions to racial strife, ensure the safety of our citizens, and advance our values – the gambling lobby is aiming to shove their agenda down the throats of Georgians in the waning days of the session.

Don’t let this happen! Contact your legislator today and tell them NO GAMBLING EXPANSION!

For a quick tool on your legislators’ contact info, you can visit our Action Center. NOTE: the system defaults to Federal officials. Click on the “Georgia” tab to find your State Senator and State Representative.

Gambling expansion will harm countless Georgians. It’s predatory on the poor, leads to increased crime and human trafficking, and destroys communities. Moreover, IT COSTS THE STATE MONEY – a terrible idea in a budget crisis. Flat out, gambling expansion only helps casino bosses who will profit at the expense of Georgians by tens of millions.

ACT NOW! Make a personal call or email to your legislator TODAY! Make sure they hear from you.

A personal call/email sent by you is the best way to ensure your voice is heard. Please take the time to write an email or make a call. If you do not have the time, however, our ally Erick Erickson has an automated message that will come from you with just a few clicks HERE.

Thank you for engaging on this important issue! With all that is going on in our world, the General Assembly needs to know you’re watching!


Cole Muaio
President and Executive Director

Throughout the legislative session, the casino industry funded a massive lobbying push in the hopes of making Georgia a gambling haven.

We fought back because, as I pointed out in the Sen. Bruce Thompson and Cole Muzio (me) versus Sen. Brandon Beach and Gov. Haley Barbour debate, casinos never, ever work.

One of the things we’ve consistently pointed out is that, no matter what concession legislators make to the gambling lobby – which is already spending big at the Capitol and in elections – they will always come back for more.

And, we’re seeing that with the Coronavirus crisis. As the government debates how best to provide a stimulus to American businesses and citizens, the Washington Post reports that casinos already have their hand out.

Casinos want a bailout because profiteering off the poor isn’t enough. Their twisted “business model” constantly demands help from the government, and, once entrenched in Georgia, we can expect even worse from these powerful interests if our politicians abdicate their responsibility and allow them to take root.

And, that’s not the only consequence. Human trafficking, crime, increased costs of government services, and massive growth in bankruptcy and addiction are among the items on the list. Don’t let Georgia go down this path!

With extra time at home while you’re practicing “social distancing,” I’d encourage you to reach out to your state legislators (which can be found HERE) to let them know that we expect them to OPPOSE ANY EFFORT to bring casinos to our state.

Casinos don’t work, and they will always seek to profit the few wealthy executives at the expense of the poor specifically and, in crisis, every taxpayer across our country.

For Georgia,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. I continue my prayers for you and your family. Please continue to abide by the guidelines established by Governor Kemp and stay safe!

PPS. The two State Senators mentioned above are among those legislators who have tested positive for COVID 19. Please keep them and all those battling this virus in your prayers, regardless of what you think of their politics.